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The Silent Watcher


My Aunt who lives in the outskirts of Britain, lives with her husband, daughter, and son and law. I go to her house every summer for two weeks. I am normally the last one to go to bed every night. I let the dog out, and while I am making sure he stayed near the house, I spot a light coming from the wood, which is located by the house. I quickly call back the little dog. I go to bed thinking that I must have just been tired.

But as I am drifting off, I feel someone watching me. I look around the room. No one is there. "Rubbish..." says my uncle, after telling him what I had experienced the night before. "But Uncle, I know what I saw!" I said. "They're is no one in that bloody wood!" He had never believed in ghosts. It then felt like every night someone was watching me fall to sleep. I soon started begging my older cousins to let me sleep with them at night. My cousin in law soon got tired of it. "Fine. Tonight I will take your place. I will go to bed at the same time. I will let out the dog at the same time. If I experience any thing, you will be believed..."

That night, I went to bed with my cousin Amanda. I woke up to a loud blood wrenching scream that pierced the night. I looked up at the clock that was on the bed side. It was exactly midnight. Amanda jumped up and grabbed the gun that she keeps under the bed. I ran behind her, throwing on my night gown that I normally wear over my pajamas. What we see, stop us in our tracks. A huge glowing orb was hovering by the toaster in the kitchen. As we saw it, it slowly disappeared.

I got home the next day. The next summer, I went over again for another two weeks. My older Cousin had died. He was the older brother off Amanda. His name was Scott. He died of cancer. That night, I had a strange dream. I was sitting in a room full of light. Scott walked in, and said, "You are watched by god little one. You will no longer be bothered by the demon from hell..." He said. " I will watch over you for the rest of your days. You are chosen to be my angel..." I woke with a start.

Down at the end of the bed, a light was shining down with no apparent source. He stood there looking at me with a huge smile. " I am your guardian Angel young one. I love you..." Tears where flowing from my eyes..." I will miss you..." I said. He held out his hand as though to take me with him as he slowly disappeared. I love you. He mouthed. Then he was gone.

I was afraid to tell anyone about what happened. I was afraid that they would call me crazy. I have always believed in ghosts since then.

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BrandonCR (5 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
I have heard of protectors before, that's what I call a good entity that wishes to help others, I don't know if they have an actual title, but I believe you. I once had a dream about my cousin dying and awoke in tears at about 1 in the morning, 12 hours later I received a phone call, my cousin died the night before, between the hours of 12 and 3. You are linked closer to the underworld or at least that's what I believe, you are lucky to have a protector.
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-28)
Hi Emma yes I feel like I'm being watched as well in my house. I enjoyed reading your story it was interesting. WOW that dream must of been lovely and emotional in away. That sounds like a nice dream you had there. Just remember that dream you had. Loads of people have dreams just like you of someone in there family or a friend who has past away. They be watching you to see how you are doing you might not bale to see them but they are there.
I see ghosts in my house and orbs and that. Anyway I think that was the loveliest story I have ever read. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😊
jo_ks (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-06)
Good story, but inconsistent with law. No one has the right to own a gun unless they are in a gun club, and if they do own one it must be kept in an armoury. It is illegal to keep a gun under your bed. It must be safe so someone can't find it, accidentally set it of etc.

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