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The Red Watcher And Yellow Seeker


Seeing as this is a paranormal site, I hope to find help. My friend and I, whom I shall call B, were discussing something. Why we hate the dark. It was a random topic that turned into a shared story.

When I was younger, I got nightmares constantly. I still do, but that's besides the point. Every time I did I would sleep in my parents' room. On my mom's side, near the upper corner of the room, there was a pair of misty red eyes. They always lulled me to sleep. Except, whenever I slept in my parents room', I only remember facing my mother's side of the room. Ever. I would never look at my father's side. Only to talk to him when he was awake. Upon aging, I learned to ignore my nightmares. Hell, any type of paranormal shiat. It was all a trick in my vision. My imagination. I never truly acknowledged these things.

When I was 10, it started again. I saw it (or him, rather) twice more. Never again. The first time was simple. Suddenly, I was awake. No stirring. No lingering tiredness. I was wide awake. In the corner of my room he stood. Red eyes staring towards me. Not at me. Not directly, at least. As if it were staring at something else. Something behind me. I heard faint mumbling, barely audible. It was all gibberish. But, it wasn't coming from my front side. I was horrified. So horrified that I simply laid back down, covered my face, and hoped I could just fall back asleep. Thankfully, I did.

A few weeks later. It happened. I awoke suddenly. This time, I was greeted by three pairs of yellow eyes. One large on the left hand side, and two, smaller eyes stacked atop each other on the right. The worse was the grin. Or frown. It was both. The smile was on the left side, ending at the middle of the face, before twisting into a frown on the right, under the two eyes. I heard one, hissed, word. Or, it seemed like a word. "Kopertuk" (Koh-p-her-tuck). And yes, I made that my profile name for this reason. I heard the word before. Not sure from where. Likely mixed in with the gibberish a few weeks ago. I looked away from it, hoping it would leave. I saw a figure on the other side of the room. Much closer to my bed. It stared at Yellow Eyes. The misty red eyes just glaring. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of my room by now. I saw an outline. It was tall. A foot short of my ceiling. So about 9 feet tall. It had a large tail sprouting from behind it. It had two left arms, both scrawny, and clawed. The right side of the body seem weighted down. It was the right arm. Much large and more muscular, maybe falling to about its knee or below. I didn't stare much. Its face is what interested me a tad bit more. It had a more dog-like face. Actually, just about a dog's face. Completely black. All except his eyes. I looked back to where Yellow Eyes was. He was farther back, now. His face fading. The only features I made out were two, large, tentacle-like pines sticking from its back. And the face. Quickly, it seemed to fade, now. I looked back over, Red Eyes was looking at me. His gaze seemed to tire me. I was asleep moments later. I disregarded the story as a nightmare, and went on my way in life.

Next, I was twelve. I was looking at my friend, J's sketch book. On the inside covers, on either side, were halves of Yellow Eye's face. The front cover having the left hand side of the face, the right side having to other. Where did I know this from...? Hm.

Thirteen. I lost my other Xbox account. So, I sit back, thinking. What would be a good name? One I was attached to, deeply. Click. Kopertuk. Not sure why, but I loved it. It seemed to comfort me. Immediately made it my name.

Fifteen. Now. I spoke to B about two days ago. We were discussing our fear of the dark. When we got more in depth, B told me the story. Almost identical to the one I've told. Except, the one he told was his. First night he woke up. Ten years old. He saw Red. In front of him, seemingly by the door, Yellow. He heard a hissing sound. Not the gibberish. He realized after a bit, he always had a mirror on his door. From the time he was about four. Yellow had been behind him. At the time, we both also slept with night-lights and our doors wide open. Both our doors were shut each time we woke up. Night-lights gone. No trace of them. And we woke up the same way. Right up, no lingering tiredness. The second time happened the same way. Red eyes stood next to him. Yellow just about at the foot of his bed.

B also told me about an Instagram picture. Probably a story someone put in the form of a picture. The child awoke, the same way as myself and B, and saw the misty red eyes watching him from across the room. Instead of sitting there like we did, the child got a snow globe, and threw it at Red. He was gone after a small growl of pain. The child had killed his Red. Except he realized that Red wasn't an enemy. He was a guardian. There was a glint of something behind him. A hissing sound he barely noticed before, gone. Moments later, there was a scream from his sister's room.

I need to know if this has happened to anyone else. And, I hope to be believed simply because of the community I am writing this in. If you know anything about this. Please, please tell me. Whether in the comments or on Xbox. My name hasn't changed. If you may know something. Or better yet, what these things are. Tell me.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-22)
I always wonder why people submit an experience (story) and then cancel their membership before, or just after its posted.

It makes me go HUMMMMMM?!?


jaderae (3 stories) (29 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-22)
This story is pretty spooky and I'm curious what the intentions are of the yellow-eyed creature. But it has a touch of awesomeness to the idea of these creatures having a battle of wills while a child sleeps, kind of like the movie "Monsters Inc". I had a friend in high school that told me how she went to a sleepover and in the middle of the night, several of the girls awoke to a red-eyed "monster" that was watching them sleep. One of the girls was still asleep, and she had a sudden burst of flatulence which apparently scared the thing, as it quickly disappeared. I always thought it was funny that a fart scared away whatever that was. Brings a whole new meaning to a "room-clearer". They were about 12 or 13 when that happened.

I did a quick google search and there's a few other stories of kids seeing this, one parent says "I had her draw some pictures over 6 months ago and it frightened me how scarry it looked. Actually what I think frightened me the most was that is was a person, black, big head, and red eyes. She called it a ghost but it looked like a person." not to take traffic from this site, but the story is in this link:
toloveghostsistohatethem (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-22)
❤ omg I have had this but I saw red and named him "coopertruck" I don't know why but it sounds like your name! And yellow he is called "luca" same again I don't know why but after I realised it sounded like the start of Lucifer
😕 😭
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-06-23)
I wonder if what you heard was not Dutch "koper tukje".
The j is barely audible, and could sound like part of a hiss. Translated (roughly) it would be like "bought sleep," or "client sleep".
Unfortunately, your descriptions don't fit any Dutch lore that I am familiar with.
But I do have questions:
At the start you tell us about you and B discussing your fear of the dark. But later you say you looked at J's sketchbook... So two different people? Why did you not question him on the picture?
It's interesting that the 3 of you apparently shared an experience (although separately) how long have you been friends? Now add to this an Instagram that reportedly portrayed the same creatures, created by a 4th person. Perhaps you should try and find it (post us a link if you do) and see if the poster is from your area.
supernatural11 (8 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-23)
Is this picture still on instagram? And wow that is really strange! I would of been freaking out lol no one I know has experienced that but if they do I'd be sure to let you know.

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