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This Happened 7 Times


I am very concerned because when I was in my bedroom, alone, the other morning, and I heard someone say "Help me". I heard it said 6 times, about a few seconds apart, but I could not tell if it was a male voice or a female voice, because it had a kind of electronic sound to it. So, I called my husband into the room and asked if he had heard it, and he said no, and started saying something else, and I heard it AGAIN, with him in the room! He was busy talking to me and said he didn't hear it.

I have heard my name called in the past in my bedroom, but it was a normal sounding voice, sometimes just saying Stefani, or sing like Steeeeffffaaaannniiiii. The sing like voice was female, the others I could not identify male or female, but they were soft spoken.

I have had experiences through my life and I try to ignore them because I am terrified of something negative coming through.

I have seen a white, glowing, being float to my bed when I was young, but she was a few feet off the floor, and then she bent down and hid behind the bottom of my bed.

When I moved into an old home when I was first married, I looked into the kitchen and saw an older man standing in the kitchen looking at me. It was the first night we were there. He had no real expression, and he was wearing khaki pants and a khaki shirt with black belt and black shoes. He was holding an old, black, metal lunch box, the ones with the curved top. The apparition did not speak to me, and when I told my husband that someone was in the kitchen, he ran in there and checked the back door, which was locked, and he didn't see anything.

A few months later, my husband had his own experience there. He never had one before or after that one time. Although, he has heard his name called in our bedroom also, and one time heard my name called that I did not hear.

Can anyone tell me why the "Help Me" voice sounded electronic?

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stefs111 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-27)
Hi SDS, thank you for your reply. I do not nor did not feel it was negative. I am still afraid to acknowledge it, because I am so afraid of opening up and a negative will come through. Is there a way to make sure that the negative will not come? The voices that have called me were in two different bedrooms. Sometimes just a fast Stephanie, sometimes a slow singing of my name. I still am curious about this voice sounding electronic.

Someone once told me that the white, glowing woman, was probably my guardian angel. She had a strong white glow.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-26)
Hello stefs111, welcome to YGS. I think some entity is trying to draw your attention. I just want to ask, do you feel threatened or do you feel that this entity is negative or evil? What is your gut feeling or rather what was your gut feeling when you heard it the first or second time. Generally our first opinion would be the best. That is why asked.

I also feel that you might be sensitive to hearing, viewing paranormal entities. So don't get perturbed.

If you don't feel threatened, if you hear your name called once again, you can talk to the entity or spirit, in a polite manner, and you can also request it not to startle you and to respect your privacy. Perhaps you would know as to why your attention is drawn.

I feel that the entities you have come across are not harmful towards you.

Please post the developments or any further information so that we could suggest you some measures, if the entities are negative or evil.

Regards and respects to you.


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