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Strange Happenings At My House


I've read several stories on this site and I figured I should contribute my story here. One thing you need to know is that I am slightly psychic, I have visions and I can sense paranormal stuff to some degree. With that being said, I am only 13, so I may have a heightened sense of the paranormal due to my young age. I am home schooled, so I'm at my house most of the time. Now, on to my story.

My apartment building was built in the 1950s, so it is likely to have some sort of haunting, but I'm not entirely sure. I feel cold spots even when its the middle of the summer (and Oklahoma summers can get to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit), and sometimes I get this eerie chill in certain rooms. I hate being near my parents' closet, but that's where we keep the extra sheets and blankets, so I do have to go in there sometimes (blankets are useful in tornadic situations), but it just gives me an overall creepy feeling.

The closet in my room is fine, and it's bigger and darker than my parents'. Whenever I go to the bathroom (even at night, when everyone else is asleep) I can hear footsteps. It doesn't happen every single time, but about 90% of the time it does.

Sometimes I can feel a presence with me in whatever room I'm in, so I'll either try to ignore it or (this happens more often) run into another room. I also hear voices from the wall separating my family's apartment from my neighbors' when they aren't home.

I've figured out that one of the spirits' name is Henry, and he was a soldier that died in the 19th century. I'm pretty sure it was the Civil War, but it could have been some Cowboy/Indian skirmish. (I talked to him through auto-writing and not an Ouija board because my parents would kill me if I got one. We're Christian, so my mom thinks that every single ghost is a demon masquerading as a human soul.)

He's the mischievous one, but he's pretty nice when I talk to him. He likes to steal stuff, and if I go into the room that I know the stolen item was in and say, "Henry, please give my [stolen item] back," it usually appears. There's also a little girl, but I don't know her name. She likes to play with the toys in my room and turn lights on and off, but I have never had any trouble with her. And then there is this...thing. It's mostly negative energy, and he/she/it is really mean. It pulls my hair and makes the thundering footsteps that I hear when I'm in the bathroom. (I've asked Henry about the footsteps, and he said "not me", so I don't think it's him.) It hasn't done anything to hurt me too bad, so I haven't tried to get rid of it.

There's not really anything else to tell, except that Henry doesn't like my siblings because they make fun of me about it and call him my "ghostie" friend. He has never been mean to them, though.

I really need help with this, so any advice is appreciated! Also, I'm sorry about my terrible grammar and punctuation, but, like I stated before, I'm only 13. Thanks for reading!

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superwholockian12 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-27)
Spiritwaiting, I am sometimes scared, but he's never done anything to hurt me, so I guess there's nothing to be scared of. I've tried searching online about stuff on the house, but its no use. I don't know any adults who know anything about it, and my parents think my "ghosty friend" (a nickname given by my siblings to tease me) is just a figment of my imagination, or a demon, and I don't know how to explain it to them.

Lion_king99, they do continue. I have not found out the identity of the malevolent spirit, although I have concluded that its most likely a she.

Aussiedaz, as I said to spiritwaiting, I do get kind of scared. I can't use a Ouija board because of my religious beliefs, not that I want to. I understand the dangers of opening up to the other side, so often, whenever I'm scared, I'll start singing worship songs and eventually the eerie feeling does go away.
lion_king99 (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-10)
Nice story. Even I'm 13, but I prefer to be treated as a 14 year old. So, um, do these hauntings still continue? And did you find ou the identity of the other footsteps of whom you believe to be that of an evil spirit?

~ lion_king99
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-09)
You do seem quite mature for your age and well done on presenting your account, just one piece of advise in regards to automatic writing, when a medium or anyone for that matter attempts to communicate with the ex living via Ouija Boards or via automatic writing you should have no percentage of fear at all with in your own mind?... Reading through your account, I don't feel you are at that point just yet?...feeling eerie and running into your room with certain noises suggest to me you your not ready to take that next's good you understand there not demons out to get you, but our sub conscious mind can play some awful tricks on us, especially when we start opening it up to the other side.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-09)
superwholockian12, Good description of the activity. I'm actually surprised your that brave to automatic write and talk with "Henry" and aren't terrified. At your age, you remind me of me at that age. Ok have you tried asking your parents or older neighbors of the history of which the apartment building is built on? I find the older ones tend to know a little more. It could be because Henry and the little girl are there and the malevolent one is sticking around. But it could quite possibly be the malevolent one is just masking itself as the little girl to get closer to you.

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