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It's a bit hard for me to admit being in trouble by something that I have no idea how to deal with haha. But I've been seeing multiple black silhouettes, some big some small, in an abandoned house down my street that I've played in alone a lot when I was small. I've recently just moved back from years of being in New York City in which I was literally a lone wolf and I was of no interest to anyone.

Back to the topic, I've noticed them when I was smaller except they weren't all black. I had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid and I'm wondering if these things are what I was talking to. I remember them having faces and wanting me to go to the cemetery multiple times. I named them because they wouldn't tell me their names. There was a tall thin one, I named him Grim. Another big one but thick, I named him Shrek and a really small one, I named him Sprite. I think there were others but I simply can't remember. I couldn't understand what they said or anything but I knew what they wanted of me, is that weird? They had personalities and were my friends. My mom always brushed it off when I told her saying, "Oh, that's nice, Corazon."

Now that I've came back I wanted to confirm if it was real or just my imagination. They feel angry now, not like how I remember. I feel fear when around them. They aren't as I remember and recently are showing themselves around me sometimes in my home or when I'm alone.

I've woken up to children laughing, including tonight. I haven't slept for four days. I really have no rest and it's made my grades drop because of the lack of sleep. I'm currently 18 and a senior in high school. I am alone a lot to top it off. My siblings have moved out and my mom works as a nurse with a night shift.

Please give insight and advice if you guys can help.

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JudgeMeNot (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-13)
roman, to be completely honest its very refreshing to see that someone understands abit about my position but as I said my mother wasn't really around and my siblings were off doing their own things as a kid I was treated as an outsider in my own house simply because we weren't related wen my mother remarried... If I didn't have my woman I don't think id be sane right now haha but nothing new has happened... Yet
JudgeMeNot (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-13)
lady-glow, my mother was never really around she worked as a night shift nurse at a hospital close by and also sorry for the late reply I have been "busy" as of late but I should be up and running again haha my mother wasn't exactly a "mother" so to speak me and my mother aren't close I have tried... To no avail and thanks for the compliment:) glad you like it!
RoMaNzQ (4 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-11)
Hi there Judgemenot. I am quite taken aback that as a young kid you were permitted to go off on your own and left to your own devises.

I would highly suggest that you go to your mum about this. It is obvious that you need some sort of adult intervention. Has mum noticed that your grades are dropping? Has she noticed your fears and your troubled disposition? I am not one to judge anyone but I strongly believe that your mum may need to be sat down and educated about these occurrences in greater detail and perhaps with a bit more seriousness. I have parents that were shift workers too and it was never easy because as much as I knew that they needed to work so that they could provide for my brother and I, it also caused me to grow up being a very lonely kid too. We can never really place blame on our sometimes absent parents, such is life I suppose and we need to understand that this is what is needed at times...

I must admit, I am terribly uncomfortable with the fact that you are "associating" yourself with these unknown entities. Naming them as a child is somewhat understandable but to acknowledge them now and give them a sense of belonging is not a good idea at all.

I am inclined to believe that loneliness growing up has caused you to become more susceptible to creating "imaginary" friends, but from your narration, these friends MAY not have been so imaginary after all.

These "friends" could be quite harmful if they in fact make you fearful of them. I am not at all comfortable with this situation and I would highly suggest speaking to your mum as a matter of urgency and if not your mum, then perhaps an elder in your family or a peer that could be of assistance.

In the interim, I have found that many of the more knowledgeable users tend to recommend a Sage cleansing in the home. I must admit that I suggested this to a friend recently and it has worked miracles for her. I now also do a regular Sage cleansing in my home as well. I am no expert by any means and just like you I found this site in seek of advice and help.

I do hope that you are able to find the help you need and do keep us posted about any other developments.

Be strong and more importantly BRAVE!

Blessed be
lady-glow (13 stories) (2955 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-09)
I do not want to judge you Judgemenot (nice name, btw) but, like a mother, I have trouble understanding your mom letting you play alone in an abandoned house like an small child, and then just brushing of the fact that her child's imaginary friends want him to go to the cemetery?...we mothers tend to be overprotective and paranoiac! 😉

Did you go back to the abandoned house looking for your old imaginary friends or how the heck did they end up at your place?

You should tell your mom what is going on, perhaps a blessing or cleansing of your house is in order, but please do not try to get to friendly to those things.

Keep us posted and thanks for sharing.

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