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Mystery Of The Talgeri House


I wish to narrate a paranormal incident that took place in 1976 when I was 10 years old.

We were spending the summer holidays at Talgeri (a small village near Gokarna- a prime tourist destination nowadays) in Kumta Taluka of Karnataka state. My maternal mother's house was big enough to house 20 individuals comfortably. We were about 20/25 people residing, my maternal aunts, maternal uncles, along with my grandmother and grandfather.

The village was not equipped with electricity in 1976 and dinner was served by 7.30 pm, the household chores were completed around 8.30 and we were in bed by 9.00 pm max.

I always preferred to be close to my mother while the elders discussed numerous paranormal activities that had taken place within the vicinity of this house. There was a brief lull in the discussion as majority of the persons in the room had already slept or were drifting in and out of sleep.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside and the booming sound of my maternal uncle, who was fearless of anything, ran out of the verandah carrying a torch to investigate some unexplained lights that were seen by a couple of men. He came back without success as the moving lights vanished without a trace.

Sans electricity, it was pitch dark inside the house and you could not even see your own hands. Suddenly several utensils tumbled down the attic which was located in one corner of this very room. The sound of the utensils as it came crashing down was deafening.

The men folk (my maternal uncles, my father, my grandfather and neighbours) who were sleeping out on the verandah knocked on the doors to enquire about the loud noise. The likely culprits were a couple of cats who used to live in the house and my grandmother brushed every one off by saying that the cats had accidentally caused all the turmoil. Everyone heaved a sign of relief and went to bed.

In the morning I heard voices and on opening my eyes I saw my aghast and exasperated mother who could scarcely believe her ears when my grandmother was telling everyone gathered that NONE of the utensils that had fallen from the attic's ladder were lying sprawled and everything was in order. She opined that such "trivial" incidents were a regular occurrence and we should not make much fuss over it.

My grandparents passed away in 1977 and 1984 respectively and, coupled with the marriage of my aunts and one of the maternal uncle who moved to Mangalore, the house was and remains deserted today in perfect calm, belying the eerie UNEXPLAINED incidents which still gives me the goosebumps.

I visited the House in May 2012 along with my son, after 28 long years (my mother passed away in 2012 and I longed to see it one last time) and the haunting memories all came back.

The house remains locked and is looked after by my mother's uncle who stays nearby. Even today no one has any clues to the unusual activities that had taken place during its dark period of its existence.

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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namrat (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-14)
100% Peace my friend!

You definitely are entitled to voice your opinion!
No issues on that but the event was so weird even we all 20 or so of them still are perplexed by the events that took place for quite some years.
Perhaps now everything has stopped and the house is uninhabited.
No one wants to be rigid and go to hypothetical conclusions in that situation that is all I want to say!
AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-13) posted your story. I gave my opinion.
Whether you take my contention to be laughable or not is of no issue.

Its up to you entirely to accept my opinion or trash it.
I have no issue at all.

Try to be open to all opinions. That's all I got to say.
namrat (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-13)
Hello [at] AzraelX. Thanks for your views on the captioned subject. I would like to add some more on this.
The moving lights were not torches as the same was seen by 9/10 people who were sleeping on the veranda. Every person felt that it was a sort of gaslight (kerosene lantern). The speed at which it moved along was unearthly. Secondly the sound of utensils seemed like 20/30 of them tumbling down the rungs of the ladder. We all vividly remember the final sound as they hit the ground. No utensils had fallen down as
Clarified by my grandmother to my mother in the early hours of the morning, who knew that something sinister was around. So your self -styled contention that no one bothered to check itself is laughable.
My grandfather's brother had once heard voices coming from our part of this house late at night when the house was empty. Many incidents have taken place but nothing much came to light.
You have got to remember despite the best of technology around science has failed consistently to find conclusive answers to many unexplained events. One person can hallucinate but 20 people at one go can't.
Trust you have understood what I perhaps failed to correctly convey in the story.
AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-10)
1 - If was and is still common practice in south India and may be north India too, to tie bunches of leaves of coconut tree to use as a torch. There might have been people 9perhaps thieves or passerby) using these torches. My opinion is, there could be nothing mysterious about it.

2. How do you know that it was "really" the utensils kept in the attic that tumbled down? Did you see them tumble down? Normally people do not keep utensil that you use in attics - unless they were not used much. And your grandmother said that in the next morning she couldn't find any utensils laying in a mess.
How sure are you that the utensils that made the noise are the same? There could be other utensils that could have fallen down (perhaps by the cats or other animals such as sloths that have a habit in south India to get into attics of old houses). Perhaps the utensils that fell down were some other utensils somewhere else in the house. Perhaps.

No one saw the utensils after they heard the sound of the utensils falling down.

No one knows where exactly did these utensils fall down, since no one went to check.

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