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A House We Once Rented


Alright, we just moved out from this house so I guess it's time to share the paranormal experiences my family experienced. This house is, well, not that really old. It's more or less 25 years old. It's rented to us and we stayed there for 7 years, and in those years there are some weird stuffs that had been happening.

Let me start when we are just checking out the house before renting it out. When we first came in, this feeling of sadness slammed right into me. I felt sad even though there's no particular reason to be. Also the house is darker than we expected. It was daylight at the time and the house is well-lit inside but it's just darker than usual or, at least that's what me and my dad felt.

I came upstairs checking out my soon-to-be bedroom and the closet caught my eye. Inside the closet the walls are full of writings from what I guessed seemed to be children writings. It was full of random names and a big writing that said "Mamatay na kayo" (Meaning "All of you die" in English). I was, of course, freaked out. I mean, who wouldn't? But I shrugged it off my mind thinking it might be the previous tenants' child that wrote it. Aside from the closet, the room also feels heavy in a way that when you come in it feels like the sadness that you are feeling is getting worse and that you are being watched. After that I came downstairs and we left the house.

Okay so now we moved in. Nothing much happened on the first day, it was all normal aside from that feeling of sadness and the whole house is darker than usual. The second day, however, we are setting the house up, putting items and furniture together. While my mom and my sister went to the market to buy grocery, my dad and I are left in the house to fix the furniture. We would hear stomping on the second floor when there are no one around, banging on walls and slamming of doors. What my dad did is, he yelled "Tama na!" (Meaning "Stop"). It suddenly stopped happening for that day.

Night came, I slept in my parents' room together with my sister because our room is not yet finished. My mom woke up in the middle of the night and woke my dad saying she's hearing voices. I'm a light sleeper so I woke up, check my phone for the time. It was around 3:35 AM if I remembered correctly, but it was around 3:30 AM I'm sure. So we asked my mom what they were saying. She told us "Ibang salita yung gamit nila eh, di ko maintindihan." (Meaning "They are using another language, I can't understand them"). Now this occurrence happens almost everyday for my mom. She just adapt to it and learned to just ignore it.

Next came my room. I finally slept in my room a week after moving in the house. The first night in it sucks. I had a nightmare about a little girl choking me to death so I fought but I can't get her hands off my neck and I just passed out in my dream, only to wake up and see the closet open. I grabbed my phone for light and noticed the time to be around 3:30 AM. I stood up, closed the closet door then I went down to grab a drink. When I got back up, I swear to God that closet door was wide open and as I was about to close it again, it slammed shut! I almost peed my pants and run to my bed, went under the blanket and didn't sleep until it was 5:30 AM when the sun was rising.

A few more nights came and I noticed that if I close the closet shut before sleeping nothing seems to be happening, so I kept it that way until I came home slightly drunk and just dropped to my bed and slept. I got woken up again by the same nightmare about that girl, grabbed my phone, checked the time, it was again around 3:30 AM. I suddenly got the feeling of sadness and fear as I woke up which is quite different from the last time it happened. Then I felt a cold breeze run through my back. That feeling made my jump out my bed, turned to the closet and it was open wide.

Now this is the first apparition. My father came home late at night and his cellphone is dead. He knocked on our door but no one heard it. Because my bedroom is just above the main door he shouted at my window, but for some reason I didn't hear and wake up and to say I'm a light sleeper. He just kept on shouting until he saw a female silhouette standing by my window. He waved at the female figure and shouted, thinking it was my sister but it didn't respond, it just kept standing there. Frustrated, my dad decided to just sleep in the car after shouting for at least an hour when my mom got a message with a blank number saying that my dad is downstairs. My dad was about to enter our car when my mom opened the door saying "Natanggap ko yung text mo" (Meaning "I received you text"). My dad was puzzled saying "Anong text? Eh patay cellphone ko lowbat?" (Meaning "What text? My phone is turned off and has no battery") so what my mom did is check her phone and the message wasn't there.

Sometime later my uncle lived with us for awhile. He is addicted to "Sabong" (Cock fighting). He would wake up everyday at 4:30 AM to feed his chickens and roosters in our backyard and he would drink his morning coffee around 5:00 AM. One time I woke up around the same time he did. I helped him tend his chicken and roosters and at 5:00 AM we drank our coffee together when we heard this loud footsteps coming from the stairs just behind me. My uncle said "Ayan ka nanaman, nagkakape pa ako" (Meaning "There you go again, I'm still drinking my coffee") then it stopped. He then turned to me and said "Si Micheal yan, lagi yan bumababa pag ganitong oras" (Meaning "That's Micheal, he always go down around this time.)

A lot more happened at that house but these are the most intense. About the history of the house, 10 more family lived there but most of them only lasted for 2-3 months. According to our neighbors we are the only ones that stayed at that house and lasted for a long time. According to some elders in our street, when our city was still a rural place it was full of tress and grass (some of the places are still quite rural), before that house was built there have been many reports (confirmed from PNP) of it being a dumping place for dead bodies that was killed by gangs and syndicates. It's called "salvage" in our term.

Well, aside from these paranormal happenings, the house is extremely lucky and as time goes by the feeling of sadness faded. Our last day at the house that feeling of sadness returned instantly. All of us felt it as if like they didn't want us to go. Thank you for reading.

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clark200666 (3 stories) (14 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-09)
Thank you guys, as I said the house has been very lucky in terms of money when we stayed there. What I don't understand is most of the hunting's occurs around 3-4 AM in the morning, at least the most noticeable of it.
INluvwidGHOSTS (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-07)
gosh! That is so so so scary! Hats off to you clark for managing to sleep in the same room even after such creepy incidents!
MitoTakatori (49 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-05)
Hi! I like this story! It's really creepy. And to think we are in the same country! I want to know where it is. I have a very long story to tell but, I don't know if it will anyone a scare. Thanks for the story!
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-04)
clark200666, Your experience reminds me a lot of my childhood home and grandfathers home. And maybe the spirits whom are there felt comforted by your family, because you stayed so long. And the other families coming and going stirred them up. Great story and thanks for sharing.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-04)
clark- Great story! You are brave! After closing the closet and coming back to it open again, I would probably sleep with my parents for a longgg time. I wonder if the little girl was choked to death and hidden in a's far fetched but just an idea. That would explain the sad feeling. That reminds me of a story I must sumbit! Thanks for your time!
bluemer04 (1 stories) (58 posts)
8 years ago (2014-04-04)
I think we had the same experience (almost). I once lived in an apartment like yours, well I posted that here in YGS. You are brave enought to endure all. Well I might have done what you did only if there is always someone with me, but most of the time I am alone since most of my cousins are out during the day and they always arrive at night when I am about to leave. I work at night and sleep during the day. My experience in my apartment did not just bring fear or presence. I think I had badluck actually, I lost my job, got sick but I am a healthy person, the feeling of hate and sadness is there too. I always have misunderstanding with someone too- which is unusual since I am a very cool and understanding person. BUT I am happy I left the apartment and moved in my own house this March 2014. Going back to your story, didn't they follow you (the spirits). Did you happen to talk to them or anyone from your family?

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