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Falling Woman? What Does She Want?


I'm currently studying overseas in Japan. Visiting my relatives and all that jazz. They live 3 kilometers from the infamous Suicide Forest.

To make sense of this story I'd probably have to go back to 4 days earlier. My grandmother had been insisting on my visit for a long time because I'm in the country. At first I wasn't too keen on it but I thought 'Why not?' and finally went. I had to wait for break though so it took awhile.

Fast forward to actually arriving at her house, my grandmother had already contacted my mother about the matter of staying with her, it was fine. Now I'm going to tell you here and now that I'm little bit skeptical about the existence of the paranormal. I've watched Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, etc. I'm not all that religious either (I can never sit still in church and the only time that I can remember myself going was when I was 10 years old, my aunt had told me they would have food... She lied.) I think there might be a higher power but I'm not sure. However what I'm experiencing is convincing me otherwise about the existence of the paranormal. Now let's get back to the original subject.

Upon entering the house I noticed immediadtley that (A) it was ''hella small'' as my friends call it and (B) there was a sudden feeling of extreme cold on my chest like somebody took super cold ice and stuck it there. I asked my grandmother if they had an A/C or a fan going but she said no. I brushed it off as just imagination. My grandmother's house has been around for God knows how long, it's old enough for people to actually see signs of wear in some places. The inside is the modern one living room, two bathrooms, two bedrooms plus a guest room, and a small backyard. Upstairs is the guest room that overlooks the backyard. One of the bathrooms is also upstairs.

I mostly stayed in the house and explored the backyard which has an awesome Zen garden. I got to watch NHK with english subtitles. (It's a Japanese TV channel. Google it.) There were no incidents the first day other than that ice cold feeling in the middle of my chest. I got the bedroom upstairs which was above my grandparents room, it was a traditional room with the tatami mats and sliding door that seperated the room into halves. The first half of the room is the one you see when you walk in throught the door. There are shelves with manga, anime, music, sandals, a small umbrella etc. The second half after you open the sliding door is where the flat bed thingy on the floor is and the window straight ahead overlooking the garden.

I stooped to put my possessions in the bottom shelf when I was in the first half of the room. When I stood back up I felt a wierd heavy sensation in my chest, the kind you get when you fall really fast toward something. I began to get dizzy and actually fell to my hands and knees. There was spots in my vision. As soon as it began it stopped. I was about to get up while wondering what brought that on when the same cold sensation from earlier hit my chest but much harder. I also felt cold around my neck and couldn't breathe. I was terrified and wanted to get help but I couldn't get a word out. This lasted for 30 seconds but it felt much longer than that. As soon as I got my breath back I rushed downstairs to tell my grandmother. She asked if I had health problems prior to the incident, of course I said no because I'm a healthy person and I hardly get sick. She told me to sit down in the kitchen as she went to make tea. It tasted nasty. She told me it would help with my being ill. I was scared to go back upstairs but she said I had probably been dehydrated and might have caught something.

The rest of the night went without anything happening.

The second day nothing happened as well. But in the night I thought I heard a woman talking near the window. It was a gentle voice but there was a note of guilt in it, it sounded she was apologizing and that the apology was directed at me. I could feel someone there as well but I thought I was just being paranoid. Until that same cold feeling in my chest came when the voice and presence started. I put the blanket over my head and eventually went to sleep.

Which all leads to now. I haven't been able to get much sleep. Grandmother thinks I'm sick she even told me today that I look like an araiguma (raccoon) due to the dark circles under my eyes. The sensations are still happening at night. I was hesitant to share my story but my friends encouraged me so I'm giving it a shot. I've started having a dream over and over again as well. It has a reoccurring pattern.

The dream usually happens right after I can't stay awake any longer and fall asleep. I end up in a forest in broad daylight with thick fog. There's a dirt path that leads to a cliff. I'm probably on a mountain, I don't know because once I come out the forest there's no detours and a sheer drop two and a half feet in front of me where the dirt path ends. I can't see anything in the distance. I can't go back the way I came. There's grass everywhere. That's when a falling woman comes out of nowhere and falls past the rocky edge of the cliff with her arm outstreched like she's trying to catch herself on said edge. She always misses. That was the first time, but now everytime she comes falling down an overwhelming urge to catch her takes me over, I run for the edge of the cliff only for my hand to merely brush hers and miss. Sometimes I'll hear a splash of water way far down and everything becomes icy, just unbearably cold. I can't see the water. But when the splash is heard at times, it feels like my whole body is drenched in ice water and I can't breath. Like I'm drowning.

I told my grandmother and at first she didn't believe me. Until last night. I actually caught the falling woman in my dream, when I caught her wrist and she took hold of mine, excruciating pain was in my shoulder and wrist like I'd caught something heavy with one arm. She had a really tight grip. She looked to be 20 years old, she had long brown hair, brown eyes, and she wore a dirty white dress that looked like it went through mud. Her skin was a bit tan but also pale. She had streaks of mud on her face. The woman said the same thing that the lady by the window did "I'm sorry". To be honest it scared me. I woke up today with a red hand mark around my wrist and my shoulder felt dislocated (Lucky me it wasn't.)

My grandmother doesn't really know what to do but she is researching. I can't sleep because I'm scared of the dream. I don't stay upstairs by myself. I completely avoid it during the day and I stay up as much as I can despite being so tired. I just don't want to go to sleep. I still get the sensations in my chest and around my neck but they're less intense (Strangely gentle in some instances.) I can still feel her presence. I don't know what she wants. I need help.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Tominaga_10 (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-24)

Being the creep that I am, even though this clown is a few months old I can't help but be curious as to where it's gone today? Have you made peace with Anari, or has she made peace with death? I hated to see that nobody responded to your last worried comments. At the very least I hope you're sleeping now! Let us in on the cliff hanger. 😉

Warmest regards,
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-23)
I really liked what Selkay said, and I agree with it. It is a sense of karma
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-20)
This is my best guess, and sorry if someone mentioned it already as I have not read the other comments. I'm thinking she committed suicide and she is reliving what she did and cannot cross the light due to her own guilt. I think she is reaching out to you because she can. Maybe because you are "open" she can communicate with you. When I say "open", I sort of mean open minded. There is a clown in my favs called the "clown and the lone tree", sort of like that. I suggest giving a small prayer for her and send her to the light. Pray for her to let go of her guilt and let her know it's okay to cross.

I don't know why she would be in your grandclown's house, maybe she lived there years ago. I can't help but feel bad for her. I think she apologized to you for nearly choking you out. I think it was her way of trying to get your attention. She may have waited a long time for someone to cross her path, someone who can hear her.

This is all my opinion. Hope the best for you!
selkay (6 stories) (40 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-12)
I would suggest doing more good deeds with her in mind as if you are doing good deeds on her behalf since you do not know her name. I have a cousin who faced the same problem like you when he was around 15, this little clown stick to him for no reason. After all methods exhausted, a relative suggested doing good deeds on behalf of the little clown. Good deeds can be donating to charity, helping the needy or simply pray for her peace. It work for my cousin, she disappeared after a while.
Hack-Generation (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-27)
Quick question before the wifi screws up!

Is there any occurrences or is it possible for a clown to latch and stay with you? As a companion? Because this clown just told me several minutes ago to go to sleep and it wasn't threatening but I'm spazzing out right now, and my dorm mate is in the other room.

I seriously do not need this right now, I have a test tomorrow and she just told me that, why in the world is she telling me that?

Advice please? Because this is scaring me. 😭
Hack-Generation (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-27)
And I just discovered she likes music... A lot
I'm starting to see a little more now, especially when I'm exhausted, the miko thinks its a mental barrier I've developed. I honestly don't know.

Most of the things I'm seeing are dead animal clowns like birds and raccoons... And lots of clowns. I've also seen one person. I was supposed to go on a field trip near Aokigahara forest... But I refused to go and my sensei turned around her car after I told her I had a massive migraine which wasn't pleasant at all.

Will update more as soon as I can... Ugh I'm not looking forward to seeing Anari (yep she has a name)...I want to sleep sooo bad
Hack-Generation (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-27)
Thanks everybody, it turns out that she isn't a yurei though... I did find out that she lived at the house and that the place she was a missing person.

I talked to her and I found out that I do look like someone she knew it sounded vague but what I got from it, probably her brother. She kept calling me ani-San

As for the priestess (miko I think) she said the clown latched on because from what she gathered some clowny thing had been following her and I was apparently the first thing she grabbed.

I told her she can't stay here that there was a better place waiting for her, but she kept saying no and that she wanted to stay with me. Which is weird.

She scared the hell out of me yesterday when I was nearly hit by the faulty shelf in the library when it broke, she knocked me across the freakin room which is now the form of a large bruise on my side.

Tis wifi is driving me up the wall, I will update when I can, and yes the miko mentioned I have a low sensitivity to clowns. Lol. I'm pretty oblivious though and known for spacing out which is what kept me from noticing for awhile.

Till then
And thanks
Now for the task of trying to sleep, my sleep cycle is now FUBAR thanks to ms. clown
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-18)
sixthsensechubbs, Any person with any clownual background, has nothing to do with a clown or clown latching on. I know clown with all types of clownual backgrounds, whether it be christian, etc, some without any sort of particular belief that have had experiences with hauntings of all kinds.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-14)
I like your clown. I don't know exactly what is going on with this clown, but have you actuality seen her in real life? Like not in a dream, but when your completely awake.
I'm asking because I was wondering if maybe she is not dead yet. Like it could be someone that you will know in the future or something... Oh I don't know, I don't want to start some kind of of crazy argument or make this all complicated, but it was a thought that had crossed my mind while reading.
Anyway, keep up updated.

clownIE ❤
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-13)
clown-Generation, It could be that you are sensitive to this clown. And maybe you remind her of someone and shes apologizing for somehow losing her life the way she did. You may be seeing how she passed away. When you came into the home and felt the coldness on your chest, she may have been trying to connect with you. If you somehow can help her to pass on, by in your dream saying you forgive her, she may beable to let go. Just a couple thoughts. This was a very interesting read.
Elgin (5 stories) (35 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-13)
You have a creepy and sad clown there clown-Generation.
If I'm not mistaken the "Suicide Forest" your referring to is Aokigahara Forest, right?
I don't think this is more of a religious problem but more of a clownual problem. The Japanese culture is rich with clowns, clown and clowns and looking at your clown it depicts one of the most common clowns which is a yurei (a person that died in a violent manner in this case a suicide and is filled with sorrow).

The only way for a yurei to be laid to rest is to either perform the missing rituals or resolve the emotional conflict that still ties it to the physical plane. If the rituals are not completed though or the conflict will be left unresolved, the yurei will persist in its haunting.

For it to attach itself to you is bothering me though. For clowns to attach themselves they either seek help from you or they aim to harm you. I would suggest that you visit a priest be it a catholic or shinto but I would suggest a shinto priest since they know more of the culture and the clowns to help you.
Mejiko (20 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-13)
ZZsGranny - I agree 100% on the clown thing. I believe "IN" no clown and I expereince paranormal stuff quit often. As my 10 month old turd keeps letting them in as I keep kicking them out and sheilding my home... XD (He so cute!^-^) Even in the bible where is says you will beleivein no other clown by sides the Chrisitan clown or whatever which suggest there are others. But I do believe the Universe is conscious, but if it could speak I can only assume it wouldn't feel the need nor want to be worshipped. Sorry got off topic there.

So from what it sounds like... (i'm no expert) She's dead and doesn't seem to understand that she's dead? Not that she doesn't know... Just doesn't understand...maybe...let her know that she's dead and she needs to come to grips with it. Also, let her know what once she accepts the fact that she is no longer in flesh that she doesn't have to keep reliving her nightmare...It's already happened once and now as a clown she can step out of the clown of her past and move on to the future. Let her know there are clown waiting on her... But her guilt has frozen her here, but she is bound by guilt no more... As she is now free of this world and the materials within it. When you say this or something like this... Be forceful and Passionate... Traditional Japanese clown are by nature very submission... And respond to mascluine energies (no that doesn't mean you have to be a man just direct and firm)...but tell her it's ok to let go. Tell her from now how she will feel lighter... And happier... But you must project this energy to her... Be happy for her... And I believe she will leave. If this does not work... Go find a medium online or however... And get them to do it. But it's cheaper for you to act as your own medium. Lol
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-04-13)
clown-Generation: Sometimes, all a clown wants is for their clown to be told. I suggest doing some research of the area and find out if, indeed, there was a clown who died in such a way. She may have been considered a missing person even, and is just reaching out so at least someone knows what happened.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-04-13)
sixthsensechubs: I don't agree with that statement. I know clown from all religious backgrounds and beliefs who have experiences with clowns and clowns. I don't think "belief in clown" has anything to do with it 😊
Hack-Generation (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-12)
Well it's not that I don't believe in clown...I'm agnostic... She won't tell me what she wants and she looks scared. I couldn't stay at the house because I had to return to college and the dorms. She did follow me and I still can't sleep. My friends said my body feels cold whenever she's around. I asked her how she died she said she fell and drowned. I think the house may have been hers from what grandclown told me. I asked her to leave but she just grabbed my wrist and wouldn't go. It still feels sore. I don't know what else to do right now since she doesn't bother anybody else.
sixthsensechubbs (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-12)
clown with out a belief in clown tend to be more of a target for restless clowns. clown and clown go hand in hand. So this is why she's latched on to you. Second your in so now even if you leave there is good chance shes going to go with you. You need to ask her what's she wants? When you see her again has her body not been found, did no one care she died, is she just lost? If she answers it will give you a start point. It's sad she's reliving her death instead passing over. If you get no answer you can ask her to leave you alone. Doesn't always work but does sometimes.

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