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Something Didn't Want Us There


Some years ago (maybe 12-15?), one of my best friends from high school was looking to buy her first house. She had been living with her parents since we graduated from college, and she was finally ready to be out and on her own. She was a single woman at the time, so she would usually take her mom or her sister with her to get some input from others when she was out looking at houses.

One house, however, was a bit different from the "typical" houses she had been looking at. This one was vacant (almost to the point of "abandoned"), and it wasn't in a suburban neighborhood. It was in a much more rural area away from the actual "town." One weekend she asked me if I would be willing to drive with her to take a look at this house. It would be about a 45 minute drive through some country roads. I said sure - happy to help my old friend. And I was curious about where the house was and what it looked like. To be honest, I cannot remember why were were going out there alone, and why we did not have a real estate agent with us. I can only speculate at this point that we figured it was an empty, old house and would do a "drive-by" and if it looked OK she would go back later with the agent.

Finding the driveway to the house was a challenge in itself. The country road was overgrown on both sides, and we must have turned around 3 times looking for the driveway. (This was before GPS, so we had to rely on that old-fashioned thing called a "map.") When we finally found the turnoff, the actual driveway itself was little more than a dirt path with some handfuls of gravel thrown on top. We cautiously and slowly made our way down the drive and eventually popped out into a large open field with a house standing right in the middle of it.

We were surprised to see another car there already, and three people mulling around. We got out of the car, and one of the people approached us. Turns out she was actually a real estate agent who was there showing the house to the other two who were with her. She asked if we were interested in seeing the inside. We said yes, but that we didn't have an agent with us. She said since the house was empty, she would leave the door unlocked and that we could feel free to look around ourselves. She just asked that we be sure to lock the door as we left and told us where to leave the key (under the mat or some such thing).

So the other group left and we went on in to the house. It was very old, but rather cute for the condition it was in. It had an old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen with built-in cabinets, a dining room, and a large family room area. We walked around and decided to head upstairs. I remember the old bathroom near the stairs had a claw foot tub that I thought was the cutest thing. It was when we started looking around in the bedrooms that I felt like someone was watching us. I tried to push the thought out of my mind thinking that it was just the fact that we were in an old house, but the feeling got worse and worse. I finally had enough and forcefully told my friend that it was time to leave. I was hovering around the top of the stairs waiting for her when the hairs on my neck stood on end, and I just knew that if I didn't run down the stairs immediately something else was going to help me along and push me down. I finally yelled "we have to get out of here - NOW!" and I took off down the stairs. My yelling must have startled my friend, because she was instantly right behind me, and we sprinted all the way down the stairs, through the house, and out the front door. The door slammed behind us as we caught our breath in the yard.

My friend asked me what happened, and all I could tell her was that I had an insane sense of dread at the top of the stairs, and something was going to push me down if I didn't leave. After that, she admitted that once we got upstairs she started feeling a bit uneasy as well, but she didn't want to freak me out. I wanted to leave the entire area as quickly as possible, and my friend reminded me that we had told the real estate agent that we would lock the door behind us when we left. I told her I wasn't going anywhere near that house again, so she begrudgingly said she would do it. When she went to lock the door, she discovered it had already been locked.

Thankfully, my friend didn't ever go back to that house. If she had ended up buying that one, I probably would never be visiting her again!

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greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-13)
This story reminds me of one that this lady told me once. She wasn't afraid of ghosts, but one time she and her husband went to look at a house a ways out of Cullman, Alabama and they wondered why the realtor didn't come with them. It was at night and the grass was grown up some, but the house looked nice and had collums on it like it should cost way more than the asking price. It had a carport on the side and they walked over there and she got a real bad vive. Her husband wasn't as sensitive as she was, but he also didn't feel good about this, so they left. They found out later that it was a murder/suicide house and the realtor went in once and the door slammed behind him and wouldn't open, so he had to escape through a window and he won't go back. The realtor also had trouble keeping someone to even cut the grass--they were scared of even the property in broad daylight.
Jubeele (26 stories) (892 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-27)
Hi DestinyGirl

It's amazing how many of us have experienced that sudden chill when we find ourselves in certain places. When my husband and I went househunting about 16 years ago, we brought my mother-in-law along for a second opinion because she had a special senstivity in such matters. We finally decided on the place that had her approval as "clean".

You did well to heed that warning and hightail out of the place. There are people who might say it's due to our "imagination", but I prefer to be cautious. Any place that raises goosey-bumps is to be avoided. BGP says it well when she reminds us to go with the gut. 😘

Do give us an update if you find out anything about that house - from a safe distance, that is. 😆
DestinyGirl (5 stories) (13 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-27)
OMG, babygoatpuller. Feeling that dread with a baby in your arms must have been horrifying! And don't worry - I'm not planning to go anywhere near that house again. I was thinking of doing some research online!:)
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-21)
I know that feeling of dread well DestinyGirl. My daughter lived in a small 6 unit apartment complex on Anna Maria Island in Florida. My grandson had told me it was haunted and he hated the place because of it.

One day while I was visiting, we were leaving to go to the beach and I was holding my granddaughter getting ready to descend the stairs. I stood at the top of the stairs and suddenly the hair on my neck stood up and I got the most dreadful feeling and took a step back. I hollered at my daughter to come and get the baby. I know in my gut that if I had continued down those steps, I would have been pushed and/or fallen.

It's never good to ignore your gut instincts. Far as I'm concerned, ya done good. But I don't know whether I'd go back to that house. Sounds to me like it's best to leave well enough alone. 😨

Good read and thanks for sharing!
DestinyGirl (5 stories) (13 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-20)
Thanks for your comments. Honestly, I cannot recall any particular cold spots in the house, or specifically at the top of the stairs. But like yesterday I remember the very sudden feeling of dread and being horribly afraid that something bad would happen if I didn't at least get down the stairs immediately. I thought about things like drafts, etc., that could make my hair stand up, but it was summer time in an old house - hot with no A/C blowing or anything like that. And no open windows for a breeze to come through.

The other group that was leaving didn't appear to be terrorized. They were just making their way to the car. But if someone had pulled up on us after we left the house, we probably didn't look terrorized either - just two young women looking around in the yard.

I've been in a few situations where things have felt "off" and I couldn't exactly explain why. This was the only time I felt truly in danger or that something more sinister was at play. I never bothered to research the property, but now I'm becoming curious again. It may be time to check into that old place!
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2017-11-19)
Ooh! That's one eerie hit!
Agreed with RedWolf, and adding, like in every comment I make, please do not let fear conquer you;-)

RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-18)

It is very easy to get creepy feelings from old houses. Was there a temperature change like you all of a sudden got cold? Did the other couple and the real estate agent come rushing out with scared looks on their faces? Spirits are equal opportunity spookers, even a non-believer can get scared by a ghostly prank IF there was a ghost.


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