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What Does She Want With Me?


My name is Elijah.

I live in a house with two other roommates whom I consider to be like family.

Ever since I could remember, I've been able to feel shadows. The figures that follow you, whether good or evil, I could sense them so intensely that I could describe how they look, without actually being able to see their features. All I need is to feel their energy and I feel like I know them.

Its been almost a week now and I continue to wake up every morning at 3:40 am, parched and in desperate need of water. When I get up to go to the kitchen, that's when I see her. A short shadow by my fridge that in the first few days was very shy. I could tell that she was young, no older than 10 years old. I could feel that she was good, yet every morning without fail, she stood there by the fridge, almost like she was trying to tell me something.

I never mentioned this to either of my roommates in fear they'd think I was going crazy, but one morning at the usual 3:40, I woke up but didn't get out of bed. This time the ghost child started to mess with me: tapping on my headboard, opening and closing doors, anything to get my attention. This time I was too tired to get up so I continued ignoring her.

Later that morning, I was sitting in the living room reading and drinking coffee, when my roommate came in and sat right next to me.

"You will not believe what happened this morning!" she said excitedly.

"What!" I try matching her enthusiasm while still keeping my eyes on my book.

"Well, I stayed up late last night, watching my show, and I kind of fell asleep on the couch. Around like 3:30, something woke me up and when I looked in the hallway, I kid you not, there was a little girl by your door. She had pigtails! And a night gown that moved like there was a breeze in the house!" She gradually got more excited as she spoke.

I looked at her, surprised that she had described the ghost child I'd been feeling around me for the past week.

"I thought I was dreaming so I just covered my face to try and go back to sleep, but when I looked again she was still there and was motioning me to your room, the door was open now though. I shook my head at her and prayed because only Jesus can make that sort of stuff go away."

I rolled my eyes at the Jesus remark and laughed, but that confirmation was crazy to hear.

Every-time I go into the garage I feel another presence, this isn't the little girl. This one is dark, negative, mean, and angry. It feels like a tall man, very aggressive, and he scares me. Eventually, I convinced myself that if I didn't pay attention to him, then he would leave me alone. That didn't happen. Now, every time I walk into the garage and ignore him, I get a chill over my entire body.

Which kind of makes me wonder. If I was right about the little girl, then...

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-05)
Perhaps a thorough cleansing of your home according to your beliefs would be a reasonable place to start. Then, as it is believed that such rituals do not effect benign entities, if your little girl remains, ask her what she wants next time you see her.

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