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This is somewhat of a new experience that has now happened twice to me, well that I know of.

I've shared under someone's submission on here in the past, about my first incident with this prankster I seem to have. So for the people that hasn't read that comment of mine, from about a year ago I believe, here it is.

I forgot when exactly this happened to me, but I know it's been about a year now.

I was getting ready to take a shower one night, and as usual I get all my clothes together that I'll put on afterwards, and lay them on my bed. Since I'm a mother of 3, and my youngest being mischievous, I chose to lock my bedroom door while I took a shower, so I didn't have to worry about my youngest getting into my clothes.

As I finish with my shower, and unlock my bedroom door to get dressed, I noticed when I went to put on my panties, that they were gone. I thought to myself ok, well maybe they just fell on the floor or something, but I couldn't find them. I started to tear apart my bedding, to see if for some crazy reason, they ended up under my covers or pillows (even though I knew that was a far stretch to have happened), but still nothing. I couldn't believe that they just were gone.

I knew I had gathered ALL of my clothes, like I always do when I get ready for a shower. I even knew which pair I had grabbed, and placed with the rest of my clothes, as I laid them on top of all my other clothes.

After giving up, and just grabbing another pair, time went on, and like anyone, I had washed my bedding in this time period, and had cleaned up my room numerous times, but still never came across my missing panties, that was until 3 months later.

It was a weekday morning, and still dark outside, when I had to get my youngest son up and ready for the bus.

After putting him on the bus, I came back home to get a little more sleep, until I had to get my oldest son up and ready for his bus in another hour (one is in elementary school, and the other middle school. So they start an hour apart).

As I started to crawl back into bed, I noticed something laying on top of my pillow. To my surprise, it was my missing panties from 3 months ago! I couldn't believe that it was just on top of my pillow, especially since it wasn't there when I had woken up to get my youngest son ready.

I laughed to myself saying seriously, now you're finally giving it back to me, and of all places to return it, you lay it on my pillow? I couldn't help but wonder though, during this 3 months period, where does "ghost" put our stuff they hide from us? Because I've went all through my bedding, and room during that time, and never found it. So to see it on top of my pillow, knowing that that's not where it has been, makes me wonder where was it?

Now my second, and most recent incident of missing clothes, happened just yesterday, on December 22nd, 2018.

Again I was about to take a shower, and again gathered up my clothes to wear, but this time placed them in the guest room, so I could have more privacy in getting dressed and ready to go out afterwards, as my kids were in and out of my room.

As I'm getting ready to get dressed, and working myself into my pants lol, I went to grab my under shirt (a tank top I like to wear under other shirts/sweaters etc) that I had placed on top of my sweater, but saw it wasn't there.

I immediately thought about my panty incident, but still frantically looked around for where it could have gone to. It wasn't on the floor, or the bed that I had put it on, and again I tore up the bedding to see if for some reason it was there, but again nothing!

At this point I'm saying out loud, seriously, this is not funny, and I'd appreciate if you'd just give it back to me, as I don't want to wait another 3 months to finally get it back again.

I walk out the room to tell my husband what happened to me again, and go back to the room to see if it choose to listen to me, and put my top back, but unfortunately it didn't.

I told my husband how I can't believe this has happened to me twice (well that I know of) now.

I said it's like it's wanting to make me feel crazy, but I knew for a fact that I had grabbed my black tank top, and placed it with my other clothes. I told my husband that at first I couldn't find my top when I was getting my clothes together, so I went and put what I did gather in the other room, and came back to look for my tank top again. When I finally found it, I told him I remember looking at how wrinkly it was, but with it being a tight under shirt, wouldn't matter, and placed it with my other clothes. So I knew I wasn't just thinking I grabbed it, but didn't.

Now it's the day after, and still no top. I told my husband that I'm curious where it will finally pop up this time, since it was in a different room. But again I wonder where does it go? Do ghost have like their own hiding place they hide things? And how many other things has it hidden from me, that I haven't noticed?

I guess now it's just another waiting game of when and where I will find it.

Side note: I'd like to add that this happened in my childhood home, that we stay with my mother in. I've said before in I think other comments, how I lost my dad before I was born, and my older brother (only brother, and sibling) when I was 11, and he was 16, to a rare children's disease. So this house has held many pain throughout the years because of our loss. This is also the same home that I had written about "Something dark". But I don't believe that the dark thing has came back, nore do I believe that this is something bad. Honestly I've wondered if it could be my brother playing a prank on me, as he was a prankster in life. But I also don't believe that he's a ghost either, so I wonder if spirits can come in other forms, other than being a lost soul? I do feel that my brother crossed over in death, as well as my dad, but think that they still are around me.

I've had other experiences in this home, that has made me believe this to be true.

Now I will say that there are times that I feel someone watching me, and have seen things from the corner of my eyes, as well as my husband too. The feeling I get at those times, do not feel like it's my dad or brother. But whatever it is, doesn't bother us at least, more so just watches us.

This home was built by my family, on our families property, that was once woods, so as far as someone dying in our home, or property, that's a no.

Hopefully I was able to give out enough details to help understand my experience, and hope to hear any ideas on what y'all believe where our stuff goes, when something hides it?

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Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-13)
Dennis191, I'm not sure if I'm causing any kind of confusion, but as far as me interacting with anything around me, I never have given it any attention, or tried to have any kind of communication with them. I just ignore them, and because of that, I believe it's helped in not giving them any kind of strength from me.
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
Well, that clarifies some things. Still, I think you should be careful though. Best wishes.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
Dennis191, I understand what you mean on being fooled over things like this, as to whether or not it's something good or bad that's doing it. As for my situation, I honestly believe (and have also been told by a medium) that I draw spirits to me. So I've never felt alone in any of the places that I've ever lived, or stayed at. Which maybe everywhere I go, may already just have residing spirits, I don't really know. I just know that wherever I've stayed, I've always felt watched, and that something is always around, keeping its distance from me. Since this has been happening my whole life, I'm pretty much use to it, and I'm able to ignore it for the most part, as long as I'm not alone. It seems when I'm by myself, I allow myself to be more aware of my surroundings, and start to freak myself out over it, verses when I'm not alone, I'm able to just ignore it, or not even notice it. Now as for what I believe is in our home, also known as my childhood home, I feel that it's not just 1 or 2 spirits. I feel there's most likely more than I know, and have wondered about it. I actually have some more experiences I want to share, especially one on something very dark and what I believe to be evil outside in our woods, that at times has came onto our porch. I still don't believe the one hiding my stuff is bad, and thankfully nothing has tried to harm us in our home, so that's another reason why I believe as far as our actual household, there's nothing to really fear in it, just a few scares here and there, from when you notice things.
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
So the presence feels unfamiliar? I mean like any random stranger you'd see outside? For some reason whenever I hear or read about something moving and hiding things I have a yellow caution flag coming up, adding to that is the fact that you're feeling watched and seeing things. However most cases like this usually turn out to be harmless and are usually resolved easily, but there's that painful fact that since you cannot see what the being really is, and you can only speculate about what it wants based on the things you experience, or by communicating with it which is still dangerous if not done correctly (seems to me from the sheer number of horror stories of people not knowing what they're doing) so I'd be really careful with it. Given that some of these things can fool your senses and appear to be someone and even sound and act like the person... However your gut feeling should be reliable in most cases as the creepy crawlies seem to be followed around by intense negative feelings regardless of their appearance, but I've read cases where they even managed to fool people's instincts... You know when you walk into a place or meet a person and you feel like something is really wrong or just feel an overwhelming dread. Etc etc

Anyway I hope it wasn't a harmful one. Best wishes.
ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
I wonder about this too. When my sister and I were kids, small items used to go missing all the time (lip gloss, chapstick, eye shadow). We would look for it everywhere and would finally just give up on ever finding it again. Within about 2-3 months, we would find these things. They would either be laying under my sister's bed in the very middle of the floor or in the very center of an inflatable chair in her room. Her room was the only place any missing items would turn up, and they would only be found in one of those two places.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Jubeele, that is really interesting to hear about your friend. I wonder what happened with hers, for it to come back creased and dusty 😕 luckily mine seemed to be returned in the same condition, except for being put on my floor, or on top of my pillow. Hearing how your friends pants were returned, still makes me even more curious as to where our stuff goes when "hidden" from us? If only I knew what was hiding my stuff, and why.
Jubeele (26 stories) (892 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-04)
Hi Twilight, I'm glad your clothes came back.😊 I have a friend who had something similar happen to her last year. She has her work uniform carefully laid out every night at the foot of the bed. It is part of a routine she faithfully follows. Her black work pants disappeared one morning and it was a nuisance because it was her only clean pair. The other pair was in the laundry. Fortunately, that wasn't too dirty so she made do for a while.

A few weeks later, her pants came back but they were creased and dusty, as if they had been dragged about some musty attic or basement. My friend lives alone and she didn't have any visitors to her place during that period. She was also sure her place wasn't broken into and nothing else went missing.

Around this time, she and her colleagues had been seeing 2 little girl spirits at their workplace. They seemed to be playful and friendly as no one felt frightened by them. She wondered if they could have 'followed' her home and borrowed her pants to play 'dress-up'. She started leaving colouring books and crayons out for them in various places, and hasn't had anything go missing since. She finds dimes in unlikely places and thinks it could be from them. 🤔
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-12)
Hello Twighlight,

I'm so glad your shirt has been returned.

A bit like my sandals going missing, we have to ask, 'why'?.

I hope your Christmas and New Year were great

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-12)
I have an update on my "missing" shirt. As of last night, it has finally been returned 😊 with this experience of it being taken happening on 12/22/18, I was worried with my similar incident with my missing underwear, taking 3 months to get it back, that I would have to wait that long for the return of my shirt. Luckily this time it only took a few weeks, as it was returned on 1/11/19. One of my questions after my shirt being taken from me in a different room than my own in our house, was where it would finally be returned to me at. Well last night I noticed on the floor in my bedroom, right beside the door, laid my still folded black top, that definitely has not been there the whole time. The crazy thing aside knowing it hasn't been there for the few weeks it has been missing, is the fact that earlier that day, I had picked some things up from that same spot, so it wasn't even there all day. It wasn't until the evening time, that I noticed it laying there, and had my husband pick it up to show what I found. He said he got goosebumps, when the realization of what he saw he was holding, hit him. I still find it crazy how spirits can take our stuff, and return it whenever, or wherever they want. I just wish my question on where does it go, could be answered 😕
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-08)
AugustaM, I too like to do the same whenever I'm busy, with watching something I've seen, so I don't need to actually watch it. I actually love watching all the reenactment, paranormal shows, but unfortunately no longer have those channels they play on. Aside the very little bit Netflix gives out, that's all I'm really left with watching now. The way I look at those shows though, is whether or not the person is fully telling the truth on their experience or not, I still believe what's shown, are still very likely to happen. The episode you spoke of, brought one to mind while you described it, but with there being so many, I'm probably thinking of another one, or perhaps a whole other show, but was this hiding place you spoke of under a large staircase, and when revealed, it seemed like some kind of dark stuff was left behind in it? As for any hiding places here, with my parents building the place, I know there's no hiding room, but there is a somewhat of an attic in my moms closet (in the ceiling). It's not very big, and as far as being able to walk in it, it's not that size. So more so like a crawl area. Now I wonder if that could be where "it" chooses to hide things, since no one ever goes into it anymore. I think it's been well over 15 years since my mom has even opened it. Now you've got my curiosity stirred 😁
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-08)
When I am working on a big project, I like to have a TV show that I have seen before marathoning - having seen it before means I don't really have to look up and away from what I am doing. So, over the holidays just passed, I was working on making a dress for New Years Eve and binging old seasons of "The Haunted". Mind you, I take what they say as more fiction and fun than anything else - they are entertaining stories at the very least and at best some may have perhaps the merest kernel of truth. Anyway, for what its worth, one episode featured this drop dead gorgeous antebellum mansion (another plus for these shows is the gorgeous houses though they do reuse houses fairly often lol) where the residents had been pestered for decades by various paranormal incidents, the most common of which was little odds and ends going missing. Finally a psychic or some such was called and they wound up discovering a heretofore unknown hidden room (about the size of a decent closet) where all of their missing items were found. It was touted by the show as the "demon's lair" where it collected personal items by which to control, influence or connect with the residents so as to better scare the pants off and otherwise torment them.

Was it *really* a demon's lair? Was it even a demon? Was the entire story complete rubbish? Well, I wouldn't lay any bets on it but just the same, it was a situation very similar to your own and so I thought you might at least find it entertaining. If you want to watch for yourself, I think it is Season 10 Episode 1 - the house is so worth it if nothing else and it is a darn good story. If I got the episode wrong, let me know and I'll check again. 😉
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-07)
Twilight ~

Odd that there should be two stories about missing articles, in your case clothes and the case of SweetEmma money. That some of your clothes have turned up makes this sound playful rather than malevolent; certainly annoying. Our home houses many suspects for missing clothes, well three rather short and furry ones.

Hope all that you lost is returned.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (318 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-06)
LuciaJacinta, I agree it's very annoying to have to deal with, especially when I only have a select few of those under shirts, and only 1 of each color. So it taking my black one, that goes with pretty much everything, is annoying. Especially when I don't even know when it'll finally decide to give it back to me, seeing how it took 3 months to get back my underwear lol. But the thought of it being something bad, has went through my mind, because I don't really believe that my brother didn't cross over. I have a feeling he was able to cross over in a happier place. With my husband having a recent, unnerving to say the least, experience, involving seeing a shadow figure over him in bed about 2 weeks ago, that slowly backed away from over him, until it went out our room, has me worried what exactly it was, and what it's doing here. I don't think something like that could be anything good, and has me worried about it now. So far he hasn't seen it since, but with my shirt still missing, and my boy's not being able to find one of their Christmas toys, that went missing the day after Christmas, has me thinking that it might be connected somehow. Don't get me wrong, I know how kid's constantly lose their toys, and how it doesn't take long for them to lose their stuff, but with my shirt missing when I know no one else had taken it, and after everyone searching the house for the kids lost toy, I can't help but wonder if it too has been taken. I submitted one of my experiences from this home, called "something dark", but like I said in it, that it had left our home, so we don't believe that what my husband is seeing now, is the same thing, since we don't get the fear we did off of the other thing. So at this point, I'm not sure what's going on in our home, and what exactly is here, but hopefully it doesn't get worse for us, and will finally return my shirt, and leave our stuff alone.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-06)
I'm not sure where it goes but it must be the veil between the living and the dead. As when a soul departs and steps through the veil. It's there, but we just can't see it.

As your loved ones were lost, perhaps this entity likes playing with the idea of things being lost in your life. I don't think these things are always good. I'm not into those kinds of games spirits play. Yes, its "playful" but rude and annoying.

I also wear those undershirts you mentioned and when I can't find mine I get very annoyed. Hopefully you find yours.

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