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I have been visited by spirits my entire life. I'm 16, and they honestly still freak me out when I see them or can feel them there.

The first one that I can remember was when I was about 7 or 8 years old, and at the time I had thought that I was only daydreaming until I properly thought back on it a few years later. My cat had died maybe a week earlier and I had been devastated because I had had her since I was 3 and she was my first pet. I was walking into school one morning and I happened to glance to my left and I saw a white figure of a cat in the bushes but when I properly looked over it had disappeared. I just shrugged it off as my imagination.

The next one was when I was 10 and has happened a few times. My pony died one day and during school I had had this feeling of dread settle on me all day. I tried to shrug it off but it clung to me and I found out later that day that she had died. Ever since her death until about 6 months ago, no horse or other animal would willingly go with me into the corner of the paddock where she died, and any horse in that paddock would avoid that corner like it had the plague. I had this feeling that she was there but my suspicions weren't confirmed until about 2 years later when I saw a white figure of a horse standing in that corner staring at me a little bit later, when I had moved away a bit, the white figure of a horse standing in the opposite corner still watching me. I think that she visited that night just to show me that she was still there with me, keeping an eye out for me, because all I got from her was this feeling of calm and affection.

The most recent one had been going on since we moved into a house when I was 7. I had never liked that house. I always had the feeling of being watched and this overwhelming feeling of anxiety. I would smell smoke when there was no fire, I didn't learn until last year that there had been a fire in that house.

And, especially in my bedroom, the feeling that someone was standing near me and watching me. It wasn't until I was 12 that I saw him for sure. I had been messing around with this ghost detector app on my ipod for a laugh and a dot showed up about a metre away to me but behind my right shoulder. I didn't really take any note of it until about 30 seconds later. I had the feeling of being watched from that exact spot and out of the corner of my eye I saw the white figure of a man, I'm not sure if he was young or old, standing there watching me but when I looked around I couldn't see him. I still had the feeling he was there and the feeling of disapproval. I deleted the app. Whenever he was near I would also get this overwhelming feeling of anxiety, which didn't help my own anxiety over him being there.

What surprised me was when I went on my school camp and he FOLLOWED me there, all the way to the South Island. One night I saw a white face about my head height standing by my bed, apparently a couple of my friends saw it too. The same thing happened on my junior leaders course with cadets except he was by my closet. Twice before I saw him at my friends' houses, one of which also had a spirit which didn't feel like a happy one, almost angry, and I got the distinct feeling that my one didn't like him.

The latest time I saw him was when we moved houses and one night I woke to the feeling of being watched and major anxiety to see him standing in the corner I always got the feeling of being watched from. I saw him almost clearly then, no colour but he didn't look old, definitely younger than 50 and about my height or a bit higher, I'm about 5ft8. He seemed to notice me looking at him, most likely with an expression of shock and almost fear, and he turned away before disappearing. I managed to go back to sleep but I woke up a couple of hours later to find him standing at the right hand corner of my bed and did the same as before when I looked at him. My dog, which was sleeping on the end of my bed, didn't react so I was sure by then he had no malicious intent.

This happened one more time but he was standing at my right shoulder. Twice I heard him talk to me, all he said was 'hello' both times right at my right ear just loud enough to wake me up to notice it but not awake enough to fully register it and reply.

Sometimes when I was half awake at night I would feel a bit of pressure on the end of my bed when my dog wasn't there, almost like someone was sitting there or was resting a hand on my ankle, leg or sometimes my arm.

After the night where I saw him 3 times my mum decided it was time to talk to one of her friends who is used to dealing with spirits. She came over to investigate and said that there most definitely a very anxious presence in my room, which I was glad to hear because I was wondering whether or not I had an anxiety issue by then, with there being a very noticeable cold spot in the corner where I had seen him. She ended up sending him away and I haven't seen or felt anything since. I almost regret sending him away now. I really wonder what he could have wanted to have attached himself to me like that.

After that I went to my friend's house that had the spirit and I saw him/her, although I think it might have been a male, standing by her side of the bed and he seemed to be looking out the window. She moved house not too long after that and I haven't seen or felt anything at her new house.

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ghostdancer (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-17)
[at] ronapony, First off I'm sorry to hear about your cat I have had the same experience, but If you only saw a glimpse of a white cat it may well be your imagination as it has happened to me a few times.

Second of all, My mum lost one of her horses and felt the exact same, But anyway your other horses or other horses at the stables may have an emotional connection with you other horse and having watched your horse pass away could have put them off as they think it's them being respectful and seeing your horse I bet was really shocking I have no doubt that you saw your horse.

Third thing, A ghost detector on the App Store is most likely to be a fake as a modern device is doubted to find a ghost. And the feeling of anxiety was probably you just worrying about the app and scared of the outcome but there may well have been a ghost.

And last of all, when you encountered with the spirit did it try and communicate with you or did it try to reach out for you...?

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