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Brujaria and Disappearing Act


This is story that I can very vividly remember. When I was a young child we would often take trips out of state and visit family. I always had a blast because I would be able to play with all my cousins and visit with family I hadn't seen in a long time. One particular trip we took was to Michigan and well this trip wasn't a good trip because of the circumstances that we had to go on.

See, my mother had an aunt that, well, not to many of the people in my family spoke of for various reasons, but mainly because she liked to dabble in black magic or witchcraft or like my mami would say, "brujaria..." Well needless to say she wasn't very popular in the family but seeing that she was family, we had to go and pay our respects to her. Now we arrived to Michigan and of course needed a place to stay and all that was available at that time was my mom's aunt's house. Which had only 2 bedrooms and one of the 2 bedrooms was occupied by her grandson who lived with her.

So of course my brother and I along with my parents shared the aunt's room. Now things were fine up until the point when my younger brother and I had to go to bed, and being "active" kids we didn't want to sleep and tried to find any excuse not to sleep that night. As we laid there we played various games, like I spy, but this game of I spy was a little different. It was my brother's turn and well he said I spy something black, I spy something black with yellow eyes, I spy something black with yellow eyes and purrs and of course I said a CAT! Then tried looking around for this cat my brother spied and there it was, at the top of the bed looking down at us on the floor.

So my brother and I started to play with the cat until we made so much noise that my mom came in to scold us. Of course we told her it was a cat that we were playing with when she questioned why we weren't asleep and then she replied there was no cat at the house and we needed to go to sleep. As soon as she walked out, we heard my mom's cousin tell her that there was a cat at the house at one point but that it died a few years earlier and proceeded to tell my mom that after the cat died, her aunt Trini used some of her "magic" and casted a spell for the cat to come back and protect the house and her. My mom in return said to her cousin that it was best that it be kept from us.

Later that night, based of what my mom told me years later, my mom and her cousin stayed up catching up on old times when my mom seen that cat coming down the stairs. She said it started at the top of the stairs and worked his way down very slowly down, that was nothing out of the norm until my mom seen the cat come down the stairs and change shape into a man. She said she seen the cat change shape going down the stairs, then chang shape back going up it. When she questioned her cousin again about the cat, he cousin replied that's the cat that my grandmother brought back but that she intentionally casted a spell where the cat would be able to shape into a man so no one would be suspicious when seen talking to a man other than a cat.

The rest of the time we were there we experienced a number of different things. We would see the image of my aunt Trini in mirrors we would pass, hear people talking in her room when no one was in there, see the cat sit and stare at us and his eyes change color. Without mention after we left that house we never returned to stay again there. My mom's cousin tried selling the house some years later but ended up not being able to sell it for some "faulty" reason or another when people would come to tour it. People said they would feel some rooms really cold, colder then others and would feel as if someone was watching them.

I know it maybe hard to believe but I think it was a way of aunt Trini trying to hold onto a place she held so close to her even after her death.

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Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-25)
Okay Dulcita! I take back what I said earlier! Everything I said earlier - you must have thought I was nuts! That would definitely not be cool! I misunderstood and thought your family just didn't like the fact that she did witchcraft. I totally missed it when you said 'black' magic! That gives me a whole new perspective on things. It sounds like a legacy from Aunt Trini all right, but a down right nasty one. I'm guessing that at the time you were there you didn't know anything about it except that she wasn't embraced by the family. I don't blame your Mom for wanting to keep things from you, being a youngster it would have scared the pants off you, but you must have seen enough to scare you even without knowing the whole story! ❤
Dulcita (2 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-24)
No not a guardian angel at all... See my aunt didn't do "good" magic... It was complete opposite... She was a very angry, hateful woman, whos heart was filled with greed etc. I remember her not being very nice at all... Which is why no one in the family cared to talk about her or visit her etc...
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-24)
By having the cat watch the house for her, do you mean as in the guardian angel type?

thanks for sharing your story with us.

God Bless!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-23)
Thank you Dulcita for sharing your experience with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-23)
Dolcita, sounds like Aunt Trini was pretty cool. The cat into a man would sort of freak you out a bit but were you scared? It sounds like kind of a legacy from Aunt Trini and it's too bad you couldn't sell the house when you needed to, it could have been a lot of fun for somebody. I'd have thought it pretty cool!

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