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This story that I'm sharing took place nearly fifteen years ago, when I was about ten years old. After not giving it much thought for a very long time, I have had very powerful recall of my experience recently, and I'm sharing it in hopes that I can make more sense of it.

It all started when I became best friends with another boy that I went to school with. Eventually, a friendship sprouted, and I was invited to a sleepover at his house. Nothing stood out about the house itself; it was a simple, two bedroom, one story house located in southern Iowa down a windy country road. My friend would tell me the wildest ghost stories about this house, and even as a ten year old with a vivid imagination I had a hard time believing this house was haunted.

The sleepover was very typical, pizza and toys and movies, with a late bedtime. The next morning my friend and I wake up in his bedroom, and decide we are going to get dressed and go out to play in the woods nearby. My friend left his bedroom first to go to his father's bedroom, to let him know we want to go outside. Seconds later, I followed him out of his bedroom. As I walked down the hallway with the intention of following my friend, all of the sudden this person walks right past me in the same direction. It's hard to explain this person, because it was really just a white silhouette of a person, with no real defining details. Literally just the shape of a person. Now at that moment, it didn't really occur to me how out of the ordinary the situation was. This person had totally passed me up and was walking in a straight line towards a spare bedroom, and at that moment my mind hadn't really recognized that this wasn't right, I literally thought it was a person. More specific, I thought it was my friend that had walked around me, even though I had seen him leave his bedroom before I did. That's how confused I was. So anyway, I followed what I at the moment thought was my friend into this spare bedroom. I walked through the doorway and saw the figure continue into the far corner of the room. I called my friends name to the figure, still thinking it was him! It never once acknowledged me though. Once it reached the corner, it just stopped, and within seconds was gone. It sort of just faded. I walked into the middle of the room, and just stood there for a minute. Still under the impression it was my friend, I started looking around the room for him everywhere, in the closet, behind the stacked clutter, everywhere. I think at that moment it dawned on me what I had seen, and instantly I became terrified. I turned around and ran out of the room, only to run into my friend and his dad! I never went back to that house afterwards. Now, in my mid-twenties, I can look back at some of the weird and mysterious things that I've experienced in my life, but nothing was quite as vivid or nonsensical as that day. I've always had an odd fascination with the paranormal ever since, and have longed for an experience similar to that. Fifteen years have gone by, and needless to say I've not given as much thought as I used to. But recently, I've been having the strangest dreams, and more than once I've had them involving this incident! I've meditated, looking for insight, and ended up having a vivid recollection of the experience. Unfortunately, I'm only left with more questions now. Who knows, it could have been as simple as a hallucination, but I've hallucinated and my state of mind was nothing like that moment.

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shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-08)
Maybe something in your 'now' environment is triggering your memory of that house and your experience there, like a certain smell or visual trigger.

Maybe the house smelled like juniper and you've bought a juniper scented shampoo or something? A new beau with distinct perfume? A view of an old tree like they had? Seems random to just start up again 10 years after the fact with no rhyme or reason.

Your subconscious may be filling in details you missed as the event occurred, or could be imagination. Your friend did say it was bizarre! No joke on that one. Maybe hunt him up and reconnect, he may have some answers too.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-06)

This was very interesting to read. The way you describe the incident and your confusion, it helped to visualize what happened to you.

I can completely understand the longing for something like that to happen again, that's what tends to happen when we realize we've just encountered the paranormal.

Terrifying and exciting all in the same breath!

To me I would just guess it was, a residual haunting. Not an intelligent one as it didn't acknowledge you.

And you so happened to be in that relaxed state, that within those perfect conditions you saw what you did.

Great read by the way

Thanks for sharing

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