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My Disappearing Pillion


I am new to YGS and have been an avid reader for the past few days. It is really very interesting site and I am really amazed to read the experiences of people which they have shared here some real, some fictitious. I am about to narrate a personal experience which is about 12-14 years old. The experience which I had was not really horrifying or painful but yes, it made me believe in things which science and educated masses usually do not believe in.

I'm 35 years old now and a resident of western suburban Mumbai. This incident is about 12-14 years old when I had just shifted to my new house. As usual I had met my friends in the evening at our usual meeting place. After some chit-chatting, few rounds of cutting chai and cigarettes it was almost 11. 00 pm and basically our time to retire home for the day.

Most of us stayed away from our meeting place so we all had out own mode of transport to reach our respective home. I then had a motorcycle. Usually I would select any one of the roads that would lead to my home nothing very particular as such. I had options of various routes to go home. Normally I would select a route which was well lit up due to the street lights and generally would take that road for home. Going home around that time was a usual routine for me. I really do not remember that date but yes this incident has very specifically stayed in my memory from that night. As usual we all bid farewell to each other and everyone started to leave. So did I.

It was a normal night after a good long day. I was en-route home passing by a not so developed area then at a normal speed on my motorbike. Suddenly I was stopped by a man waving towards me standing by the side of the road. I stopped by. He was an average middle age man with a kind of sling bag (usually the one you see BEST Mumbai or Police employees carrying when they go to work) across his shoulder. When I stopped he asked me if I can drop him to the next junction where he could find an auto rickshaw for going home. I agreed and he hopped on behind me on my motor bike.

During that journey of may be 5-10 minutes we did not speak to each other. In sometime we reached a junction from where I had to turn left for my home and possibility of him getting an auto rickshaw was high. However there was not a single auto rickshaw on that junction. I stopped and the man got down from the bike. Seeing that there was no auto I offered him to drop him wherever he wanted to go but he refused and said he will manage. I took a left turn went ahead a couple of meters and stopped again to see where he was going or if he needed some help.

Now comes the best part of the story. The junction where I dropped him was huge and it would take a person at least 15 secs to cross that junction at that hour when the roads were completely empty. There was not even a single auto rickshaw or any other vehicle around at that time and it must have not taken me much time to go ahead a couple of meters but when I looked back I did not see anyone. The man whom I dropped just a few moments ago was nowhere to be seen. The road around that junction was straight and clear, well within my range to see. But this gentleman was gone, vanished or may be disappeared God knows where. I was just shocked / or may be surprised or god knows what but I did not see him.

From that very day even today no matter what I do not travel by that road after dark. The area is now completely developed, a lot of buildings have come up in the vicinity and I have never heard anyone experiencing any thing weird there.

But then the question that disturbs me is where did the gentleman go? That too in such short time.

YGS members suggestions welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

I have had a few more experiences after this incident. Will narrate them in different story.

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radish54 (1 stories) (51 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-23)
I know there is a desire to steer folks away from pushing a religious agenda on YGS, and I see the need for this. But in this instance perhaps a verse maybe used as a poetic way to express a thought, and I hope it is not offensive to any...
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2 KJV
Perhaps your pillion passenger was one of these.
Glad at least that no harm or illness befell you for your kind act.
haunter (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-19)
oops...*I just meant none gets an offence hereby, sorry for the inconvenience
haunter (guest)
8 years ago (2016-01-19)
absolutely, there had been lots of stories right here of the same sort & I do feel the same each time I get on reading...i.e., people who're likely to be seen often doesn't come to one's sight or simply appears hazy or sometimes perhaps even vanishes into the air, while anyone would find it just too strange to handle with... Even I too do have gone through many of such sorts while I guess it's just either the estranged person who's too swift or it's just us who're too slow to cope up with 'it'... 😜 Never really believe in such cases anyway!... Hope gets an offence here! 😁
With Regards
Hayden aka haunter
loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-18)
Wow what a great story sometimes they say that god test us he comes as another being to see if we will help him... But then again it could just a spirit that was asking for help. There has been many similar stories to you. Like the one about the guy who went dancing and there was a woman there that he asked to dance and they danced all night but when she forgot her sweater he went and returned it and they told him that girl was there daughter and she was dead. That is shocking though. Pretty good story. Thanks for sharing.

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