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My Apartment Experience 2


In 2008 I had just moved my bedroom downstairs. At this time I was home alone with my rat terrier Oreo, my children were spending the summer with their father. I had my bed on the far wall when you first come through the door. Oreo and I would be laying in bed I would have my t.v. On which was right in the middle of the entance and the closet door. When he would start growling at the bedroom door. I really got freaked out because I knew we were alone physically lol. I would peek my head out the door to find nothing I could see.

When I would go spend the night with a friend, my neighbor would call me to see if I was at home. He told me it sounded as if someone was moving furniture in my room. When I came home I would find my dog in his crate scared. When I was in my room at night Oreo would follow something along the wall. It was creepy to watch him do that every night.

I knew I had a male and female occupying the same space, but my friend who has capabilities confirmed 2 males and female. The 1 male was upstairs in my old bedroom, the other was in my current bedroom. She told me when she stayed she seen yellow eyes in the wall, at night when she was laying down she would feel something rubbing her leg.

It all came to a head later on when the male from upstairs decided to jump her body trying to possess her. That was scary so I had with the help of a long time friend my apartment blessed. I was not the only person in my complex that experienced these hauntings. I was not surprised.

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Darkangel73 (4 stories) (126 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-24)
SDS and lady-glow: Those activities had stopped after the blessing. I have heard stories of a little red man who would hang out near the woods about I would say 50 to 100 feet from where my apartment is located. My neighbor that was next door had seen and still see's shadows darting around his place, he also had some metal objects thrown at him. He also said he seen a dark cloud like entity that had an electric charge to it. Another neighbor who lived in a separate section had experiences with something holding her down while she lay in bed. She would hear clawing on her rug she had beside her bed, as if whatever was trying to get a grip with its feet. She had also seen a face in her mirror one night, she had woke up to what she describe a pasty white face with deep black eye sockets. I had spent the night with her because this thing had her so afraid that when it got dark she insisted someone stay the night with her, which sucked. I was in her living room talking on the phone when I kept hearing a clicking noise coming from her son's bedroom, each time I would get up to investigate it would stop. The best way to describe the sound was like someone pulling the trigger on a unloaded gun. I sat back down to finish my conversation on the phone when she called my name, as I was walking through the threshold of her bedroom whatever was messing with her was walking out. Believe me when I say that was the worst feeling I have ever experienced, just dreadful evil like. I never experienced anything of that nature in my whole 41 years of living until that night. The neighbors beside her had issues as well. It seemed like whatever was in that particular section feed off married couples, it would make them argue. The lady started feeling uneasy when she was there at night. She seen shadows and was attacked in her bathroom, If I recall correctly she was scratched. As for the second question I was just getting into the paranormal kind of obsessed with it, I made some home made dousing rods out of hangers I had read that they can pick up on the emf of spirits. So I took them up stairs sure enough the rods crossed over each other, I said out loud I know where you are at. I do believe with all my heart this entity got pissed off because I did that and possessed my friend. I never did that again. I won't ever touch those things again, That experience scared me so bad. I went with the bible quoting scriptures and placing a cross upon her forehead do you believe this evil spirit laughed, but finally after what seemed like forever it let her go. My friend didn't remember anything that had happened. She (my friend) told me that the man upstairs and the woman were married, he was a real bad alcoholic and abusive. The woman went to the male who was hanging out in my bedroom downstairs for comfort etc. The husband found out what was going on and shot them both then hung himself. What is so ironic about my story is my husband at the we were together was a bad alcoholic too, we had plenty some pretty bad fights to where I had to call the police. After my husband had moved out and my friend moved in is when the activity really picked up. I can't say that I didn't believe in ghosts bad spirits but didn't think that it would happen to me. I had a lady help me with my house blessing plus I did my own. I had nightmares for the longest about that bedroom upstairs. But the blessing did stick. As far as the history of the land before I couldn't get any information on it. I have heard rumors that the complex or parts of it are built over indian graves. Thanks for reading my story. I had one experience in my new apartment same complex. I was in the shower had just a candle burning when out the corner of my eye I seen a shadow walk by. That freaked me out! 😨 Again thanks for reading my story. ❤
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-24)
Hi Darkangel73, that is a very good narrative. I would like to ask the same questions what lady-glow did in her post. Did the activities stop and have you researched the history of the place and also that you were not the only one to experience such happenings in your complex. If others have, then their experiences were similar to yours or different. Please do maintain a journal.

Secondly, how did you say that the male in the upstairs tried to possess your friend? Please explain. Because mere jumping her body, a spirit cannot possess a person. So please do clarify.

Thirdly, if the activities have not stopped, then why don't you use the Rook's method of cleansing. It has helped many people. Please visit his profile page and you can definitely be benefited if you use the cleansing method.

Kindly inform us the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-24)
Interesting story.
Did the activity stop after the blessing of the apartment?
Did you research the history of the place and who those three ghosts could be?

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