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Ouija Scare On A Visit Home


I will start this off by saying I'm an Irish/Canadian. I was born in Canada to Irish immigrants, raised for half my life in England and then moved back to Canada with my Dad (my parents were still together but my dad got a job in Canada) for high school. Suffice to say I have close friends and family in the UK, Ireland and Canada. I'm a 25 year old male, my parents are no longer together as my mother died a few years back, I'm second born and tend to be more open minded and spiritual than my older brother. I don't know if that makes a difference in the grand scheme of the spirit word but there it is.

My story is more of the spectator variety. I have never and will never actively use a Ouija board. However, I have sat in on a few sessions and observed them. Nothing bad has ever happened to me personally, and I believe this is because I don't get involved - I might be wrong and simply just be lucky.

The only Ouija board sessions I've ever seen have been with a group of my University friends. Scott, Alex, Rhys and Cal (whom I have known since we were 5 or 6). After finishing Uni last year I suggested we all go to the States, intent on taking a trip up to Canada to show my friends my home town, and introduce them to my Canadian friends. Rhys is a big believer in the supernatural, where as the rest of us tend to take it with a pinch of salt and are somewhat more sceptical.

It was Rhys who suggested, the night we arrived at my Dad's house that we do a Ouija board. My dad works late shifts and doesn't get home until 6am, so we had the house to ourselves. Knowing I was going to be home I'd invited my ex-girlfriend Sophie and her best friend Amanda to come over. After we split Sophie and I remained very good friends, it was as mutual as any break up can be. Me and Cal (who is my closest friend, he's practically my brother) decided to sit it out and simply watch. This left just the two girls and three guys.

I don't remember if any precautions were taken. I do remember that instead of all of them having their fingers on the planchette they took it in turns, which I suppose in hindsight was probably quite stupid.

I'm pretty sure that the night started with a lot of simple questions, 'is anyone there?' 'who are you?' that sort of thing. At one point they asked it questions only me and Cal would know the answers to, as we were both skeptical as to whether the others were moving the planchette. I won't share the questions because some were quite personal, and though I have the others permission to post this I don't think it right to post things like that. Suffice to say some of the questions were answered accurately which put us both on edge, whilst others simply went ignored/unanswered.

After a while I was getting bored so I got up to grab some beer and the chatting which had been going on just abruptly stopped. Alex, who is quite a hard man, he's the sort of guy that would stand up to someone twice his size simply because he's too proud and stubborn to run away, got up from the board and walked out into the hall. When I asked what had happened Rhys said the board had spelled out 'D-E-A-T-H'. Later we discovered Alex's cousin who had cancer had died earlier in the day, he hadn't told any of us because he didn't want to bring down the mood/talk about it.

Obviously at the time I was skeptical about this and so sat back down to see what else would happen, the board then went to 'K-I-L-L' at which point I told them it was time to stop. It's probably important that I now point out we, Alex and I were using our cells as torches instead of having candles. I point this out because as I told Rhys to pack up, our phones lost all of their battery and shut off. Leaving us in total darkness. At this point Cal was freaking out - he has a phobia of total darkness and I could hear him breathing heavily off to one side but I couldn't get the lamp to work. Maybe I was panicking because he was panicking and therefore struggling to make the light work, I don't know.

Alex came back with candles but wouldn't go near the board, I could see the stains from tears on his face which was pretty freaky as he isn't the kind of person to cry; because we now had light again we let Rhys and the others carry on. I don't recall if anything more was said, but they moved the planchette to goodbye shortly after all of this happened at which point the phones returned to life and we considered the ordeal to be over. Unfortunately it didn't end there.

We had agreed to all stay at my dad's for the week we would be in Canada so we crashed in the living room, the girls were too freaked out to go home so they stayed as well. The living room is the largest room in the house and nobody wanted to sleep alone, so it made sense for us to all stay there. It was probably close to 1am when I finally got to sleep, I was woken by the sound of screaming.

Instinctively I hit the light so that I could see what was happening, Scott was sitting up screaming about some girl sitting on his chest and choking him. It took close to half an hour maybe to calm him down enough to make sense out of what he was shouting, at which point we got a good look at his neck and the skin was red raw, like he'd been choked with a rope or chain. I wish I had taken a photo of it, but at the time we were too freaked out and too exhausted to think about something like that.

In the end I called a cab to take him, Rhys and Alex to a motel - they had both volunteered to go with him. After Scott left nothing weird happened, and nothing weird has ever happened directly to me.

I don't know if he was suffering from some sort of sleep paralysis, or what but it's definitely one of the more frightening experiences I've had in my life; and though we had done Ouija boards prior to this (and did some for a short time after) and received nothing close to this level of malevolence I'm not intent on partaking in the future.

On a side note, nothing weird happens in my dad's house as a result of this, however Rhys and Scott who share an apartment hear noises and find their locked doors open when they return to the house. I've never seen anything weird when I'm at theirs but I believe them to be reliable, and don't think they'd (hope they wouldn't) lie about something like that.

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notjustme (19 stories) (850 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-16)
Lady-glow took the questions right out of my head, does seem to make sense to turn on the lights instead of lighting candles.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2840 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-16)
Do you mean Alex knew where to find the candles even when that was the first time he was at your father's place? 😕
Did he turn the lights on or did he walk in the dark through the house?
Why to go for candles instead of turning the lights on?
Was it your dad's OB or one of your friends brought it in his luggage all the way across the Atlantic Ocean?

It wasn't a good idea to 'play' the OB at your father's place, I'm glad nothing negative stayed in his house after your friends 'played' with the board.

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