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I had never had anything paranormal happen to me before but I've always held an interest in things like ghosts. I never would have guessed my cat would be the first paranormal experience in a long line of strange and odd things that would happen over the course of three years. It was June and I just turned thirteen my birthday hadn't been anything special because my family was in the middle of moving. I was disappointed with my birthday so I went outside to walk around and just forget the whole day. It was late the sun was setting so I didn't leave the yard. After a while my brother ran outside saying mom wanted me to come inside.

As I walked back to the house I noticed the door that leads outside but also to the basement had been left wide open. This wouldn't have been a problem except our cat had gotten out because of this. Our cat was a gray tabby cat; she was fat and had been kept inside her whole life to keep her safe from the neighborhood dogs and the busy road next to our house. I went inside to check for her and she wasn't anywhere to be found. There was no place for her to hide because the house was empty the only reason my family was still there was because my mom wanted to clean it before we left.

A few days after this we still had not found her. Yet we could hear her, my dad and I both could hear quite clearly a cat meowing. At first I thought it was just my imagination but then my dad asked if I had heard meowing. The meowing was strange because it sounded like it came from the air itself. My dad checked the basement walls thinking she may have gotten in them somehow; only she had never in all the years we've had her get in or even try to get in the walls. You could even hear her outside but you could never really tell where it was coming from.

A week later on the last day my family was in that house my mom and I were cleaning the kitchen. I was sweeping by the basement door not really thinking about anything when all of a sudden I hear a deafening "MEOW!" in my right ear. I screamed because it surprised me and I suddenly felt like she was waiting to be let inside and she knew we were leaving. My mom asked what was wrong and I asked if she had heard that she didn't hear a thing! The last thing I did before we left was open the basement door and hold it for a few seconds hoping she would come in. She must have because no one has heard meowing since then. On the way to our new home my mom told me she had seen a dead cat on the road that looked like her. I never once felt scared or in danger even though I knew it was a ghost this cat had been loving and I knew she would never hurt me. Yet that wouldn't be the last time I'd have encounters with something I couldn't explain.

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eden319 (3 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-17)
I'm so sorry about your cat. But I'm glad she got to say good-bye to you. I grew up in an old plantation house - not the grand kind like Tara, just a plain two story house. But it was full of activity. Every animal that died there hung around after. My bedroom door didn't close all the way, and I would see it open a little then a minute later feel something land on my bed. Then there would be a round depression on the covers as if a cat was curled up there. It never scared me; it was actually kind of comforting. I don't know about animal souls; maybe they have the same choices human souls do.

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