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Great Grandma Disapproves


I had a familial spirit encounter at the home of my maternal grandmother. This woman behaves like a spoiled teenager, though she has all her faculties. It's not like a mental infirmity that makes her unable to tend herself, she's fully capable, but her personality is the spoiled teen.

I've never had a good relationship to her, but I've been told my great grandmother had a connection to me. She passed when I was only a few months old, but she held me often, made me gifts at great effort on her part, and stories about her have always fascinated me. She was nothing like her daughter. My great grandmother was sharp, sassy, and swore like a sailor. She was also a bit of a kleptomaniac, from what I've heard. She raised 5 children, and my grandmother is the oldest child.

Well, when visiting my grandma, she got to talking in an unkind and selfish way about my grandpa... And he was sitting right there. This happens often and it makes it very hard to be there. This was my first visit in a long time and I found her behavior particularly uncomfortable. I tried to focus on something else and found the very bold presence of a woman who presented as if in her early 70's. She felt to me as if she was looking around and what she saw both bewildered and displeased her. Grandma is a devotee of decorative clutter, ex. Ceramic lambs, fake flowers, and obscure prints with not a bare spot on the walls. The presence disliked it, or more correctly couldn't make sense of it. It's strange to feel a spirit "roll its eyes", knowing they likely haven't had eyes to roll in some time, but the emotion is plenty there and it was hard not to smile. It was shortly after that when I felt a kind of brief but strong resonance and it was like I "just knew" this was my great grandmother.

I'd only seen pictures of her, but the pictures of her late life were not like who was manifesting. She felt tall and erect, with a very expressive kind of face (though I could only "see" through feeling... Very hard to explain). While my grandmother went on, alternately complaining and cutting off my grandfather's comments, I felt great grandma's displeasure. No, it was far more like annoyance. Some words to this would be, "Does she know how ridiculous she's acting?", "She's always been like this.", "I wouldn't live with her, it's a wonder how he does!" and so on. It blended all up into the presence with little ripples of each of these sentiments.

Great grandma's presence made this and a couple of subsequent visits to my grandmother more bearable for me, until I was strong enough to resist grandma's negativity better.

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allisonbeckert23 (guest)
8 years ago (2014-07-13)
Miracles51031 - you probably would! I've since learned more about her as she had been in life and I've loved it! Characters like her are a pleasure to come by.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-07-12)
Guess I should have proofed that LOL. It should have said "I also receive messages through emotions and actions as well as words". Sorry about that.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-07-12)
allisonbeckert - I liked this story very much. I also receive messages through emotions or actions rather than words.

I think I would enjoy meeting your great-grandma 😊 😉
Revajane (1 stories) (71 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-10)
This story goes to show that there is still family around watching.
mimerkki (guest)
8 years ago (2014-07-04)

Good to hear, that you were able to stay calm and resist the negativity. Sometimes I feel it is very difficult, especially when I am tired my self.

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