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Laboured Breathing In The Night


I'm hoping in posting this I can get some help. I'm real scared even though nothing bad has really happened yet. You see, for the last 3 years I've been hearing a strange breathing noise. The only way I can describe it is almost like someone on a ventilator.

I don't remember exactly when it started. What I do remember is going to bed one night and being just in that state of being asleep yet slightly awake and being scared by sudden breathing. I tried my best to ignore it and eventually went back to sleep. This happened every night for 3 weeks. I was getting really fed up with it and decided to figure out what was causing it, being that my cousin was in the room next to me and the wall was paper thin I took it to be her. So I waited one night and when I heard the breathing again I went into her room. Sure enough that is where the sound seemed to be coming from. I left it at that and forgot about it.

For a while the sound seemed to stop. After about a month the sound came back, only problem was the night it came back my cousin was at her stepmother's. I then thought well maybe it's my nan as she had very labored breathing, so I went and checked on her and thought yep it's her. I had also ruled out my grandfather as I heard it when he was off fishing. It then stopped again for 2 weeks before returning on a night where my nan wasn't in bed yet because she was watching football. Needless to say at this point I was scared. It started happening every night again and no one in my house was making the noise. I remember my nan saying my great grandmother who had lived in the house was on a ventilator and she had died in the backroom so I thought maybe its her. I left it at that and thought nothing more of the noise though it really did scare me when I would hear it.

One night I was woken by the breathing and decided to go to the toilet. It was then I noticed the breathing was coming from just out side the window it was always just outside. 6 months ago I moved out of my Nan's and into my uncle's (I'm running a youtube channel and his house is in a quieter location) for the first few weeks things were peaceful. About 5 weeks after I moved in the breathing returned. I got up and closed my window to block it out and never opened the window again. Recently the breathing has come inside the window it's still closed but the breathing is there it's really starting to scare me to the point where I stay up until 3 am when I know the breathing is gone or hope it is. I don't know what it is or why it's here but I want it gone. I've been thinking over it and I think around the time it started I may have brought 3 porcelain dolls into the house although I can't be sure. I've been thinking of moving them out of the house 1 by 1 to see if its one of them but the breathing happens at random times I don't think I would be able to tell when its gone.

Has anyone else experienced this or able to help me with it.

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terranigma (9 stories) (69 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-26)
I had a similar experience when I was 12 & I've written a story on this site.

The breathing I heard came from the closet & slowly up to my ear & sounded pretty low to the ground. The sound was like someone on a respirator with end stage lung cancer. I've only heard it that once but I will never forget that sound.

Also I was thinking do you have any possums near you? Well I was thinking it could also be a possum because I am from australia as well & some possums make a similar noise at night. Although they don't fill you with terror just startle you
Lani12 (2 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2014-08-05)
So maybe you should not wait until it starts, do it about 10-15 minutes before it usually starts up.
Bump (4 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-19)
Okay so last night I heard the breathing. I tried talking to it and started up my recorder but the moment I did it stopped so I turned of the recorder and it started again. Every time I've tried to record it, it stops.

Also it's not the dolls they are currently at my grandmothers. 😕
Lani12 (2 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-10)
I can completely relate, because when I was living in Va I heard breathing sounds all the time and I would sneak by my sister who was sleeping in the same room and it wasn't her and I was scared to death. I told her and my dad both and they didn't believe me at all. They thought I was making it up. I think you should try the doll thing to see if it helps, and if it doesn't you should try and get some advice from local paranormal sites or maybe have someone come to your house and investigate. If it is a ghost, sometimes they can attach to people and go where they go, its happened very many times. I wish you the best.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-09)

Thanks for the reply. Did you simply let the recorder run or did you ask specific questions before departing the room?

If you did not...and/or by doing it more than once you may find you capture something.

Thanks for the reply.


Bump (4 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-09)
Great Gran had bowel cancer that spread to her lungs, stomach and throat. I have actually already tried the audio recorder thing. I have set it up to record all night while I was away and turned up nothing.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-09)
Before the question is asked... Yes the residual May... Just may... Be connected to a recent purchase... Like the 3 dolls... Sense it seems to have followed you I STRONGLY recommend the digital recorder... It may be... Hold the phone just had a thought...

Do you know why Great Gran was on a ventilator? Could she be trying to warn you about something?

With Respect a second time...

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-09)

You may have answered your own question and addressed your own 'fears'...In your comment you say its like a record player repeating itself... Sounds very much like a residual haunting. A moment in time 'imprinted' onto the enviroment that plays back when conditions are 'just right'. This could mean a certian emotional level/type within the home OR maybe weather conditions... Or purhaps it happens more than you think and you have just noticed it at odd times.

Best bet... Digital Audio Recorder... Turn it on... Start recording... Ask a couple of questions then leave it on and depart for a couple of hours. When you get back listen to anything you may have 'captured' on the recorder.

Thanks for sharing, please keep us posted.


Bump (4 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-09)
I have tried talking to it and I don't really want to bring an Ouija board into the house as I've bad experiences with them in the past. It doesn't seem to be intelligent just more like a record player repeating it's self.
Investigator_Girl (8 posts)
7 years ago (2014-07-08)
Well you definitely should try the doll thing. I do think it was your great grandmother and you should try to find out why the spirit is there and try to help it move on and you won't be bothered anymore.

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