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Some years ago I purchased a nice wee 2 bedroom house in Rotorua for myself to live in and all was well for a few years then suddenly some strange things started to happen. It started one night some hours after I had gone to bed. My bedroom was at the other end of the house to the lounge and about 2 am I was woken by the sounds of people talking and different colored lights shining at my door.

The bathroom door was opposite my bedroom and I thought that the neighbors were having a party so would just get up and close the door, but when I looked across at the bathroom I found that the talking and lights were not coming from there but from the lounge down the hall. I walked down the hall to the lounge and as I did the talking got less as I walked. When I got into the lounge I found my TV was turned on. I said, "What the F...!" I turned on the light and looked at the TV on and looked at my dog who slept in the lounge at that time who was sitting at the opposite end of the lounge to the TV.

My TV was an old small one at the time and when you turn it on it comes on at a low level, and when you turn it up then turn it off it will come back on at low level again. The really strange thing is that there is no way the TV can be heard from my bedroom once turned on, yet its volume was up and turning down as I went to the lounge. Also the colored lights from it I could see at my door and where the TV was in the lounge was away round the corner from the hall. My dog can't use a TV remote so this was the first strange event and have to say that after that from that night on the dog slept in my room.

I can't remember in what order the next things happened, just that they happened.

I had said to some friends of mine that they could borrow my trailer, just to go get it. Well later that night I called them from work to see if they had picked it up and they said "yes" and that they thought I was home because my bedroom light was on. I said, "No am at work." When I got home that night the light was off. I called my friends to say light was off when I got home and they both said it was on when they were there!

I once came home to find the sliding door onto the deck from my bedroom slightly open, I always check that the house is totally locked up before I go out and also have a security alarm inside.

No one had been in because the alarm would have been set off and dog was outside.

One afternoon I had gone to sit on my bed to call my partner for a chat and had taken a glass of water with me. During our chat I was talking then said, "What the hell," and wiped the side of my face with my hand to find it had just been splashed with a wee bit of water, like it had been flicked in my face. I looked at the roof first to see if it was leaking, it wasn't even raining! I looked at the glass of water and well it was just sitting there but I got splashed with water.

Another time I had my boys there and at the time they were quite young. It was a Saturday afternoon if I remember, a hot clear still day, no wind. They were both in the lounge and I said, "We're going out so go to the toilet now before we go." I finished sorting a couple of things and went about the house locking up and as I got to the toilet door to go in and close the window, the door that was only about 6 inches open closed in my face. It didn't just get blown closed, it closed slowly. It closed until it got to the part where you have to push the door harder to close it correctly, well it paused for a second then shut tight. I thought, "Oh man now you go to the toilet." So I knocked on the door and said, "close the window when you come out," and walked into the lounge to find both my boys sitting on the floor playing.

Well I just stopped and looked at them, then went back to the toilet and pushed the door open slowly. I looked behind the door and found nothing. I even pulled the door to again and tested it for any wind that might be coming from the window but not even a slight breeze, there was no wind about outside that day that could have closed it the way it did.

On another occasion when my boys were both in the house they were playing on the floor and I was sitting side on to them on my computer, both boys were away from each other when the youngest who was about 3 feet away from the table started to cry and was holding his back. When I asked what the matter was he said he was hit by the TV remote, as it was now down by his side and not in the middle of the table that was behind him where it was a minute ago. It was a low table and he had not knocked the table as I would have heard. The TV remote had not been sitting on the edge of the table because if it was it would have just fallen on the floor, if it had fallen off but it was thrown so to speak with force and hit him in the back and had left a mark. Although I never saw the remote being moved, from my angle I could see both the boys and most of the table and no one was near it.

I have a gate to my property and when I lived there you couldn't get in without my dog knowing someone was there and would always bark, whether she was inside or out. At one time I had an old Honda 400 bike locked in my carport outside my bedroom window. That night while I was asleep the bike was pulled away from the wall because the next morning that's how I found it. My dog had slept on the floor in my room that night and anyone getting on the property would have woken her as she is an alert German Shepherd Huntaway X and she never heard a thing. As I said it was a heavy bike and if someone was stealing it, why would they take the trouble of standing it back up on the center stand (which is not an easy thing to do on heavy bikes) in the pitch dark, after finding out they couldn't take it or would they just drop it and run?! I guess just another strange thing.

I had my daughter living with me for a while and I decided not to tell her about what has been happening in the house because if I did then maybe she would not want to come and live there and maybe she won't notice anything anyway. One evening she had gone to bed and I was in the lounge on my computer and the dog was on the floor, the curtains were drawn, when at about 11pm there came a rapping that sounded like a key being tapped quite loud on the sliding door outside. I jumped because all was quiet and the dog jumped up barking.

First thing I thought was it was her boyfriend coming round to see her and thinking, "it's a bit late at 11pm to be coming round." I had a security light that was on the deck and as soon as you walked in the gate it would come on and there is no way you can get to the deck without it being activated and it was working fine. I looked out of the curtains expecting to see someone standing at the door, instead there was no one, nothing the security light hadn't even come on. I only have a small section and the fencers are quite high. I then turned on the outside deck light and opened the sliding door, as soon as I walked onto the deck from inside the security light came on. The gate was still closed and no one was about, something tapped on the window, made the dog bark and never set off the outside security light.

That shook me abit!

I have an inside security alarm also and I have been called home on a couple of times because the alarm has been set off but each time there has been no forced entry and all was locked. I called the company that installed it and told them that this had happened and he asked me if I had a cat left inside and I said "no only have a dog and she is outside when I'm out." He told me it would have to be something quite large to set it off, not a bug walking over it or something like that. I made a comment saying with a laugh, "maybe it was a ghost!"

Well I thought he would have at this point laughed at me but he said that he wouldn't rule that out, so I asked him why was that?

He said that they had installed a security system in a shop and sometimes it would be set off but no one had broken in so the owners wanted it checked, but still it went off so they installed security cameras from the top of the stairs and down in the shop and what they picked up was an orb that started at the top of the stairs and went down into the shop, setting off the alarm system. He said he viewed the tape and found it somewhat interesting but they had to hand it into the insurance company as evidence, so I believe that's what the cause was.

I also told him about the TV being turned and could that have been done from another house nearby, he said, "No not at all, with these older TVs you have to be literally standing in front of them to make it work."

The last time when I got called home because the alarm went off again, my daughter was living with me and when I got home she was outside the gate. I asked her if she had set the alarm off and she said, "No," and she had just come home to find it going and she said she went around to the back door to go in but when she was passing the toilet window she said the light went. That's why she thought someone was in the house and left the property. When she said this I went straight to the back door and opened it, it was still locked so were all the other doors and windows and the toilet light was now off.

So again a light was turned on and off from inside the house.

A short time later one morning my daughter came into my room saying, "Dad we have a ghost!" I said, "why do you think that?"

She said that she had seen a Maori guy sitting on our deck a couple of times. She said she had thought that we had had a ghost in the place for a while because of a couple of things. I said, "well I wasn't going to tell you because I didn't want you to get scared or want you to leave," but she said she was ok with it and it didn't scare her.

She knew the people who lived across from us who knew the people who built the house as it was only about 20 years old and they said no one had died in the house so how we came to have our visitor we have no idea but it or he has moved on now, about a year before I moved out so all is good again.


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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-03)
Rotorua is a lovely place, I was there a few years ago on a trip when I was a teen. I stayed with a Maori family not far from the city for a few days, as well. Gorgeous area. Would love to leave the U.S. And live there permanently.

Very interesting story. That is quite a bit of activity. Thank you for sharing.

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