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My Friend Angel


All my life I have had experiences with the paranormal, though lately I've learnt more about it. I have accounts from different family members to back up my own; all in all it's just creepy.

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend named Angel. She was a little bit older than me and I don't remember much about her appearance, it\'s been twelve years. I used to play with her a lot, and she didn't like my older sister very much. Once, my sister called me a name, I can't recall what she said to me, but I had told her that Angel was going to hurt her for it. That night she woke up screaming with bright red scratches across her back, they looked like they came from claws or somebody's nails.

Also, a mirror in my house broke one day. My parents were yelling at my sister and me for fighting so much. We were in the living room on the main floor and both my cats were in the room with us. Suddenly, the two cats jumped up and started hissing, we heard a loud crash from upstairs a few seconds later. Upon investigation my parents discovered that the mirror in the bathroom we all shared had been smashed. Nothing else was out of place; there were no windows in the bathroom and no way in or out of the house side from the locked front door and the back door which was next to us.

That's not all that happened though. My older sister fully believed that Angel was a ghost. One day she borrowed my mom's video camera and walked into my bedroom without knocking. I was playing with My Little Ponys on my bed. I can be heard on the video saying "No, I want to be her (the Pony) " and when I come into view I look as if I am pulling the toy away from something. When the space across from me is in the frame it gets fussy and slightly distorted. A Pony is then thrown at my sister from the bed. She swears that I didn't throw it, but it is impossible to tell on the video. We moved when I was six and my parents put all the videos we had in a box. We never touched it again until two years ago, when we were re-packing to move again. We opened the box to figure out what was in there and ended up watching all of the videos, including that one. After being freaked out we tapped up the box.

My sister and I were talking about paranormal stuff the other day because of a separate incident. She reminded me of all this, it had slipped my mind due to things happening years ago. She tried to dig up the video; she had taken the box when she moved out for memories sake. She found the box and the packing tape we used to seal it hadn't been removed from the last time we looked at the videos two years before (we wrote all over the tape for fun, which is how we know it\'s the same stuff). When she opened it, the video was missing.

My cats avoided me whenever my "imaginary" friend was around. But when I didn't see her near me, they would come near me fine. They would stare and hiss at nothing almost daily. I didn't think much of it then but now it\'s terrifying.

Another thing to add, my next door neighbour was five, three years older than me, when she was kidnapped and murdered in our previous town. I don't know if that means anything or what.

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ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-15)
Hey she didn't seem to want to hurt you or anything right? And you haven't seen her since correct? She might of been that girl and you offered her friendship when she probably felt all alone. Which is awesome.
JustCraftyCJ (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-15)
😨 Oh my. I've had my fair share in imaginary friends, but nothing like this. Poor little girl...

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