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Let me just start off with these experiences. And I don't know what to make of this so any help, comment, explanation, anything will be much appreciated!

So I was watching TV at about 23. 30 hours and just laying down and relaxing. My grandma was asleep on the couch and I didn't want to disturb her so I reduced the volume so that it was just audible and I turned off the lights. I was immersed in the programme and it was about 15 minutes later that I felt a warm breeze like feeling over me, it came from the right side, which is and adjoining room. All the windows were shut except one and I shut them myself long before. This breeze enveloped me and it felt strange. Like it was not like an ordinary breeze or anything, it didn't feel like it. I didn't think much of it as I was still engrossed in the programme. After a couple of minutes, I saw a chair in the adjoining room which was just beside the doorway, slowly turn and move backwards. It turned slowly and it felt like forever! It turned by itself. No breeze, nothing. There was no one besides my grandma who was sleeping, in the house. This freaked me out and I was scared for some reason. It wasn't major but I was still scared. My grandma awoke after some time and I told her about it, she was genuinely worried. She sprinkled blessed water around the house and also on me.

But after that incident, I have always felt like there was something watching me, always in that room. I once saw something sitting in the corner of my bed while I was in bed. It looked very vague, I couldn't see its features or anything, but it looked like a distorted version of a human and it was severely thin- like it looked bony and malnourished and it had this sort of greyish black appearance. It just stared at me and I kept looking at it. Nothing happened and it disappeared. Also after that, some months later, I have felt an increase in this feeling of being watched. I couldn't see it but I could definitely feel it, even when others were in the room or house.

And in the past month or so I have repeatedly been seeing some shadow or sometimes an apparition like thing in my house, I only see it in this part and nowhere else. It just looks at me and its hands are by its side and it just stares. I mostly try to ignore it but it does give me cold chills nowadays, and when I look at it again and again, it's still there. It leaves after about 2-3 minutes. I must note however that I see this being or apparition only during the evenings or nights. And it has a greyish black appearance as well and just this sort of aura like thing and its very disturbing. It has not done anything but has merely been making appearances. So I don't think it means any harm but I would still like some answers, please. Also, when I look at some things, a jacket sleeve for example, it seems to be moving- twisting and turning and the like but when I turn away and look at it again, it looks untouched. Please tell me if I am losing my mind or if this is actually something that others experience.

The house is my grandparents' and was passed on from the previous generation. They lived here for like forever. Before it used to serve as quarters to British soldiers' families. Just in case it will help.

I hope someone can help me.

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deewanathodasa (3 posts)
6 years ago (2015-09-27)
No no your losing your mind these kinds of symptoms is because of paranormal presence in your surroundings or in your house. Are you feeling the same when you go outside from your home or this happen only in your house? If these things happens outside of your house also so that ghost is upto you and he wants you because spirits wants a pure body to live in it. So if you suffering from these things yet then you have to go to some priest for your security and protection otherwise it will harm you.
Take care
TanTan (3 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-09)
Niri- yeah that's something that I suspected too. I have this feeling like its there for some purpose. It may sound idiotic but that is possible right?:)

Terranigma- Thank you:) I don't feel fear or the like anymore and what do you mean by 'house smudging'?
TanTan (3 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-09)
Ifihadyoux - I was told that the area of my bedroom used to be the garden area before and it was changed by my family. It feels a bit weird, yeah but no worries I hope. I used to feel a bit uncomfortable but that must have been because it was the first time I saw it. But apart from that I don't feel threatened or even scared anymore. I have tried to communicate with it but there was no response.
terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-05)
Your not crazy. Those things are real. I used to see them but lately don't.

All I believe is if it gives you chills & fills you with dread it's bad & if not then not.

Maybe try house smudging & keep salt near your bedside table
Niri (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-04)
Well, if you felt warm at the beginning it couldn't be bad for you 😉 I would try to communicate. Not every 'shadowy figures' are dead ones. They're so many... ❤
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-04)
Forgive me if I missed something but has it interacted with you? I know you said it was on your bed but perhaps the room you're in is set up similar to theirs when they were alive? To me it sound residual, meaning they don't know they're dead and the leftover energy is reacting motions from when they were alive. Weird isn't it?
Do you feel threatened?

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