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I was just from reading some psychology quotes off twitter about diet and tricking your body and all that when I came across this site that explained how you can actually see your dreams. Like you can be awake and watch your dreams like a movie. They said when you get in bed, be completely still. Do not move a muscle and keep your eyes completely shut. But be sure to sleep on your back so you can see it less 'awkwardly'. You do this for thirty minutes and when you open your eyes you would be able to see your dreams. This is because most likely to fall asleep after thirty minutes. Of course, staying still would be difficult because your body will send you signals like yawning, tossing and turning, etc. You must completely ignore these signals and be STILL. At first I think this is a whole lot of bull. So turn my phone off, and get into bed at around midnight.

I toss and turn and yawn but still I am wide awake. Not falling asleep anytime soon, I start to play music off my phone. My headsets are super loud which annoys me a little so I turn the music off and just lay in bed staring at my PREGNANT sister who is fast asleep on the bed across the room.

I turned over and lay on my back and then started staring at the ceiling. Too much on my mind, I eventually start yawning and it's a 'I'm about to sleep' kind of yawn, when I feel an intense pressure on my chest. It doesn't hurt or anything but it feels like I'm cuddled by a six year old. This thing on my chest is breathing really heavy and it moves over to right under my neck were continues to breathe. I'm wide awake but fail to scream or yell for help and I'm completely paralysed. I can't push it off me or talk to it or anything. I'm just in so much shock. I can remember my eyes were wide in terror. And then eventually it got off me, moved in my bed a little then just disappeared.

I didn't fall asleep that night...

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MeltyCat (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-10)
It does indeed sound like a type of sleep paralysis. My partner has experienced it before and was bothered by it enough to tell me right away. It can be triggered by stress, perhaps you were focusing too much on the experiment and it triggered it?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2015-03-10)
justcelia - although I have no personal experience with sleep paralysis, to me this is what is seems like you were experiencing.

I have a question, though, because I don't know if this is supposed to have relevance to your experience. Why did you put PREGNANT in all caps? 😕

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