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Grandma? Or Worst


Hey guys, I'm Kyle.

I'm a Navajo and you must've heard strange tales about my land the Navajo Reservation. I can confirm from experience that the stories and sights are true.

My grandmother died 5 months of leukemia before I was born, I wonder how she would've been if she still were here.

At the time it was December 2013 I had moved from Shiprock down to my grandfathers trailer down in Tocito. It was a very big trailer with all my grandmothers belongings and pictures. My family are very traditional to our Navajo way and have "tools" that have been blessed upon by a medicine man.

My little brother and I slept on a fold out couch/ mattress, he slept on the right side which was closer to the bathroom and I slept on the other closest to my favorite part of the house, the kitchen.

My grandpa had a microwave stand which was placed at the entrance of the kitchen, this stand was from the 70's but he used it for other purposes.

Sometimes at night on the verge of falling asleep I would jerk awake and my eyes with out command would lock on that stand... It would take me 20 minutes to fall asleep. This happened for about a week or so until it got worst, one night I heard whispering something saying in a distorted voice "I know you're awake. Come here Yash (son in Navajo) " I froze and couldn't move for about 5 minutes until I got the courage to get up turn the light on my phone and do a little investigation. Nothing was out of place and no sign of movement.

2 days later my parents brought a medicine man in the house and without me telling him he asked me "yash. Who do you see over there when you wake up at night" he was pointing to the stand.

I laughed cause I have no right reaction to news like this but I told him the stories of what happened, he made a facial expression than had me confused like he knew what it was. He went outside to pray and when he came back in, he looked at me and said "don't fear it, it's your grandma" my mother started to cry but I was confused. Shouldn't my grandmas spirit be protecting me?

Why was she wanting me to go over there.

This summer of 2016 my grandfathers trailer has burned down, with all my grandmas belongings.

Nothing was saved.

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emmeedmonds (2 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-02)
im sorry about the loss of all of your gandmothers things... But when you said you would jerk awake in your sleep... I do the same but I feel like someone is watching me and I get an uneasy feeling for about 30 minutes and I fall back asleep... Anyone wonna help?/ by the way its good to see fellow Indian I am of mississippi tribes. And my betroth is of a northern tribe
Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-09)
I have no advise but I found your story interesting and imagine you were pretty shocked by your Grandmother! I'm really sorry your Grandfathers trailer burned down with all of your Grandma's belongings in it. I mean that is family history you lost! I'm sorry.
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-09)
Karma Point 4 BrokenTree!
It must be pretty hard to understand why your Grandmother would visit you and even seem a bit frightening. I can tell you families bonds are incredibly strong in life and after. I have hardly seen ANY ghosts but I did come across one or two and B0TH were grandparent/s from different families who were worrying about one of the young ones. They miss and long for the bond or lack-thereof that they had or could have had in life. The Grandmother told me "please please look out or my Granddaughter. She is in such a bad space!" She didn't say this next part but I felt it - "if only I was there and I could talk to her." And that is all that she longed to do - to be able to do what she would've done in life like sit down and talk to you over coffee or call you on the telephone.
BrokenTree (76 posts)
5 years ago (2017-02-09)
I must say hello to a fellow Indian. I am Seneca from New York. I have been through the Navajo and Hopi reservations several times and yes, I did stop to see the dinosaur tracks. I also had a long, wonderful talk with a code talker.
I am sorry you did not get to meet your grandmother in life. I don't know if she was your guardian because you can have more than one. After all the years after her death, she probably found a way to finally meet you. Your question of why did she want you to go over there could have many answers. Perhaps your grandfather or your parents put something in or around your sleeping area to prevent a spirit's approach. You should ask your grandfather or even the medicine man. The medicine man could probably tell you how many spirits are around you.

Your story seems to have been added into the middle of stories that were already commented on. Someone will find you and add their opinions. I wish you the best.

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