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The Italian Mirror Ghost


My grandparents used to live next door to me growing up, and as they got older they were soon incapable of taking care of themselves and unfortunately both of them ended up in a nursing home. My father began to rent their house out to different tenants at different times over a a couple of years to pay for their care.

Many people came through the doors of that house, and one of them was a middle aged man and his son who lived in the house for a year. They were friends with a woman who was, I have been told, 'well-travelled' and for this reason she had a large number of items from far off places in her own house that she had collected over the years. One day she had to move house herself, and so asked her friend (the then tenant of my grandparents' house) if she could use some of the attic space to store some of her items. Many of her items she either forgot to collect or didn't want anymore, and one of them was a beautiful oval-shaped mirror. When the paranormal activity began in the house, none of us put it down to the mirror, until very recently when the puzzle pieces finally seemed to come together. You will understand what I mean later.

My older sister Jen moved into the house after the previous tenants moved out, with my other sister - the middle child. My sisters lived together in the house for a while before my other sister - the middle child, let's just call her Lucy - bought a house with her boyfriend. So Jen was left living alone in the house.

After my grandmother passed away, my father decided to put the house on the market, which meant Jen would have to move out and find somewhere else to live. As soon as he put the house on the market, that's when the paranormal activity really started.

I did not know this before, but Jen only really found the confidence to tell me and the rest of the family that she had always heard what sounded like the laboured breathing of a middle aged man in her bedroom ever since she moved in. She said she hadn't told us anything because she thought we might think her crazy as it was just 'a small thing', but when she did finally tell us it was at a time when EVERYTHING 'textbook ghost haunting' was happening.

It is said that paranormal activity increases when a house is put on the market or furniture is moved around, both of which were happening. Since the house had been put on the market, the activity, which appeared to be concentrated primarily in her bedroom with some activity in the middle dining room, got out of control.

Not only did she hear laboured breathing, but sometimes she would hear heavy footsteps in the hallway, and at other times what sounded like movement of heavy objects in the spare room next door to her. She also saw a shadowy figure walking through her dining room out of the corner of her eye whilst she watched television alone, and in the same room she would often get the smell of tobacco smoke (nobody in our family smokes).

As the time came nearer for her to move out, she started to notice other things like cold spots, clicking in the air, and objects of hers being moved or found in highly unusual places. She was also woken up once by a man calling her name. One experience she related to me that I found particularly fascinating was when she woke up to find her bed covers moving to 'tuck her in' to bed, and once seeing glowing, bright, rippling light moving through the air in her bedroom. This was contrasted by the feeling of being pinched upon entering her bedroom during the day.

The last thing unusual that she ever experienced whilst living in that house was being woken up in the morning by a man's voice, saying clearly in Italian 'scopata'.

I told my sister that it may be wise to do some sage smudging in her house, but she believed that since she was moving house anyway, it was unimportant. She temporarily moved into our house, and since she has not been here long, we have stored most of her items in the hallway. One of them is the oval-shaped mirror, which she used to have hanging on the wall in her dining room.

One day quite recently, my father heard a loud crash and went out into the hallway to investigate. He found that some items had fallen on top of each other, which had caused more to fall in a domino effect and finally come crashing down onto the mirror and breaking the glass. After investigating, he found a piece of newspaper behind the glass. It was an article about a football match and the whole article was written in Italian.

Upon further inspection, we concluded that the mirror itself was made in Italy. My sister and I believe that an Italian male spirit got trapped within the mirror and it was then brought into her house. Most of my family would be highly skeptical, but we all agree that what has happened just seems too freaky to be coincidental.

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Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
Hmmm, I wonder IF he was ever seen in the mirror. I think the spirit caused the paranormal happenings to increase when someone was about to move out because he didn't want to be alone in the house, he did t want to be abandoned. So maybe he was mad that she was moving.
valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-03-17)
Ohhhh! What an un-nice word that man said! "Scopata" has two meanings, one is 'sweep' but the other - well... It's the F-bomb without a pronoun after it. With the activity she heard, I tend to feel he meant the latter. Thank goodness things did not escalate.
(On the other hand we all know folks who say that word almost every other sentence 😐 and it could have had no real value.)
Curious if the article your dad found was dated, and like Granny, if it was ever translated?
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-03-17)
emmaleeh: What a great way to welcome St. Patrick's Day here in the States, with a story from Ireland!

I'm curious to know if you've kept the clipping and if so, has anyone ever taken the time to have it translated?

Thank you for posting. 😊

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