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Strange Happenings At New Home


The condo we lived in was sold so in 2012 we moved into a really nice apartment located in the same city. While living there we had many strange happenings, many that couldn't be explained. Our first night was scary yet funny.

Their dad stayed in another city so we were by ourselves and quite nervous. Though we had two giant bedrooms, the girls and I went to sleep in the same room. Since I didn't have my bed yet, we arranged two twin mattresses to form a bedding big enough for all three of us. Our heads were resting next to a wall with a window.

During the night, after falling fully asleep, Sharon woke me up. She was terrified because she overheard some men talking about breaking in and doing who knows what. We were so scared but it didn't make any sense to me. Our apartment was on the second floor and with only one entrance that was secured with an iron screen door and when I went to look, everything looked fine. I don't remember why but I pressed my head to that wall with the window and that's when I realized that what she heard was actually our downstairs neighbor's TV blaring loudly and most likely flush to the outside wall we shared. He had a laugh!

The rest that happened was only strange.

My daughters never did sleep in the other bedroom. There was just something weird about that room. We'd hear noises coming from there when no one was inside. My husband's friend slept there once and he said he felt someone walking around him but he was too drunk to care. None of us had gone in there during the night. Who knows, it could've just been his imagination.

The noises were not just coming from this bedroom. In the living room, sounds kept coming from the wall behind our big flat TV. A wall that connected to the walk-in closet in my bedroom when no one was inside. They sound like scratches and little bangs. My husband said he heard noises all around at night, from there and the kitchen.

One time I stayed up all night embroidering by the dinning table. Our kitchen had two openings, one to where I was and the other the hallway that lead to the bathroom and bedrooms. Around after 3am, I began to hear noises coming from the kitchen (I left the light on) but I couldn't see anything that could make them. I remember there was even one loud bang that made me jump in fright. I didn't dare check it out. But everything always seemed to stop once it hit 5 in the morning.

My husband kept asking why we keep leaving the drawers and cabinets opened and I'd tell he was crazy. But one time we did get home to find them all open just like he said, including the silverware drawer that was always stuck. No had been home. Weird.

I had one occurrence where smelled cooking meat by my bed one night, and just like a feared, Sharon suffered a night terror followed by sleep paralysis.

We were watching TV in the living room one afternoon and I could have sworn I saw a flowing white skirt or cloth whom I had thought was Sharon but she's been laying in bed when I called out to her to confirm. Plus, she wasn't wearing anything in white. Her sister and her dad were next to me. So who or what was that? Sharon saw this lady in white some other time too. Sue told me she saw a 'ball of light.'

The worst that happened was to my husband. He was getting the sour cream from our refrigerator when he felt someone or something slap his hand, making drop the container. By the way, this 'slap' also happened last year in our home, now in another city (yes we move a lot). This time we heard the slap and no one was near him!

We don't know what was up with that apartment but just this year we went there to get a package that was delivered there by mistake and we learned that new tenants had barely moved in just recently. It makes me wonder if the constant change in tenants has anything to do with the strange happenings going on in there.

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augiegvc (3 stories) (10 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-10)
To Sam222:

My husband is quite sensitive to these phenomena and it looks like my daughter inherited this ability. I don't like taking her anywhere where there might be active hauntings for fear of a repeat episode.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-09)
Augiegvc, now that I've read this experience it seems that at least one of you guys is like a magnet to paranormal.
augiegvc (3 stories) (10 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-07)
To ashar123:

I think this apartment already had it's own paranormal activities and then we came and added the one from the ghost town. Regarding the lady in white, I was just talking about this with my youngest and she clarified that she saw the light orb come from where I saw the 'lady' and it floated over by us and behind the sofa we were using.

Good thing that the entity from calico seems to have lost it's interest on us because other than the second slap on my husbands hand, nothing else has happened in our current home.
ashar123 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-07)
Yes surely there is a connection. Now its a big mystery that who was with the white skirt in the apartment?

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