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Girl In A Mirror


We used to live in countryside, my father started to build a new house for us to live in there, as the original one was quite bad condition. Well, we lived in old one and the last owner had died in the biggest room. I then slept in the little bedroom. In the night I would see the doorknob being pushed down and the door would open and nothing was behind it.

My father died when I was 12 years old and house was left to be for time being until mom found new man in her life who took over the building it. We then moved in the new house and second porch was built after, windows from the old house was used in it.

I used to be awake long after midnight back then. I started to notice how it seemed that someone was sitting on our sofa and then there were the noises that didn't belong there. Footsteps, laughter, baby crying, something being dragged on the floor.

One night it was about 4 am and I was getting ready for bed. I went in bathroom to do my business, after I did and were washing my hands I looked into the mirror. Beside me was standing a little dark haired girl. She was dressed in simple white dress and she looked straight into my eyes and there was this little smile on her face. My heart started pounding like mad and I almost ran out of the bathroom. I saw her few times after that in about the same time 4 o'clock.

Electricity blackouts were almost every time that we had thunder or little harder winds. One of those times, it was getting dark and I hear the thunder and lights went out. I took the dog and went to go out. For a little while I saw the same little girl that I used to see in the bathroom mirror in our hallway and run out of the house.

Over the years the feel of the house got overpowering and I'm quite glad that we moved out in place that have no paranormal movements or not that I know of.

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ashar123 (guest)
7 years ago (2015-04-09)
I saw this scene of ghost girl in mirror in a horror show few days back. 😆 Just kidding. Your story is very freaky. It gave me chills. Thank God now you are not experiencing it now.

A nice story. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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