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Spirits Mimicking The Living


So, I'll give a little inside on the background of my home. The original home was built in 1917, the previous owner was a lady, she lived here I want to say around the late 1970s, she was in an abusive relationship and was separated from her husband. She began seeing another man. The husband got angry and shot her in the in head in the front yard, My father was just a teenager and he was there and witnessed it all, and came to her aid and held her in his arms as she passed. My father lived just around the block, few years later around 1990 he bought the home. The home had a huge front yard, so years later around 2007 my father added to the home, made a two story addition in front of the old home.

My older cousin lives in the old side, and me and my family live in new addition connected to the old house.

Fast forward to now, me and my boyfriend about two years ago we're watching TV in the down stairs living room, (which is attached to the old house). We both heard a female voice call out my name "Sarah" which sounded EXACTLY like my cousin Elissa's voice. I knew it wasn't my mom's voice for a fact, because it was not coming from upstairs where she was at. The voice was coming from the old side, sort of near the kitchen. Anyways we both looked at each other and I knew I were not crazy if we BOTH heard the same thing. My cousin hadn't came home yet so we were really freaked out.

Fast forward to today. I was gone all day on Easter with my parents and we arrived home around the same time my cousin and her son came home. Her son looks at me and he was shocked that I was with my family and was not home, because he for sure heard my voice calling out from upstairs, "Mom are you here?"

He was totally convinced I was upstairs the whole time today.

Mind you I never mentioned to him I heard voices before, and the last time that happened for 2 years ago.

Could it be a spirit mimicking mine, and my cousin's voice? I've read stories that are the same, I just want answers. Is this a strong possibility that it could be that lady who got shot in front of my house, trying to mimic our voices? I'm not scared she does not seem harmful. I'm just very curious on what this could be. The voices are clear as day.

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-17)
I agree with RebelRaider. This sounds very much like residual activity rather than an intelligent haunt. Harmless, but startling to hear. 😊
ashar123 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-12)
As you said you are not afraid and you surely need not to. It is the lady's spirit who died years ago. I think she had an immense desire to live a better life but destiny didn't favoured her and now when she has encountered living people like you it is just her desire to live which is forcing her to talk to you and your cousin. She only wants to interact and share her views as we all do.

Think of that situation when you are deprived of sharing your views with others. You cannot speak or talk. Its a horrible experience. This same choking feeling is undergone by the spirit.

Thanks for sharing. 😊 😊 😊
RebelRaider (4 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-11)
I'm a strong believer that certian kinds of wood, stones and metals can hold onto things like voices and such. For example hearing prayers in a old church when no one is there. Saying "Sarah" or "Mom, Are you home?" seems like it would be said a lot so it might just be that it's "burned into the walls like a CD" if you will.

Just my theory.

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