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I went to Summerlin on a business trip, stayed in room 5233 at jw Summerlin. After a dinner meeting I decided to go to bed, it was around 10:30, I know early for Vegas. I watched a little tv until around 11- 11:30. I decide to go to sleep so I turned the tv off and turned off all the lights. At 2:23 am I woke to a glow coming from the bathroom and I thought to myself nice they have night lights in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and the light on the swing mirror was lit now I did not turn it on and it was for sure off when I went to bed. I turn it off and went to sleep.

The next morning nothing unusual. I come back that evening and my buddy and I decided to drive home so I packed my bag and said to the room " its all yours" as I left the room and turned walking down the hall in my left ear as loud as can be I hear a whistle like whhhhhhhooooooo and a soft slap to my left ear oh man goose bumps. I got to my buddy room and told him the story and we went back to the spot to see if maybe there was a air cond vent that may have turned on as I walked by but no. So we go back to the room get our bags and leave I have a bag on wheels that you pull, in the hall I feel like the bag is being held back as I walk and I am dragging it down the hall my buddy even noticed it as well, as we approached the elevator the bag just released like nothing happened.

We get too the valet and my buddy has to tell them what happened and they say straight faced "what floor?" I told the fifth and they say they have herd of stuff on the sixth floor but not much on the fifth floor.

I also have written some other things that have happened to me on this site search ralph ceglia to see them I had to make a new user account because I forgot my old log in and don't use the email that was accosted with that account.

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