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Since I was young I would tell my parents stories about things such as "the ghost tickling me". I moved into my new house at age ten, a fairly new house built in the fifties, and ever since then I have had multiple experiences.

Nothing I experienced ages 10-14 was threatening, but always scared me because I would always be taken with surprise. My cats and dog would react with me.

At age 15 my younger sister, who doesn't believe in ghosts came upstairs to my room asking if I was playing a joke on her because she saw someone who looked my height stare at her as they walked across the dark room on the opposite side of the house and seemed to walk into the piano. She assumed it was me because she couldn't see them very clearly because of the dark but saw a distinct person. I assured her it wasn't me and I had been upstairs the whole time so we locked ourselves in my room thinking there was an intruder in our house while we were home alone. Called my dad until he came home and we never found signs of anyone being in the house.

Months later, I was in my living room waiting for my friend's surprise party to begin with two of my friends and my sister. No one else was home. We were watching TV and having a good time, and I saw something across the house move from the corner of my eye. I looked directly at the room and watched someone that seemed to be wearing a baggy, white, simple dress walk across my house, looking at me. My immediate thoughts were that someone was in my house, and we ran out and had my neighbor, who is a detective, check the house. No signs of anyone being in there. My sister and I agreed I had just witnessed the figure she saw dart across the room in the same place. I saw it again months later while studying for a French test, and I locked eyes with it for the moment it walked across that same room, and haven't seen it since. The last time I saw it was two years ago. (I've had more experiences in my home since, but those consist of a dark hooded figure that stands by my bed and will be posting that as a separate story.)

Two months ago, a friend of mine was sleeping over my house. I'd never told him about the 'ghosts' I've seen in my house but he explained to me the day after that he had been in the room where I explained it walks in and saw a woman in a white dress briskly walk across the room looking away from him (looking in the direction I have previously locked eyes with it). He explained that he didn't tell me as soon as it happened because I was in another room, he did not feel unsafe, and was too surprised by what he had seen to want to talk about it.

Since the week he saw it, another friend of mine came over and used her Tarot cards on me (I mention this because I question if even proper usage of Tarot can invite anything?). After that we were sitting in my living room when we began hearing something shuffle across the house followed by my cat running away from it and hissing then hiding behind the couch. My friend believes in ghosts and has experienced other things with me in my house before, so we both shook off my cat's spook until the shuffling happened again a few minutes later. I checked around the house and saw nothing, so we went upstairs to feel more at ease. There, we played music to drown out any more noises from downstairs until we heard a draw being slammed over and over in the kitchen followed by my cat darting upstairs and into my room to be with us. I have never seen my cat act so spooked. We ran downstairs and checked, but nothing was there and all the doors had been locked the whole night, no legitimate explanation for the experience we shared.

The next night was my last night at my house before going to back to college. Around eight I heard, from upstairs, the shuffling from the previous night followed by my dog running into that room and growling and barking. When I came downstairs, he stopped and so did the shuffling, and my dog walked up to me whining. At twelve, I was in my living room watching Friends and painting, comfortably spending my last night home before the end of winter break. I went upstairs to grab more paintbrushes and as I sat down on the couch all in the same moment- something tapped my shoulder three times as the TV turned off and a pen dropped across the room and my cat leaped off the couch and ran upstairs. Nobody was behind me.

Of all the experiences I've had, I've never had anything supernatural touch me as a way of getting my attention. Can someone please tell me if I should feel threatened by this? Also, I've seen many ghosts before, including my friend's dead grandfather while in his grandmother's room without ever seeing a picture or anything of him before. I want to know if I should try talking to the thing in my house the next time it makes itself known as it has been doing? Before I ask it to leave, I wonder if I can use this as a way to see if I can communicate with these presences?

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elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-13)
I am proud of you for being aware that it could be a stranger in your house and taking steps to protect yourself. Smart thinking. I agree with creating boundaries and rules.
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Hi SamCat,

Really enjoyed reading your story. 😊

Tarot cards are a method of divination, they don't bring or summon entities like ouija boards do. So no worries there.
They can be used to 'summon' but not when used in the straight up 'reading' method. (Some people ask that their spirit guides or passed loved ones be present through a tarot reading. But that's about as far as it goes.)
Theories about the tarot, and things like it, bringing bad luck is the stuff of urban legend.

Your pets are probably acting on instinct when they react that way. A dog is naturally protective, hence barking. A cat will naturally run from the unknown.
While it might mean there's a bad presence it also might not. I would assume they act this way because your pets don't often sense a pretense which suggests it's not often there. Or not often obvious to your pets. I would take that as a mark of politeness on the ghost's part.

Turning the TV off and tapping you on the shoulder sounds exactly like someone wanted to talk to you.
During a rerun of Friends, which you'd likely seen before. Whoever did this picked a good moment. Also while you were painting which likely puts you in a good mood.
With all this in context it sounds like whoever or whatever did this was well intended.

Whether or not you wish to take them up on their request is completely up to you.

BrokenTree is right on about setting boundaries. Very important if you decide communicating is something you wish to do.

As a side note about animals they are very good at picking up ghosts and other entities. Their initial fear isn't always a bad sign, it can sometimes simply be their fight or flight response.
That said if your animals start darting from one place to another and appear totally distressed this isn't good. But a cat running to you or another room for refuge and a dog barking protectively from time to time I wouldn't worry too much about.
ashar123 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
What you said in your story that you saw a dark hooded lady beside your bed. This resembles to my paranormal experience (story: The Dark Lady) where I interpreted it as a lady in burka. I am eager to read your story where you will share this particular experience.

BTB a nice story and very freaky. Thanks for sharing!
😊 😲 😲
BrokenTree (76 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-10)
I won't encourage them but you can talk to them to set up boundaries and rules. Something like no touching, stop scaring me, don't hurt the animals, etc. So far they sound harmless and some may be residual. You sound like you have been okay with it for years so why bother with them now? Good story and well written.

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