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She Was Seeking Help


This story took place 4 years ago, When I was first year high school in one of the exclusive school for girls somewhere in Quezon City, Philippines. I was a transferee back then. I had six great friends and they were really nice to me. We were a very happy girls with no worries at all.

The school was having a sports fest that time so we had no classes. It was about 8:30 (or 9:00) in the morning. I was with 3 of my friends: Angelique, Nica and Kim in the school's garden when this happened.

We were sitting under a huge tree in the garden near the convent. We were having so much much fun, telling jokes and laughing out loud. Then we went silent all of a sudden. In a blink of my eye, I saw a scene. A student about 15 years old was crying really hard, begging to someone to stop hurting her or something. Then I opened my eyes. I was so nervous. After about 10 seconds, I finally decided to close my eyes to see what was really happening to the girl I saw.

And this is what I saw:

It was about 5:30-6:00 in the evening and the sun was already setting. There was a 2nd year student who stayed late. The girl was tall for her age, she has a pale white complexion and a pointed nose. She's like a spanish-filipina.

She was about to go home when she passed by the garden. There was a Janitress cleaning and sweeping near the huge tree. The janitress was fat and short, she has curly black hair. She was wearing a yellow orange T-shirt with our school's initials at the back of the shirt.

The janitress approached the student. Then the next thing I saw was the girl was begging for the janitress to stop hurting her. The girl was crying so loud so the janitress took a large bark of a tree and started hitting her. Then the janitress started raping the student! (that was the moment I figured out that the janitress was a lesbian). When the janitress was already done, she was trying to hide her crime by burying the girl. I can't recognize the place but in the scene it was at the back of the school near the convent.

I opened my eyes. My friends were still silent. I got nervous even more. I want to tell my friends what I saw but I don't want ruin our happy moment, but I can't help myself. I finally told them what I saw. While I was narrating my friend suddenly interrupt. "I also saw that Ging, The janitress was wearing a yellow orange t-shirt with our school's initials at the back". I was shocked! Only the two of us saw what happened! Then Kim suggested that we could try playing the "spirit of the coin". We all agreed and started playing.

She said that her name is Emma Bwakasao. A 2nd year student. She died in the year 1983 and she was seeking for help. We apologized because the only way for us to help her is to pray for her soul, And then we simply ended the conversation.

Now that I'm already 17. I'm having a doubt if that really happened. Until I had a contact with Angelique. She said that one of our teachers, Sir Vince told their class that he saw a girl under the huge tree in the garden when he was heading to the convent. Sir Vince gave the exact description of the girl I saw 4 years ago, It means that we saw the exact same girl.

Well, Sir Vince can see not only spirits but demons as well.

After this experience. I begun to see people's deaths. I've also tried reading minds once which was an accident. I also started to see people whom I never knew before. I can see them in my mind what they were doing without having actually seeing them with my eyes. I've practiced this several times. People were amazed and can't believe that I have such ability. I'm sorry forgot what this ability called.

I hope you enjoy my story guys. Thank you for reading.

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KenMikaze (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-30)
[at] lovebugs
MIRIAM or St. Paul QC? Those are the only exclusive schools I know of that are strictly for girls...
luce (2 stories) (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-13)
that must've been one heck of an experience...
My friend's got a gift too... She said the only thing you could do when they ask for help is to pray for them:)
lovebugs (3 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-19)
no:) it's an exclusive school somewhere in Quezon city. I studied there when I was in first year high school and transferred to another school when I was in 2nd year. There's a lot (I mean A LOT) of ghosts in the said school, I had a friend who became popular because she was possessed by an evil spirit.
KenMikaze (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-02)
hhhmmm Maryknoll is known for its ghosts... And so is Sienna college. By the looks of it, my best guess is are you from Sienna?
lovebugs (3 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-10)
[at] darkness:
As far as I know, the girl can still be seen in the school's garden. I had nothing to do but to pray for her soul.: (

[at] 30stones:
Thank you for the information. It is really a big help. Uhm. Is there such ability as controlling the rain or something?
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-07)
Lovebugs: Could you have looked into this further, maybe found some justice for the girl or finding out who the Janitress was? I'm sure the Authorities would have at least looked into it perhaps? 😕 It seems you have a very special gift, if used correctly you could possibly do a lot of good things for people.

Thanks for sharing.

Jookie (3 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-07)
you are very gifted. Pray that your gift can only help, rather than hinder you life.

Be safe, be happy.
Jookie 😁
30stones (2 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-06)
The talents you described are called precognition (the ability to see people and events from far away and before they happen), and telepathy (the ability to read others thoughts.

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