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Spirit In My Closet


When I was about 7 or 8 years old I always felt like someone was watching me whenever I was in my room. One night when I was up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. I look over to my closet (which was in the corner of my room with the door open, it's also a walk-in closet by the way) and I see this white figure lean its body out like it was hiding behind my closet door. Then it put a finger to its mouth and went "shhhhh" and then leaned back into the door, out of sight.

I had never encountered a ghost or anything and had no idea what to do. I thought it was my brother trying to mess with me by putting a sheet over his head or something because it didn't have a face or anything it was just a white figure. So I walk over to the closet (which I never would have done if I knew it was a ghost. I can't believe I was that brave!) and I said "Mitch?" "Mom? Is that you?" and I turned on the light and looked all around, behind my clothes, behind my door, and nothing. I ran out of my room into my parents' room and told them about it. I was so scared and it wasn't a dream or anything.

I have never slept with my closet door open after that, and that was back in 2003. I tried reconnecting with the ghost when I was younger, but nothing. Also I never felt an evil presence or anything.

My sister also feels something within her closet, and her room is right next to mine and our closets are only separated by a wall. Also, my dad built this house so we were the first to live here. It was on this big empty field when we first built it in 2000, and this town used to be a mining town, if that means anything.

But then it gets weirder. I had lucid dreamed a few nights in a row, and one night I was sick and was kind of out of it when I went to go to bed. I started lucid dreaming in my dream but when I was trying to wake up back in my body I started astral projecting like I couldn't get back in my body, but I felt paralyzed. I felt my body lock up and my eyes roll back but I wasn't in my body yet. I saw my bedroom, but it wasn't my real room because normally I have a window next to my bed but a bookshelf was there instead, which is normally on the other side of my bed that I was seeing it on so I knew I wasn't actually back in my room yet and was still projecting. But my closet was still in the same place. And I felt like I was back in my body but was still paralyzed and I heard this voice echoing around me, it was a woman's voice chanting in a foreign tongue. And as I heard this I saw this white figured woman popping out of the top of my closet door, still chanting and reaching out to me. This time she had a face and human body, but I only saw her head and chest. It looked like she was wearing a veil over her hair and was wearing a long sleeved dress covering her skin. It felt like the same figure I had seen before though. She looked luminescent almost like she was glowing.

Then I snapped out of my paralyzed state, still staring at my closet door. And what was weird was my cat was sitting next to me staring at me like "Did you just see that?!" and I know this sounds odd but I had this strong urge that she knew what I just experienced, and she was just staring into my eyes. I was freaked out, but yet I still did not get a urge that the ghost/spirit was evil or here to harm me. And she was white so maybe she's my protector or something? I don't know but I've always felt a strong energy in my closet.

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brookethehook (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
her features seemed very angelic and even though it was a very frightening experience I couldn't control, I still did not feel like she meant harm, but again I could not be sure. I always sleep with my crystals for extra protection! I have been sick for quite a while and id rather wait until I'm well to make any contact or attempts to astral project, just in case. She was wearing a veil, but not covering her face, move like it was covering her hair like a nun but not quite as conservative. The best way I could describe the chanting, it felt like hen youre in line for a rollercoaster and theyre describing the rules and its very monotone and vague. At least after I woke up that's the first connection I made to it. I never saw her actually speaking, I just heard it. But thanks for your input!
Trischa_D (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
Hmmm...a veil, a white figure, and chanting in a foreign tongue... It sounds native American to me but maybe not. A foreign tongue could be anything- even witchcraft. Maybe you should listen to some other languages being spoken and see if you recognize the hymn. It's a good thing you didn't go to her when she beckoned for you to come. You never know who or WHAT this woman actually is. She could be anything- including evil. Astral projection can be dangerous with any spirit around, because when you're not in your body another spirit could potentially take over and possess you. Be careful and God Bless ❤
outofboxthinker (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
this sounds a lot like sleep paralyzes.
P.S. The description does sound like a wedding dress
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
Hi Brooke and bravo to you for not feeling threatened or scared by what happened!

Astral projection seems to get a whole lot easier when we're unwell, I agree. Sounds like she was wearing a wedding dress maybe.
Also agree she's some kind of guardian protector. Have you ever tried to make contact with her again? If not perhaps astral projection is the method which suits you if you this is something you wish to do. Be sure to protect yourself beforehand.

Goodness if only your cat could talk!

Can you remember anything about the chant? If you could describe it someone may be able to identify it. Which would go some way to figuring out who this woman is.

Great story, thanks for sharing.

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