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Nan's Come To Stay?


I have previously submitted 2 stories which both involved (ghostly) meetings with and messages from my sister who died. Well, now I think my Nan (paternal grandma) is also keeping an eye on me. I'll tell you what has happened and I would like to hear if you agree with me.

In October 2013 sadly my Grandad passed away. He had been living on his own in the house he shared with my Nan since my Dad was a baby. Sadly my Nan had already passed away (I think it was around 2002).

After my Grandad's funeral we had our whole family around at their house for the wake. It was at this time that my aunt (D) and uncle (A) (who had purchased the house from my Grandad prior to his death) offered us grandchildren anything we wanted that we could take as a keepsake of our Nan and Grandad. I chose to take home a baby doll that I used to play with when I was young. I believe this doll also used to belong to my Dad's sister (R) who has also passed away. I don't believe it could of been my Nan's doll as it was too modern (date approx. 1960s). Well anyway, I took home the baby doll, set it in pride of place in my bedroom so I could remember my Grandparents every time I saw it.

Everything seemed normal at first, but then I kept having dreams about my aunt (R) so I thought maybe the doll had brought her spirit along with it. As I have previously seen the ghost of my dead sister, I was afraid that I was going to see another family member ghost so I prayed out loud and then asked out loud that if it is a family member PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not let me see you. To date, I have not seen any more ghost relatives. BUT this is what has happened.

Incident 1 (May 2014) - I was busy on a Sunday doing the weekly housework and I forgot that I had left clothes in the tumble drier which was outside in the garage. So I run out to the garage (it was raining), grabbed the washing out and run back indoors with it. I walked into my bedroom to dump the washing on the bed but as I walked into my bedroom, I looked up at myself in the double full length mirror and I swear it was my Nan standing in the mirror looking at me smiling. I looked for a good few minutes and nothing changed, only when I left the room and came back in was it my own reflection again. I told my husband and my Dad of this and they both said that maybe I saw bits of my Nan in my own reflection (ie: family resemblance) but that is not what I saw. And when I have shown pictures of my Nan to others, no-one thinks I look anything like her (I am the spitting image of my Mum).

Anyway, I brushed this off as my mind playing tricks on me as everyone seemed to think. But to be on the safe side I carried out Rook's cleansing ritual.

Incident 2 (Jan 2015) - I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep approx 11PM when I saw a red dot (like a laser dot) floating around in my room. (Bear in mind I have blackout curtains and the only lights in my room were the small LED lights on my TV). This weirded me out so much I had to get up and put the light on before I could go back to sleep.

After this I became constantly aware of someone/thing watching me when I lay in bed of a night. Maybe this was my imagination running riot after thinking about previous incidents or maybe not. Either way I began talking out loud to any spirits watching to please stay hidden and not to hurt me. So far so good.

Incident 3 (March 2015) - I began hearing footsteps walking around in my hallway of an evening (different sounds to usual) and sounds of what sounded like someone breathing after climbing 100 steps (I live in a bungalow) whilst trying to sleep. (Note, me and my husband usually sleep in separate rooms due to his snoring noises but I know it wasn't him). I read through this website and found many people hear these sort of noises too, so maybe I was not imagining them?

Incident 4 (Last week May 6, 2015) - I have recently changed my bedcovers over to summer covers as winter covers get too hot lately. On a few nights (May 3/4/5th) I woke up in the night and had to put my dressing gown on and go back to bed because I was waking up totally frozen. I mean I felt freezing but the air was fine so probably just the temperature. Anyway on the night of the 6th May I didn't have to get up and put my dressing gown on as I didn't wake up in the night, BUT when I woke up my dressing gown (which is usually on the back of my bedroom door) was spread over the top of my covers like an extra blanket. I do not remember getting up to do this. My husband says he never did it. Straightaway I thought of my Nan, thinking she knew I kept getting cold and she put the gown over me so stop me waking up again.

I totally did Rook's cleansing ritual again the next day just to make sure nothing unwanted was around. I like to think it was my Nan, although I still don't want to see any more ghosts. I just hope I don't end up being a ghostly visitor to my niece if this runs in the family.

So all, what do you think? Is my mind playing tricks or have I had another visit?

Hope you like my story.

Sara xx

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MaybeADreamer (4 stories) (58 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
Hey Rook, thanks for your advice, and I must thank you for the cleansing ritual too, makes things feel a lot better after 😊. I will update if anything else occurs.

Tweed, thanks for your continued advice. I will try talking to her next time I feel she is around and let her know I know she is there and thank her.
PS: Thanks for liking my previous stories xx
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
Hi again Sara,

If this were happening to me I wouldn't be concerned about your Nan having any problems with crossing over. When you see her she looks peaceful and your experiences with her are positive, though seeing her must be very confronting for you at the same time.
This is just my gut feeling which has come from the details in your story concerning your Nan.

I have just re-read your story, as I was silly to come on here late last night and start reading things. (Never a good idea to reply whilst tired!) As a result I completely overlooked a few important details. Like the breathing you heard, my god I know that sound too!
Well, I don't want to blame everything on badness but my experiences with those kinds of breathing noises have eventually lead to escalated not niceness. Fear not, if you're cleansing regularly, you're sorted! I don't know exactly what the noises are and a part of me doesn't want to.

I feel it was your Nan who covered you with your dressing gown. Also feel that she is protecting you against whatever may be looking to give you trouble. Cleansing will help her to keep you safe too.

I haven't a clue what the red LED style light is. Perhaps some form of orb. I have exactly zero knowledge in this area and have never seen one. So I'm useless on that front.

Btw I checked to see your other stories and didn't realise it was you who had both the ladybird toes story and the Friday night story. I love both these stories! For some bizarre reason I thought they belonged to two different people, ha!

Oh yeah and it's totally cool if you don't want to physically see your loved ones. I'm sure if you tell them you like having them near and make it clear that seeing them is too uncomfortable, they will respect this. It may also be linked to your grief. For some people it is better not to see their loved ones. This is fine, there's no one rule or one size fits all. Everyone has their own comfort level. I'm sure your Nan simply wants you to know she's there.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)

This is not a FACT but I have found (my opinion here folks) that if we have had a dream about the Family member that has passed BEFORE visits begin it seems to indicate they have crossed over and then can return 'at will'...especially if we 'saw' or 'heard' from them just prior to them passing... A crisis apparition (sp?) if you will.

Just a theory, but something to think about. Thank you for sharing and please keep us updated.


MaybeADreamer (4 stories) (58 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)
JohnStar - Thank you for your kind words, I will have to check that movie out! I do believe that my nan is around watching over me.

Tweed- Also I again thank you for your kind words, I do not think it is a demon trying to trick me, I do actually think it is my Nan but I think I am more afraid of seeing something real, although I did see my sister ghost when I was younger I did not really have my sense of fear developed properly yet. As an adult I fear the unknown and if I actually see a ghost/sprit then I know they are truly real and I don't know if I could overcome the shock even if it is a family member. I like the thought of them being there to protect me and mine as long as I don't actually see them. The trick you mentioned about the mirror makes sense to me, I never thought about it that way, to bend the rules slightly so I see her without seeing her, very clever. Thank You xx

To all - a thought i've just had - If this really is my Nan, is she here to protect me or is she trapped with the doll? How would I know if its just a visit or if she needs help to cross? I like her around but not if its causing her spirit distress. Please advise if anyone knows how I can tell. Thanks 😕
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
Hi Sara,

I agree with JohnStar, your nan is there to help. I don't know that movie but I agree that fiction can help us sort out our own feelings. Including our feelings about ghosts. I would take Johns advice and take a gander at the film.

I'm a little sorry you feel so afraid by your family members visiting you.
Is this because you're afraid of it not being your family members, are you afraid of being tricked by something horrible? Or are you afraid of seeing your actual family members?

My personal take on what you saw in the mirror was that it was your grandmother. You had asked not to see any of them and she respected that, but bent the rules by projecting her own image onto your reflection. That's a pretty neat trick and it must have taken dedication to pull off. Which gets me to thinking your grandmother is trying to help you through your fears. She is probably rolling her eyes at you performing cleansing rituals (which is a good idea and keep it up) but she is probably rolling her eyes at the thought of her presence instigating such drastic action.

This is my personal take on something again.
It's regarding shape shifting, taking another form, mimicking a person. Mostly these things are blamed on 'demons' and involve a tale of woe.
I believe there is a such thing as shape shifting, taking another form etc. But let's think about this rationally.
If we really think about shape shifting, I mean really think about it for a second. To shape energy into an identical formation to resemble another person exactly. What a feat. It's possible, I believe, but not without a tremendous amount of effort and attention to detail. Let me repeat; attention to detail. Again; attention to detail.
Now if a demonic presence really wanted to take on the form of your loved ones in order to trick you what is their motive?
Lets be honest. There isn't any motive is there? It doesn't make any sense.

In a funny, odd sort of way our own egos get muddled up with our own fears and suddenly something innocent and loving, such as seeing our passed loved ones, turns into a demonic tale of woe.
So I ask you to ask yourself; what's happening in your life to make you feel so afraid?
Could you and your husband sleeping apart be affecting you more than you realise? I hate hearing that couples are sleeping apart and do hope it's very temporary.

I don't expect you to answer these questions, they're more for you to think about.

Take care, I hope this helps.

PS it's very late and waay past my bedtime, sorry if this post makes little sense. I saw your story here and was quick to reply. Wanted to get a calm and level headed word in before the superstitious members beat me to the punch with their outlandish demonic fear based opinions which I felt would scare you even more, unnecessarily.
Just break things down rationally, always helps me keep my fears in check.
JohnStar145 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
Hi MaybeADreamer

As for your latest story it really quite interesting.

First of all don't be afraid of ghost of your dead family relatives cause your Nan is actually looking over you and keeping you safe and even if you do rook's cleansing ritual many times your Nan's ghost will never go away cause she vowed that she will look over her son's children and even protect them from harm.

If you watch the movie called Paranorman which is a animated movie that resemble a boy that can see dead people creatures and even his own dead grandma try watching it you may gain an understanding if you watch that movie cause it almost resemble to your latest story.

Hope this help and the movie gives you a good point of view of why you Nan is still with you

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