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My Great-grandmother's House


So, this story is creepy, and horrific to me, since I've lived it. This is my personal experience with a demon in the house of my 95 year old great-grandmother. I will first give a little background knowledge about myself and my family.

I am a Christian, I believe in God and believe that my spiritual gift from Him is "discernment of spirits", as I have been sensitive to spirits my entire life. I have strange and unexplainable intuitions that are never incorrect. I can feel entities and tell you whether they are good or evil. I have battled and burdened with fear of the unknown for years, as I have had past experiences that will make your hair stand on end. So things of this nature are nothing new to me.

However, no matter how "used" to these types of things you may be, a nasty, evil spirit will always send fear into your entire being, when in contact with you. Honestly, leaning on God and knowing that He is my protector and deliverer is the only way that I have gotten through things of this nature, especially the "thing" in my great-grandmother's house.

So, this house was built in the 1950s by my great-grandmother and her husband. It is an old house, but not just an old plantation home or anything, as is typical in these types of stories. Generally, and from the outside looking in, the life of my family there has always been pleasant. Nothing majorly negative had happened there that I knew of, until later on in this story that is.

I knew that my great-grandfather had had a couple of affairs over the years and that during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s my grandparents used to throw big parties all of the time, including alcohol and who knows what kinds of shenanigans went along with that. I also knew that the father of my great-grandmother was what you might call an atheist.

From the stories that I had been told, he enjoyed mocking God, making everyone very uncomfortable of course. He was an artist, as were many people in my family in that line of people. This included my great-uncle, who is my great-grandmother's son. My great-uncle was obsessed with his grandfather (the one who mocked God constantly). He was so obsessed that he took on the views and beliefs of my atheist great-great grandfather as well.

Now, on to the creepy stuff and then I will discuss more about why all of that background knowledge is relevant. So, during the semesters that I go to college, I would stay the weekends with my great-grandmother. She couldn't be left alone anymore just in case she were to fall. I would stay from Friday night through Monday morning early. This makes three nights in that house every weekend. No, I had no life if you're wondering. College was my life. So in the beginning of staying with her, nothing was abnormal to me. I slept well there and we had our routine down. It was kind of a pleasant arrangement because we got to spend so much time together.

As time went on, I started to feel a little uneasy there at night. I couldn't really put my finger on why or what was causing this. Though, I had a very bad feeling about it in the bottom of my gut. I started to have evil dreams. I would dream often that my great-grandmother was possessed by a demon. I would dream that my little wiener dog, who always stayed with me there, was possessed as well. In a few dreams, my dog would actually speak horrible things to me. These dreams would always wake me up at 3am, on the dot. I would have a really hard time falling asleep afterward, obviously.

I kept pushing aside these dreams and fears, because I couldn't talk to anyone about them without them thinking I was silly. So, I continued to live with it, in fear and dread every weekend when I would have to stay with her.

Eventually, I couldn't sleep at all while I was there. I started taking Tylenol PM like it was candy. I built up such a tolerance to it that at one point I was taking 6 per night with a mixed drink and it was doing nothing for me. My anxiety was outrageous and completely unbearable. My fear grew and grew and grew.

As my fear grew, to my horror, I started noticing physical things happening. I would be walking through a room and the overhead lights would dim and get bright, and dim and get bright. I brushed this off thinking it was electrical, until it started happening in nearly every room that I would walk into. It could be an overhead light, a table lamp or a night light.

During the night, I would hear loud bumps and bangs in the other rooms. The TV would turn on in the middle of the night to a fuzzy channel with no explanation as to how. Lamps would come on in the middle of the night. My nightmares continued for when I would be able to actually sleep.

Now, instead of the nightmare waking me up, I would be awoken to something shaking my bed. I remember one night in particular this happening and I heard a voice in my head saying "say Jesus". I thought perhaps God was speaking to me and telling me to be brave, and so out loud, I said "Jesus!" in a shaky uncertain voice. When I did, something pushed down on my whole body into the bed. It was disgusting and terrifying. I can only describe the feeling as evil static. That moment broke me. I felt hopeless. I left my grandmother there alone, sleeping that night. I ran out to my car and drove around town all night until daylight. I went back to the house when it wasn't dark anymore, before my grandmother had woken up and laid down like I had been asleep all night.

I started to really change in demeanor. I was in such a state of constant fear that I became extremely withdrawn and depressed. I just knew that nobody would understand me. I could feel an evil static in the house that hated me. It hated God as well, because when I would pray or read the bible, it would shoot fear through me and let its presence be known to me. I was afraid to call out to God for making it angry and scaring me worse. I don't know how I lived with this for so long. I lived with this happening for two years. Things escalated and escalated until I had had enough.

The last two weeks that I stayed there were nonetheless the most horrific weeks of my life. The weekend before my last there, started out like most. I, of course, dreaded the stay. I had my little dog with me, who acted extremely weird and on edge this weekend for some reason. Of course, that freaked me out even more. I think I expected something to happen. I could just feel it in the air.

So I took my non-effective handful of Tylenol PM as we were getting ready for bed that night. I could feel myself getting sleepy and was thankful. I had read my bible and said my prayers and we all laid down. I fell asleep surprisingly fast. During my sleep, I had a dream that my dog was possessed and that she was trying to attack me. She was screaming hateful things to me, etcetera.

I, all of a sudden, woke up out of my sleep in a panic for no reason, I guess the dream had me shook up. I realized that it was 3am as usual and my dog was awake squeezed up right beside me. She was trembling like I had never, ever seen her do. I could feel the evil in the air as usual and my heart rate was starting to take off. I shifted in the bed and realized that I was soaked. The bed was soaked. My dog had peed all in the bed. Keep in mind that she NEVER goes inside the house. She had been house trained for 8 years at this time and if she needs out in the middle of the night, she will bark to wake me up. This startled me so very badly. I knew whatever was in this house, that had been harassing me, was now harassing my little dog.

Shaking all over, I got up and carried my dog into the other room to change clothes and leave the house once again. For some reason, I felt panicked this time, like I had lost it. In the midst of me shakily changing my nasty dog pee clothes, I hear something. It was coming from down the hall and from the room that we were sleeping in. I tried to think of other things because I knew that I didn't want to listen too close, because the noise was not from a human. I unavoidably heard the noise more clearly, because it got louder. It was whistling. It was the kind of whistling you hear, when someone is calling a dog. I knew at that moment that that evil, nasty spirit was calling my little dog back into that room. I was so shaken up and scared that I became physically ill. I took my dog and we left the house that night, again as usual.

Now, that should have been the last time I stayed in the house. I guess I was a glutton for punishment or crazy or something, because I decided to stay for one more weekend. This would have been the very last weekend that I stayed with my great-grandmother. Of course, it started out as usual. I dreaded it and couldn't wait to get it over with. I contemplated making up a lie, saying that I was sick or something and couldn't stay, but I didn't. Now, up until this point of all of my creepy experiences at this house, I had only felt and heard things. I had seen lights flicker and such but never had I seen an actual entity. Well, get ready.

So this evening felt negative and bad from the get-go but nothing abnormal for my stays there. I had a lot of homework to do that weekend, so I had it all laid out on the counter. Including my binder, which was shut. The rings in the middle of it are terribly hard to open, so much that I just never do it, and when I do, it hurts my fingers.

Well, I had been roaming around the house, cleaning and such and walked through the kitchen where all of my homework had been laying. I realized that my binder was not only open, but the rings in the middle of it were open too. I was a little bit puzzled because I KNEW that I had not done it. I knew my grandmother hadn't done it either, because she can't even open a bottle of Ensure with her weak little hands. Plus, if she gets up to go anywhere, I hear her and go and help her. So, this was a little bewildering, but I guess I wasn't surprised. I knew what had opened it and it made me a little angry for some reason. I guess I was starting to get tired of being messed with.

So as the evening went on, bedtime was nearing. I could feel the dread growing larger and larger. I spent my time praying and reading and preparing to get really sleepy so that hopefully I could sleep a whole night that night. I walked into the den, where my grandmother and little dog were, and as I was going to the couch to sit down, I saw a quick and unsettling movement out of the corner of my right eye. It wasn't humanlike, it was without form really but massive. I thought I was going crazy until in that same moment, my dog went nuts barking and growling at it, trying to attack it. This startled both me and my great-grandmother. I didn't tell her what I had saw, but I think she knew something bad was up. She has always known that, I can just tell by her actions and comments.

After this had happened, I was paralyzed with fear. I was in shock. I kept asking myself, "Did I really just see that?!" over and over again. I REALLY didn't want to go to bed that night. My heart wouldn't stop pounding and I knew that things were escalating and there was no telling what would happen next. I was mad though. I had a different attitude this weekend for some reason. I decided that I was going to go to bed like normal and that I was going to be okay. I got good and sleepy on my Tylenol PM and we all three laid down for bed, as usual. I fell asleep in a black room with a chip on my shoulder.

At the usual time, I was frantically awoken by my dog, barreling over me off of the bed, angrily barking. I stood straight up from my sleep and could feel the evil static in the house. I was mad and I was rebuking this thing in the name of Jesus! As I would get stronger and more forceful, the feeling would weigh down heavier on me, almost trying to suppress me or paralyze me. I could feel it's intentions. I was terrified still, but livid. In the other room, my little dog was still throwing a fit angrily barking. I was terrified to go into that room. She didn't sound alone. It was the most horrifying sound I have ever heard. It sounded like she was fighting with another dog. I was so terrified that I darted down the hall past that room, without looking in it of course, and flew outside to my car. My little dog darted behind me once she saw me go past the room. We left the house that night and came back at daylight, as usual.

That was the last time that I stayed the night in that house. I didn't tell anyone why, but I refused to stay there any longer at night. My grandmother has mentioned things happening there before over the years, along with other people. None of them have told any stories quite like mine though. Maybe it is just because they are afraid someone might think they are crazy, like me.

After doing some research, I think that there are two reasons that negative things happened to me there. I think that the first one is that I am sensitive to things of that nature and evil feeds on fear and belief. I think that the second reason is that my great-uncle (the one who was obsessed with his atheist grandfather) dabbled in voodoo and the occult in that house, trying to communicate with my great-grandmother's diseased father. I just gathered this information recently from finding a few items in the house (a shrine of my great-great grandfather's belongings, along with a voodoo doll and other occult items). These were in my great-uncle's old room in the bottom of a hutch. I just stumbled across them. As I walked by the hutch that day, something just told me to open it and look in it. When I found that box of disgusting items, it all made perfect sense. By dabbling in witchcraft, he invited something evil into that house.

That day, I took all of those belongings and occult items far, far away from the house and destroyed them. I also blessed the house in the name of Jesus with faith and force, from ceiling to floor and window to wall and door to door. I truly feel God's presence there now and like the air is clean and pure. I believe that whatever evil was there, is now banished and no longer allowed to enter.

This experience was traumatizing, yet has made me grow spiritually so much. I feel like, though I wouldn't want to, I could face anything now, because God is on my side. With faith in Him, we are able to conquer things like this. The evil world has no authority over the children of God. We just have to believe it in order to activate it. When I was staying with my grandmother and all of these evil things were happening to me, it was because my faith was so small and my fear was so large. Now, I know how to face my fears.

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chapulin1234 (guest)
6 years ago (2016-02-01)
Hello girl,

I didn't see your comment before but that is a horrible experience!, 😭, glad you are out of there, God bless you and your love ones.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-22)
Girl, thanks for sharing your story, I think this serves as a good reason why not to mess with witchcraft, voodoo, occult, evilness, etc. Things like what happened to you will occur, and it will have an effect on other people.

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