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Stalked At The Creek


I feel it's finally time I talk about this place, which still sometimes comes up in my nightmares. I joined this site with the intention of eventually talking about my experiences in this location and decided to start with the least scary of my ghost experiences and work my way in. So the stories I'm about to tell you are not nearly as pleasant as my previous tales and come from the most haunted place I've ever been to. I can't give an exact date when they took place, but going off of memories of what we were into at the time, the best time stamp I can give is somewhere between 2003-2005.

We used to have family friends who lived up in the Pennsylvania countryside. It wasn't quite in the middle of nowhere but it was rural enough that there were maybe only three other houses and most of the land was empty, unused farmland full of dead cornstalks and a semi-abandoned tree farm, plus a lot of empty, rotting barns, silos, and other ill-cared for structures. There was a prominent creek and a bike trail that ran through the area.

To this day I'm not sure what exactly was haunting that place, but whatever it was I believe it to have been incredibly malevolent as I never felt safe when I was alone there. I will say that aside from ghosts, I also believe in demons and strongly suspect there was something demonic and evil prowling around alongside the ghosts, a theory which was backed up by my mom and sister in recent years. There was strong evidence that suggested the land had once upon a time been occupied by a Native American tribe, so for all we knew, we were standing on an Indian burial ground.

Right now I'll begin with stories that took place in and around the creek. I am naturally drawn to creeks. I love looking for wild animals, especially frogs, and what's a better source for finding animals than running water? As a result it was unsurprising that I used to spend a large amount of time alone down by this creek.

There was a footbridge that ran over the water that was part of the bike trail, but it wasn't very often traveled since you had to go out of your way to get onto the trail. I think I was trying to catch a fishing spider at the time when I heard a splash as evidently someone had thrown a rock off the bridge into the water next to me. I assumed it had been my sister or her friend up there since they liked to bike on the trail, but when I looked up, the bridge was empty and I would have heard if they tried to run. I thought nothing of it and went back to what I was doing when another rock flew past my head close enough that I felt it graze my hair and landed in the water. I wasn't sure what might have been throwing things at me, but I somehow felt it was actively trying to hit me and decided now was the time to leave before it did.

Here is the truly scary part. I remember this scene vividly. I was walking back to the house along a dirt path that ran adjacent to the creek. There were weeds and wildflowers at the side of the path but nothing truly wild and concealing like a bush or overgrown grass. Probably the largest animal that could hide in there was a small rat. While I was walking back, minding my own business, I heard something growl at me, almost like a roar, and it scared me so badly that I took off running for the house, which was fortunately just down at the other end of the path.

Back at the house everyone tried to tell me that it was probably just a rabid raccoon, but I would have seen it if that were the case due to the aforementioned lack of hiding space. It also sounded more like it had come from a large dog, which I most definitely would have seen if that were the case. I often speculate on what it could have been and wonder if that was the closest I'd ever come in contact with the malevolent entity I believe roamed the area.

I never went to that creek alone again after that and refused to even go near it or that dirt trail, even with other people, at night.

On another eerie note, the next time we visited I was told by the owner's daughter that she and her brother had gone to the creek in the middle of the night with a video camera, as they often did in hopes of some amateur ghost hunting, and they saw an odd mist coming off the water and coming directly towards them, but it seemed to be actively taking a path towards them rather than flowing from the water naturally like mist tends to do. They got out the video and showed me. The footage showed them clearly talking about the mist and how eerie it was, but to everyone's surprise and disappointment there was no actual mist visible in the footage. I'm not sure if they made that story up to freak me out or not, but they seemed to be genuinely surprised that it didn't show up.

Those are all the stories I have regarding the creek. I'll be sure to compile some more stories from this place to share next time.

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Parabol (8 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-01)
Unfortunately, if I went back I'd probably be chased off the property with a shotgun. We aren't exactly on good terms with the property owners anymore. I'm also not sure I want to go back after some of the things I experienced there (more on that in future stories). The place still comes up in my nightmares from time to time.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-13)
Very interesting well written story. As Cheyenne suggested you should attempt to go back to the creek with a comrade with a camera, a video camera, and a recorder. Make sure you have fresh batteries or fully charged equipment and go at sunset. Ghosts don't wear watches but animals usually bed down for the night by then. Start off by talking to your friend and if you hear something wonder aloud what that was. Take pictures of the direction you heard the noise and video everything around you. Don't stay long but take video pictures and of course keep that recorder on the whole time. Wait until the next day to see if you picked anything up on any of the equipment with family around. If you don't pick anything up it's not necessarily proof nothing has ever been there but just not when you were. On the other hand if you DO pick something up research the area and ask the neighbors if they know anything about the area and if they have ever experienced anything. Remember if you are scared just think of the Lords Prayer or whatever prayer your religion has to make you feel better. Say it out loud if you experience anything and leave right away if you are uncomfortable.
cheyenne24 (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-12)
Intriguing. I myself would attempt to venture back with a commarade and a camera.

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