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Possible Contact With The Malevolent Entity


I have yet more stories that take place at my ex-friend's severely haunted property. Quick recap of backstory for those who haven't been keeping track: These stories take place in a more rural part of Pennsylvania where there is more open and unused farmland than there are houses and people. I believe that on this property exists both spirits of the deceased and a more malevolent, demonic entity that may have been actively trying to harm us.

My first story is actually a little secondhand. My sister passed many stories on to me after coming home from sleepovers that I didn't participate in. (The reason for my not being there as often was that I always felt like a third wheel because their daughter treated me like crap and often convinced my own sister to turn on me to the point where being there was often unpleasant for reasons other than ghosts, but that's neither here nor there anymore.)

It's of note that because of how rural this area was and the fact that everyone knew everyone to the point where no one locked their doors, we were pretty much allowed to wander the property free range without even having to tell anyone where we went, which means that despite being kids, we spent a lot of summers outside in the middle of the night, sometimes far from sight of the house, without adult supervision. In hindsight I can see that that might have been pretty stupid on everyone's part as well, but that's in the past.

Unlike me, my sister and her former best friend seemed to welcome supernatural happenings, whether positive or negative. I have no idea why, but it might have been because they thought even negative interactions were "cool" and they were both two and a half years younger than me (which is a huge difference in younger teenagers) and didn't realize exactly what they were coming into contact with.

Here is one such incident. We had a pop-up camper set up in their backyard because sleeping in someone's backyard was apparently my mother's idea of camping. Because they were both likely insane, my sister and her former friend decided to sleep out there in the camper by themselves. Because they already knew the area to be haunted by that point, they felt a little scared to be out there alone and so they brought the dog in to sleep with them for protection since she always seemed to be more in tune when something was amiss (see my previous story where she seemed to sense something in the summer kitchen).

It was the middle of the night and they were both starting to nod off when they heard something coming from under the camper. It sounded like something was running underneath, like something had gotten trapped beneath them and was scraping about right under them, trying to get out. The dog started growling and freaking out on them and they had a hard time keeping her under control. Now Eve was not an aggressive dog. She was a very friendly one in fact and got on with all manner of creatures large and small and didn't even seem to have any sort of prey drive towards smaller animals, so her acting that way at all was incredibly unusual. They didn't know what was setting her off, but she seemed largely interested in the spot directly beneath where they both were sleeping. Despite the sound of a barking, growling dog, the noises under the camper continued. I could be wrong, but I would think a wild animal would have fled or grown still if it heard the sound of an angry dog somewhere very close nearby.

My sister swears that the sound had a pattern to it that sounded like someone was under there intentionally scraping it with their hand and it continued for several minutes. Eventually the combination of the scraping and thumping directly beneath them and the dog freaking out started to scare them, so they grabbed the dog by the collar, smashed open the door, and sprinted inside without looking back to see if there was a skunk or a serial killer or a ghost or a demon or anything even under there.

Once they were safely inside and beginning to settle back down for bed in the bedroom, my sister decided to use the bathroom. On a whim she looked out the window, which had a perfect view of the camper. She swears to this day that she saw what looked like a bloodstained rag hanging down underneath the camper on the side that they had been sleeping on where they'd heard the noise. The next morning they checked on it, but the rag was gone. There was no sign that anything alive or dead had been there the previous night. The friend's father, who was notorious to us as a skeptic that would always try to debunk our claims despite a belief in the paranormal, told them that it was just rabbits running underneath the camper like that should have been the obvious explanation. The sides of the camper are elevated to the point where they'd have to be lagomorphs of unusual size to actually reach though, so that take didn't make sense to us.

My sister had many more stories that I may tell in the future (permission pending), but that one was the most prominent. We're not sure what was under there, but now that my sister, mother and I have pooled all our stories together, we think that it could have been the malevolent entity given that most of our experiences with it were in or close to that immediate area.

And now so this isn't all secondhand, I'll end this with one of my more disturbing moments sleeping over. My sister and her friend weren't the only ones to have freaky things happen in that old pop up. One night while we were attempting to sleep over, my sister's friend started a fight with me and my sister took her side and they both locked me out of her room with all my belongings inside. With no pillow or blanket and nowhere but the hall to sleep, I snuck outside and went to the pop up because my mom was sleeping in there and she let me stay with her that night.

It turned out to be a huge mistake. I had one of the worst nightmares I ever had in my life. I dreamt about a demonic entity that was stalking me on the footpath and trying to hurt or torture me. I still remember what it looked like. It was humanoid and taller than an average person and had a very corpsy and goat-like appearance, the stereotypical image of a demon, but since I only saw it in my nightmares I'm not sure if that's what the entity really looked like or if my mind influenced it since that's what I was taught all my life that demons look like. I woke up the next morning with a painful bruise on my arm like something had grabbed and squeezed me there, but I know for a fact that my mother would not have done that to me and I don't know how else it could have happened.

This nightmare was the turning point where I slowly started to believe that there was actually something demonic and evil there as I hadn't yet experienced the creek incident at the time. I had similar nightmares occasionally whenever I fell asleep in the pop up, so it was not an isolated incident. Usually if I slept outside in the pop up overnight I'd wake up to find a scratch or a bruise that I didn't have when I fell asleep. It got to the point where I'd rather sleep in the hall on the hardwood and be stepped on by everyone on their way to the bathroom then sleep outside again.

I never told anyone about my nightmares until years later when my mom told me she too hated sleeping out there because she'd had a similar nightmare about a demonic creature stalking her down the footpath. The main difference between her nightmares and mine was that while I was alone and helpless in mine with no one to protect me, she had my at the time baby sister with her and was trying to protect her from it. I think it was targeting our fears.

Now that I think of it, we had the pop up right next to the part of the footpath that ends as it approaches the house. Was the malevolent entity maybe confined to that footpath/creek area?

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