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Hmmmm where to begin. I am a Native American from Arizona and I am 20 years old. First, let me start with a little history.

In the late 1800s there were boarding schools/missions that were built for Native American children. Children were forced into these places where the government hoped to "Kill the Indian, save the man". At these places, Native American children experienced being beaten for speaking their native language, sexually assaulted, and even death. To this day there are still boarding schools/missions.

With all the traumatic things that have happened at these places you would understand that there would be a lot of negative energy here. At the age of 5 I was sent to a mission and it was here where I experienced a lot of my ghostly experiences.

On my first night I was paddled (spanked with a wooden board) and was left to stand in the hallway with my nose in the corner and it was that night I was experienced my first ghost encounter. As I'm standing there, I hear a humming noise coming from the restroom and kids laughing and after I had told the person in charge what I heard, they just sent me to bed and told me to pray.

The more time I spent here I learned that the school was built on top of a Native American cemetery. In the little boys dormitory there were little ghost children known to run down the halls and a tall dark figure that would walk around. On the older boys dormitory there was a ghost girl that would knock things down and a dark figure that would run and that would like to stand near the "exit" light.

On the older girls dormitory that was where a lot of demon possessions took place. One incident where the girls were pulling out their hair and jumping like frogs and cussing. Sounds funny but hearing these as a kid wasn't funny, and on the little girl's side, there was two little girls.

Overtime I got use to hearing/seeing these things. The night before my eighth grade promotion, a couple friends and I decided to stay up all night and tell stories. It was about 12 when the bathroom door opened on its own. My friend decided to go over and was talking to something that was in the restroom and came back and told us "It wants to talk to you guys." When those words came out from his mouth, the broom and mop fell and the dorm parents (people who watched over us in the dormitory) came out of their rooms and asked us what was going on. When we told them, they checked the restroom and the mop and broom were lying on the ground.

I had left when I had finished 8th grade and moved back home where the strange occurrences followed me. At night it sounds like something is knocking on my wall and scratching the bottom of my bed, my bed shakes in the middle of the night, and I see a shadow figure. This went on until I graduated high school and left for college where I moved and started a new life in a new town.

At the apartment I just moved into, I would notice things being moved and I had just gotten a kitten that would hiss and always be on edge like it was scared and sometimes I would notice the kitten staring in a direction and run over to that area and would start pouncing and running like it was playing with someone.

One night my grandparents stayed the night. At about 4 my grandma had gotten up to go to the bathroom and she noticed a black figure standing in the hallway in front of my door. I usually woke about 4:30 to go to work and when she called out to it, it disappeared.

My mom had lived in the town where I was going to college (I had lived with my grandparents from when I was an infant to when I graduated high school) and one day I washed my clothes at her house and and we were sitting in the living room when the dryer stopped and when I checked the dryer the door was open and some clothes were on the ground. After that incident my mom had her house blessed.

After a year of college I moved back with my grandparents, and at this time there were more things happening like my cousin seeing a black figure crawling out of my room from my door slamming shut. I thought I could ignore these until one night I had a dream about the end of the world and I was walking a path to heaven with my family when all of a sudden a flood came and washed us away. I managed to swim to the side of the path and found a door where I entered and it was dark and all that I could see was a "exit" light just like the one from the mission where I had went to school. And in that dark room a man told me to hide where I did and then I saw a dark figure that was hairy walking towards me. I remember not being able to tell or do anything and then I was slapped in the face and that's when I woke up with my face stinging.

I still have no idea what that dream meant or who slapped me. Sometimes I think it was God waking me up before the thing could get me or if it was the thing telling me that it could get inside my head and that it could touch me.

Days later I had a prayer done for me and since then I haven't had any experiences. I don't know if the ghosts at the missions were those kids who died there and the tall dark figures being the people who harmed the kids or what. But whatever it was I think it latched itself onto me.

This story is real and is my ghostly encounter. You may choose to believe it or don't. Sorry if the story seems all over the place, I am typing this out on my phone, if I try to scroll back to the top it'll just refresh the page and I'd have to restart haha. But any questions or comments you can email me. Thanks for reading!

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Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-20)
Hi, Spineroonie. Welcome to YGS! You've certainly had many paranormal experiences. How do you feel about that? How are such experiences looked upon in your nation's traditions and beliefs?
I knew about the schools and missions. (There were some in my home state, too.) But I was surprised to hear that they still operate in some places. Is there still compulsory residence? (I hope not.) That kind of misery and suffering would certainly leave traces in the atmosphere.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
Hi, Spineroonie... Welcome to YGS... Your story is quite an interesting from mission to home to dream... I enjoyed your story... It's really good that you are not experiencing any bad thing. I am not an expert but think that it could be the spirit of kids. Trust in god... Stay blessed.:) Thanks for sharing. 😁

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