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Glowing Yellow Hallow Eyes


I was reading your ghost stories here for quite some time and I have finally decided to share my own experience. Since English is not my primary language I don't know how this will turn out but I hope you will understand it, here it goes:

This event occurred to me when I was about 6 or 7 years old so I was pretty young and it happened in my grandparents apartment. First I need to tell you there was a war in my country in 1992 and it lasted until 1995. This is important because in that war

My uncle (my father's brother) died in the first couple of months while fighting for freedom and he lived in the apartment where I had my experience. Now to start with the story- I can't really remember why but that night I had to sleepover at my grandparents apartment which I will try to describe now.

It's on the second floor of the building and when you enter the hallway there are three doors, one in front which leads to kitchen, one to your left which leads to the room in which I had slept that night and one to the right which is the bathroom. When you enter the kitchen

And look to your left there is one more door passage that leads to small living room and that's where my grandparents were at that time, and the room in which I was supposed to sleep in was the main living room and also the biggest room of all which also had a door that led

To bedroom where my grandparents slept. Now these doors of the bedroom are located just besides the couch on which I was sleeping and I was always told to never go in there for some reason and the room was locked most of the time. This was my first sleepover at my grandparents and as I told you I can't remember why I had to stay there that night (I stayed there later too however I only saw this that first time). So I was going to sleep and I was tucked in bed by my grandma, the doors of the bedroom were closed at that time and my grandma has now turned of the light and closed

The other doors that lead to hallway. I was alone in the room and couldn't sleep for about ten or twenty minutes when I heard a door bell ring. It was my father and my mother who came and I know that because I saw them through the doors that lead to hallway I forgot to mention that all doors except those of the

Bedroom have glass on them through which you can see in the other room. So I was lying there for maybe three or four more minutes when I felt a hand touch on my left shoulder which was closer to the bedroom, naturally I thought it was my mother or my father coming here to wish me a good night and I turned around

Toward the hallway but those doors were still closed and no one has entered my room. That's when got the first chills however when I turned my head back again to the wall I realized that the bedroom doors have opened and I looked at something that looked like eyes, everything else that I could see through those

Doors was black pitch black because it was bedroom and there were curtains that blocked any entry of light from outside. So I was looking at these two yellow glowing circles and it was the strangest feeling I ever had. The eyes as I call them were indeed glowing in yellow colour but not fully only on the edges like they

Were hallow. I couldn't move for about a second or so but it felt like hours I got struck by cold sweat and fear and I covered my self up with sheet and just laid there waiting to pull my self together and to gather enough courage to look back in the room again. That took about 2 minutes and when I did look nothing was there

So I stood up and ran to turn the light on after which I immediately went to small living room to find my parents and grandparents watching tv I spent some time with them and have told them about what just happened to me, to ensure me everything was just fine they brought me back in the room and when we looked to the bedroom

The bedroom doors were closed and I have refused to stay there like that alone again then my father opened the bedroom door and turned on the light in there, there was nothing there and finally I had to stay there and sleep. After that night I had some seriously weird dreams in which a shadow would come knocking on my door

And would enter somehow through it would have come straight to me and literally steal me away from my parents while they were just sitting like paralyzed ignoring my request for help I had that same (exactly the same) dream a couple of times per year. Then we moved a couple of times but the dream would still come back.

We moved to a different apartment but it didn't help then we moved again and have lived in this new apartment for at least eight years. Now the main reason of why I am telling this story is because just maybe four years ago I had a very similar dream from which I woke up just to see the damn shadow in front of me standing

About half a meter away but this time it had no glowing eyes and I just looked at it for couple of seconds and it vanished like it was never there. I still remember it like it happened a couple of minutes ago and I have to tell you that my father gave me a name from my uncle and I was born in 1994 so I am twenty years old now.

The biggest deal about this is that I have looked everywhere on google in hope of finding that someone else has seen these same glowing eyes but nobody did and I couldn't find it anywhere. When I talked to my father recently about it he said to me that something was always weird with my grandparents apartment and he himself

Thought of it as being haunted, however he never really believed me about the incident that has happened to me there. And one more thing I forgot to tell to you I had slept there a couple of more times and I never sleepwalked in my life but there I did and guess where did I wake up, in that bedroom I wouldn't not know how I got there

Even when my grandparents were sleeping there I would wake up in between them on their bed not knowing how I got there because I had fallen a sleep in the other room. Guys any information about this shadow or the glowing eyes would be very helpful. Could have it followed me by some way and how can I get rid of it, could it be my fathers

Brother or is it something else because it always scared the hell out of me. I am sorry if this is unclear to you but I am a bit shaken up even know when thinking back at those events. Also I am sorry for so big post: (

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Donald_Trump (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-22)
Doors were pitch black? Yeah things are kind of blackish in the dark. The yellow eyes in the dark hmmm well two incandescent bulbs maybe the answer.
Black_Hawk071 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-02)
Tweed, thanks for response in such a quick time. No I have not searched the area for anything or do I know where to start. The only place I would check now is the nursery for which I have heard that it was haunted caus it burned up in the war and took many lives... However when I was little I was too scared to go there at day time and night was completly out of the question (at night things start to happen there, at least so I have heard) and now it was rebuilt so there is no way to go there...
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-02)
Black Hawk,

Thanks for the extra info. Your description of the eyes sounds like it wasn't a trick of the light. Have you ever checked your culture, or even your immediate area for any religious references or any folklore relating to what you saw, felt and experienced? There may be something in your culture which relates to what you experienced.
Black_Hawk071 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-30)
I also need to tell you the eyes were floating in the middle of the air not like a reflection on the wall they were very close to the door and to me for that matter. Also just recently my grandma (grandpa is dead for 5 years now) told me that some stuff dissapear and I witnessed it a couple of months ago on the sugar cup. There are two of them and grandma always puts them on the same spot both of them together, but that day when I came and searched for them caus I needed sugar one was gone. I told her imidietly so we started up the search and found it among the dishes where it would never be put by anyone as nobody except her and me even touches them... I don't know this comes up to my mind so late
But I guess I was more worried about that first event then this, and she is very old 76 to be precise so I thought that she could have maybe misplaced it and forget but now I look at it diferently... Again thank you all for reading this:)
Black_Hawk071 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-30)
Thank you all for reading it:D now I must answer to you too I am sure they were not headlights from any vehicle or anything because of the curtains and the blinds on the windows in the room and the eyes were on the side that has wall behind and they were definently the only thing glowing I mean if they were car's headlights I would have seen them from my room as they both face the same street with their windows. However that about the shadow I kind of like it relieves me that it's maybe just my brain finding his way out of the let down from parents. Thank you and I must tell you I have read some of those stories already but they are different these eyes were real circles that were glowing only on their edges their inner part was fully black just like the rest of the room was... How do I explain this, they were empty inside and I still find it disturbing about how did those doors open by them self and the touch feeling that made me turn that way: (
scar-remains (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-30)
i remember being young I had my bed facing the window the blinds were partly open that night I was looking outside suddenly these yellow eyes appear in front of my I thought no animal can be that big and a owl won't go near a house the eyes scared me for several years so the next day I went outside I looked under my windown the grass wasn't patted down or nothing... (this house was on a burial ground from a war I heard alotta strange stories haha my sub teacher anyways yes I know all about the yellow eyes... Beware be ver aware
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-30)
Hi Black Hawk and welcome.

It occurred to me that the yellow eyes you saw might have been reflection from, say car headlights. The fact that you already knew not to go into certain places in your Grandparents' home might have already put you on edge. So that seeing the yellow shapes became magnified by fear.

I understand your frustration with trying to find information online. The good news is you can search this site for stories. Scroll to the top of this page, you'll see a search window. Your searches in this window will be confined to this website only. So you can search for stories with any details you're interested in.
Also, as you're probably aware, at the bottom of every story there are links to suggested stories with similar titles. This is another way to find similar experiences to your own. I have read at least one story which featured yellow eyes on here.

As you've been reading for a while you're probably aware of Rook's method.

However I'm wondering if the dreams are simply your way of coping with feeling let down by your parents. You, being young and seeing yellow eyes, which is scary enough, then have your family not take it seriously. Well that would be both frustrating and frightening. So I'm wondering if your dreams were your way of processing these emotions. Also, as it was stressful for you in that home because of the eyes and no one listening, this may have lead to you sleep walking only in that home. Perhaps the shadow vanishing in recent dreams is this dream telling you that you have finally reached a turning point, you are dealing with it, the shadow is leaving. Unless I am mistaken and there's more to that dream. But, with the details you gave, that's how it sounded.

My conclusion here is that the eyes you saw, who ever they belonged to car or entity, probably were an isolated event. The dreams and everything which followed, your mind's way of dealing with feeling let down with how your parents handled the situation.

This is only based on the details you have provided. I may be mistaken. So don't worry about long stories. The more detail you include the better, as it helps us. We don't mind a long post at all around here. 😊
Bela_10 (3 stories) (51 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-30)
Hi, Black_Hawk071!

I've never experienced something like that so I cannot give you concrete answers. There are some stories similar to yours that you can find, just above this comment section.

Anyways, thank you for sharing this story and I hope someone can explain those events to you. I know there is. 😊

God bless.


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