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May 2013 I worked a 12 hour night shift 4 on 4 off at this time, it varied, at a high pace manufacturing company in Lacey WA. I usually slept on the couch in the living room, usually watch stock market or any paranormal channel to try and fall asleep. I always leave seat reclined at my head and have my camera right next to me. I take 2 pics when I wake up, with very little movement. I have my reasons.

I usually would sleep from 6.40 am until 10. 14 am. I had a fair amount of ghost activity when I lived in this home. Next to saltwater and an island and bridge in front of my house. This particular morning I am sleeping lightly and was awakened suddenly as I'm looking strait ahead into living room and TV, I'm still laying down and in my peripheral vision I see red on me, as I span my sight I see something brown stuck in my head ear area. As I scan down I see the most brilliant red shirt like a thin T shirt and I see the bluest of blue jeans and his butt is at my hip area and the yellow stitching on the back pockets was so bright and better than like new. I do not see lower legs. As I span back up motionless I realize a young man is laying on me in the opposite direction. HOLY SHITE! I have learned Don't move Don't blink. As I look strait up (my head is still on couch I watch him pull his head out of mine The top of his head was colored a darker red like 2 inches down the side then normal brown, looked like it was just styled colors were amazing very cool cut. Buuuuttttt as he pulled his head up out of mine his face less than 12 inches from my face HE HAS NO EYES. His face is pure pinkish power, each power ball was the one quarter size of an pencil eraser like a couple thousand pink jellyfish undulating with a light behind them, holy mutha - wha the?!? I look and he is still pulling his tongue out of my head. It was the same color and seemed over 4 inches long but at the end it looked like like the shape of a root like my ear canal only 4 inches longer.

I definitely remember in my mind, He said THEY'RE ALL WATCHING YOU, THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU and he was gone. I immediately sit up. I ALWAYS ASK THEM TO SHOW THEM SELVES AGAIN, THEY NEVER DO. This statement really bothers me. WHO'S WATCHING?

I had job many years my old boss and spoiled son on same street. Was always worried about spoiled druggie son who got paid to stay away and me trying to keep him away. I really feel spirits were watching out for me. Thanks for reading. More to come.

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outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
1 day ago (2020-11-24)
Bibliothecarius. We agree. I have 2 already sent and waiting. My worst and best. I have stopped for now. Thanks for your support.
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1044 posts)
2 days ago (2020-11-24)
Greetings, outofthemirror.

I've been enjoying reading your narratives that you've posted thus far.

Revisiting events from your past can be upsetting; you note that "I have a lot of stress last two days from bringing up these experiences." I would respectfully recommend that you take a day or two before typing out the next events you wish to submit for publication. I don't want you to stop, by any means, but it may be best for your stress level to take a breather.

Reflect upon your experiences that you have shared to date, consider how they affected you at the time & how you feel about them now, and talk them over with your wife. That may give you a little more time to see how these events have shaped you but don't need to define you. After a little rest for mental perspective, you may feel refreshed when continuing to submit your fascinating experiences.

We're pretty open-minded about reading others' experiences on YGS, as most of us are aware that our own experiences may make us sound nuts to disbelieving family or friends.

Your stories are safe with us, here.

outofthemirror (6 stories) (22 posts)
2 days ago (2020-11-23)
Melda. Thanks for your comments. Mine were written down many years ago. I would be moving, going through boxes and find my journal start reading and realize how crazy those happenings were and I wish others new. My mother always said, you will go to hell faster for lying than you will for stealing. I'm not a liar, no time for it. This site is getting my stories not all, If they don't print them so be it. 2 pictures, turn cool pix 10 on snap pic if orbs snap again little movement as possible not to alarm orbs that are watching tv. 1st shot amazing orbs 7 8 inches round over 10 of them they have mass inside. 2nd shot 2 seconds later only one. NOT DUST I had only one small wall heater in living room kitchen area. In one shot there were over 8 large orbs stacked out in front of and some above my tv when I snapped. They were watching a ghost show on the travel channel. I was debunking. Hard to believe but they watch TV IN MY OPINION. I have a lot of stress last two days from bringing up these experiences.
Melda (10 stories) (1338 posts)
2 days ago (2020-11-23)
outofthemirror - Well, if I'd experienced anything like this I would have been absolutely terrified 😨 This guy could have prettied himself up a bit before you saw him, especially if he was there in a protective capacity!

Besides being totally gobsmacked by your experience, I honestly don't know what to make of it. What I do know is that some really inexplicable things do happen and no, your everyday person in the street won't believe a word of it. Even one of my own children laughs at me!

So the reason you took two pics every morning is secret? Okay.

Here's a link to a story which I think you might find interesting. I know it's rather long but persevere because I believe that it's worth reading. Some of the comments are also interesting and some of them also provide links.

I'll be following this.

Regards, Melda

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