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I was recently visiting my grandma with my wife and daughter and just having a great time chatting and playing with our daughter when I recalled an incident that took place years back now. I think I mentioned something about it in a comment long back, but I can't quite remember now and haven't searched through my comments yet.

The reason I ramble is because it is my paranoia that recounting an event that happened so long ago, especially somewhat profound as this one, is that it may seem fabricated. I am always skeptical of people who suddenly "remember" they had a bunch of old ghost stories to share, but that's exactly what this is. Well, only one story really. So here goes.

Years back I used to mow the grass for my grandma. She has a very large yard, the better part of an acre, so mowing was no small task. Grandma would often come out and sweep the patio or something just to feel like she was contributing so I would often have to urge her to go into the house where it is cool and make me some ice tea or something, just so she wasn't working when that was why I was there. I suppose she just wanted to be near me too.

This event happened during one of those times when I made her go inside for whatever reason, and I feel that this may not have happened otherwise. (sorry for all the back story)

I was nearly finished mowing, and in fact had stopped the mower to go receive my cold drink from grandma when I felt a nice cool breeze (odd for the time of year it was in Arizona). I was intently thinking of my grandfather who sadly passed in his sleep when I was very young, and on all days, my grandma's birthday.

I looked up to a fairly clear sky with some scattered clouds and my eye caught this one cloud in particular. It appeared to be a scrolling cloud, I will try to explain. The cloud spawned from nowhere and moved with the air flow, kind of like if you were pulling a roll of paper towels that was unraveling. I really hope that makes sense.

Anyway, out of nowhere letters began to take shape in the clouds. I first saw the word "Hi". Well, that could just be me making it look that way in my mind I thought. But as I continued to watch, the word "Hello" scrolled out before my eyes. "Oh wow!" I thought to myself. Then the most profound word yet, "Cecil" spelled out as plain as day to me. That was my grandfather's name! I thought it was amazing, but for some strange reason, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see this. That is what I thought was almost the most amazing thing about it, as though I was like, "oh yeah, there's the clouds spelling words to me" like it was no big deal. I told my grandma about it right after it happened, as she was sweeping again!

She had some tears in her eyes and kept looking up to the sky to see if she could see something, but there was no more to be seen. I felt kind of sad that she didn't get a message from grandpa since she loved him so dearly. But I figured it was just for grandpa and I.

I brought this up to my grandma during my visit, but she didn't remember. She is nearly 88 years old, and her memory is hazy at times. But she did tell me that my grandpa always really liked me and we had an affinity, even at my young age. I remember a lot about him, but wish I could have known him in my adult life. He was a very good man.

What do you all think? Does it sound crazy or like B.S.? Please don't get the blankey out on me guys, this is 100% genuine!

Thanks for reading as always and I welcome your feedback.

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Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-30)
Wardo, I gave you 'cloud dissolving 101'. Tweed gave you the graduate version. 😆 I think there is a summary on the Psych website somewhere of all of the -kinetics: I am bad with individual names - water (vapor/ice/liquid), air, fire, etc. I tend to be more pyrokinetic in that I can control fire. Tweed, I always found it harder to build clouds. Funny, isn't it how we all have different pieces of these different abilities. Another thing that makes it so hard to study.

Loved your description, Tweed.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-30)
Wardo, my cloud dabbling is the opposite of dissolving them. I grew up in super hot summers without air conditioning, 'sucks' just isn't enough. When I was a teenager I got into Wiccanism, my Mum's right into Wicca so I already understood some basics.
While I've never classified myself a white witch, a lot of what I practice today is Wiccan based/influenced.
Where I grew up is highly populated with hippies, Wiccans, alternative people in general. I never understood the gravity of this community until I was an adult.
As a teenager I dabbled in witchcraft and used to 'will' the clouds over. I'm not sure if it was coincidence or not but it appeared to work. A cool change would hit with rain and sometimes storms. But I'm sure I wasn't alone doing this, I think there were other people practicing similar tactics in the area which contributed greatly. I started keeping an eye on the weather forecast and sure enough the weather changes weren't predicted. This had been going on for years before in this area according to Mum.
I think I made this method up from various sources. Anywhoo what I would do is create a 'fairy circle' in my room with crystals and certain tarot cards which marked north/south/east/west and a few other odds and ends. Light incense and a candle (white). I would go outside and look for clouds, come back, sit in the fairy circle facing the direction of the clouds and start 'willing' them over in my mind. I had the candle on a shelf in front of me and at a certain point I would open my eyes and attempt to manipulate the candle flame with my mind. As if this was somehow connected to the weather. I really had NO idea what I was doing but it seemed to work and nothing bad ever happened. When the flame started to ripple this coincided with wind build up outside.
Amusing side note: One afternoon when I did this I had a vivid 'image' or 'vision', if you will, of a middle aged woman sitting at a coffee table in a meditative state.
A few weeks later I was in a part of town which was pretty much exclusively full of alternative thinkers, hippies, Wiccans etc. I was entering one of the numerous new age stores on the main shopping strip of hippie central, as I called it, as the same middle aged woman was leaving! I sort of thought to myself 'whoah trippy', but tried not to react. However, she stopped, looked at me intently with an amused smirk and muttered "Hello again, dear" under her breath. I was about 15 and tried to play it cool in front of the wiser experienced woman, said 'Hey' or something stupid like nothing was amiss. She so knew she rattled me though lol.
Hippie central was forest area, but we lived a few miles down the road in the suburban neighbourhood. We knew a lot of people in hippie central and most of the houses in the forest didn't have air conditioning, you kind of don't need it under heavy canopy. But there was always threat of a drought combined with threat of water restrictions. Mum made connections between water restrictions and unforeseen weather changes haha.

I really don't think one has to be so dramatic about clouds though, if a bunch of alternative people can will the weather to change, it makes sense your Grandfather could say hello to you. If this is something you want to pursue it may be his favoured way to communicate. (I think all ghosts have their own individual ways which they're comfortable with.) Sitting in a fairy circle with a bunch of new age crap might not be your thing, but definitely practice either willing clouds over or dissolving them, as Hecate does. Similarly you can also think of a breeze and the direction of the breeze, have it blow directly on you, directly behind you etc. All you really need is a place to sit and be calm, you'll start connecting with the elements pretty fast. It's really beautiful.
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Wardo, Yep, dissolve them with your mind. Luckily we have been having some with humidity so that they are not all dissolving on their own. Pick a small cloud, with other small, similar ones nearby. You want similar ones near it for comparison. Your focus of attention is key. Send this cloud loving, 'time for you to dissolve', warm thoughts. Heat it up a little to help it dissolve. I even use my hands as I am also a healer, too. I encourage it to dissipate. Stare at it or look away, no matter. But periodically, check it, and the surrounding clouds. I remember when I first started this. I almost burst when my first clouds nicely dissolved while nearby ones puffed along nicely. This enhances your healing skills. 😊

I hope you caught my sarcasm with my guided meditation suggestion for blankie fear, and all. I think my tongue is permanently stuck in my cheek.

I think we did a KidZone camp at Carminati one summer. I just know the kids talked about a haunted tree at Arredondo.
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Hey gang! I was so happy to come back today and see your nice comments. This really is a great bunch here, and I like the relationships we have developed over time. Now to respond to each of you individually...

Hecate0 - I read the story about the tree manifesting a face, and I found it very interesting as well. I'm unsure of what you mean by "dissolve clouds" could you elaborate for me? Do you mean by thought? Arredondo is a nice school. I worked at Carminati, there the cat is out of the bag! Best to you as well friend!

RedWolf - It was a very sad day for us, I can remember. Just how devastated my grandma was is what really troubled us, and the way she told the story. She had come home from "farting around" as she calls it, and saw that he was resting in his chair. As it was around lunch time, my grandma went and made him a sandwich before trying to wake him, only to have such a disappointment instead. To this day she gets tears in her eyes when talking about him. Thanks for the kind words! Regards!

Cinnamon - How interesting that story you recall is! I know a thing or two about reiki. I attained my level one attunement quite some years ago, and would love to go further with it. I always found that it brought on a sense of general well-being. So glad to hear that your mother recovered and is living happily and healthily. Regards!

Tweed - My dear Tweed. Thank you for understanding the veracity of poor grandma sweeping that damn porch. I'm sure you can picture me looking up and rolling my eyes at the very sight. God bless her, she is such a great woman! Thanks for not getting the blankie out on me my peeps. She had mentioned that she often feels his love around her, and that makes me happy. Gotta try this cloud thing out you guys, but I need a little more info on it.

Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate you all! ❤
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
haha no blankie Wardo, this is beautiful! My Mum had a similar experience with my Grandmother (her Mother). It was so lovely reading your experience, and I loved the back story. If you hadn't shared the back story there wouldn't have been a giggle at the end with your Grandma sweeping again! I wonder if she ever felt his presence on or around her birthday? Such a profound day for her, goodness me. 😢

I second what Hecate wrote about malleable clouds. It is very fascinating stuff, do try it out.

Also, Cinnamon, WOW! Further evidence there's more to clouds. 😊

Thanks so much for sharing Wardo, you write beautifully.
Cinnamon (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Wardo it was so nice to read your cloud experience as it made me remember what our family went through some years ago. About a decade ago my Mother had a health issue and no doctor could work out what was wrong with her, so when Mum had exhausted every medical avenues for a correct diagnosis she decided to try a natural healer/reiki fella. Anyway, the appointment was made for the following evening at his private home and my parents, me and my two siblings went along to accompany Mum. While Mum was in the 'healing' room Dad and us kids decided to go outside for some fresh air (it was night time and a clear sky-almost), I happened to look up at the heavens and was shocked at what I saw! Directly above the house we were just in was a large cloud in an absolutely perfectly formed open hand, every part of that hand was precisely shaped like a humans (only a much larger scale), it stayed in perfect form for about 15 minutes, It stayed over the house appearing to protect all who were inside (in a peaceful way), I felt incredibly warm and comforted as did my Dad and siblings. We could not wait to tell Mum. The amazing thing is when Mum did come out she said she has never felt happier, more alive and unburdened in her life; we then described the hand cloud and she said it was no coincidence. By the way about a week later a naturopath found what her health issue was (nothing serious) and today lives a very healthy, happy life.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
What a sweet message from grandfather. You need not worry about the blankey. I wish your grandma could have seen those words, it would have meant everything to her. How sad that he died on her Birthday.
This is such a touching story that it made me think of my own grandparents. Very warm thoughts. Thank you.

Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-27)
Blankie fear is not good for your health Wardo. I am sure there is a guided meditation for that somewhere. 😆

In one of Manafon's recent stories, we were all discussing trees manifesting their energy to people as faces. Very cool. Have you ever tried to dissolve clouds? They are very malleable. It makes sense your grandfather would use them to communicate. This is a very cool story. The fact that there were clouds for him to use here in Arizona is amazing by itself. 😊

I need to post a comment for you on your haunted Tempe Elementary School story. My son went to Arredondo and...

Thanks for sharing.
Best to you!

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