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My Grandpa's Last Days


Just a note, this story isn't about ghosts, but more of supernatural thing I would say. I don't really have a name for it, since I do not belong to a religion. I kind of consider this as a goodbye, sort of.

Before November of 2014 I did not know how it felt to lose someone in your life that meant the world to you. My grandpa died a couple days before Thanksgiving, but had been sick for over a year already. Till this day I cannot believe that he's gone, just from one day to another. I feel as if I can still go to his house and find him sitting there watching his favorite baseball team playing on TV.

My grandpa wasn't the most religious man in the world and completely had a sort of resentment towards priests. During his hospital visits priests would try to come in and give a prayer and he'd just kick them right out. I never really understood, but I'm not the religious type either, so I kind of got a kick out of it to see my grandpa be such a rebel. I can definitely say I was my grandpa's favorite out of his 7 grandchildren and everyone definitely noticed, not that it was a bad thing (for me at least).

11/17/2014 was the last day he was conscious and the following days were torture just to watch him die slowly. Coming from a Catholic family, the following days came with rosary/prayer up until the day he passed away. As soon as the family arrived and the neighbors filled the house I'd leave as soon as prayer started. I've always been comfortable going into a church or listening to anyone pray, but I had a weird feeling that I couldn't stand to be inside with everyone. My family scolded me for not being there with my grandpa, but deep down I know this wasn't what my grandpa wanted.

The day before he passed away everyone was on their knees praying around him along with the priest. His bed was directly in front of a corner stand thing (furniture) that had pictures of all of my cousins on their 15's/graduations, including a picture of myself that was on the BOTTOM SHELF. NO ONE was even near this thing and there wasn't any movement since everyone was praying quietly on their knees. My aunt had her back towards the stand and was about 3 feet away when she heard something fall to the ground. She turned around to find a picture frame about a foot from her feet. My picture was laying right behind her. No other picture frames had moved or fell before, so I took it as a sign from my grandpa when my aunt went outside to tell me.

Fast forward to the day he passed away, 11/22/2014. His body was already getting cold, and his heart was faint he passed a couple minutes before 11/23. Everyone was in the living room and his oxygen tank stopped as soon as his heart stopped. At the moment we had a candle lit in the living room. Well, to our surprise the candle popped, literally made a loud noise and it started to go up in flames. It took a minute or so for someone to stop it from spreading onto anywhere else.

The day after he passed my 4 year old cousin that is autistic came in asking where was her grandpa. We told her he was in the hospital, since we didn't know how to tell her any other way. As she was walking away she muttered "tata cold" (tata is a Spanish term for grandpa). To this day, her response always the same, that my grandpa is cold.

I really don't know what to make out of these experiences, but I've ONE dream of my grandpa since he passed away that kind of put me at peace. He was wearing his raincoat in my dream and he smiled down at me while I laid down. As he smiled, he reached down to touch my arm which was when I woke up and still felt like there was someone touching me.

On a side note, my grandpa's birthday is 10/17 and we had gave him a birthday card that day and he wrote 11/17 on the front cover, which was the last day he was conscious.

Well thanks for reading, and any comments or suggestions are definitely welcome.

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Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-30)
LAGirl, thank you for sharing this and may you find your way through this grief. I can feel your love for your Grandpa through your words.

I second what MaybeADreamer said, and I feel he visited you in your dream.

Well done to you for doing what you felt was right. It speaks to the close bond you shared in life. I believe you will continue to share this bond in time, in a way you'll both be comfortable with.

I'll hazard a guess that perhaps one of your departed relatives did something to the photo. It figures they would be gathered around.

Thank you for sharing this touching story, it's a beautiful tribute to your Grandpa and your close bond. ❤
MaybeADreamer (4 stories) (57 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-30)
Hi LA Girl,

It is always nice when someone finds a way to say goodbye and I believe your Grandpa must of loved you very much to make sure you got a sign from him.

I can't offer you any advice about what he wrote on the card (only he would know that) but I thank you for such a sweet story and I am glad he left you with a dream memory of him always being with you.

Sara xx

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