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Oh Grandma


Alistina Bautista, that was my grandmothers' beautiful name. She was someone who I really looked up to, even today. She made me realize many things, like learning from my own mistakes, and standing up for myself. She was an outgoing and encouraging women. Many on my relatives loved her, even though I believed I wasn't her all-time favorite, she was a sweet hearted women with a warm smile, and courageous soul.

I was about eleven years old when I started having this awkward dream about my grandmother, almost feeling very real. It was very late on April 10th and I was lying into a mattress with no sheets and covers because my family had just moved in. My dream had took place in a cemetery on a warm, sunny afternoon. I appeared in the middle of nowhere in that cemetery and from my point of view, I saw my grandmother sitting on a gray fancy looking bench smiling.

She asked me to take a seat right beside her and so I did. She was wearing a white dressed mixed with a bit of yellow, it was beautiful, she looked beautiful. Her hair was down and wavy, she was wearing blush, a very red lip-stick, and on her ring finger, the ring my grandfather had given her for their wedding.

"You're turning into a very young lady you know?"

*I nodded.*

"I just want to ask you do me a favor dear?"

"And what is that?"

"I want to ask you to please, take care of your family,"

"I will,"

"Your education,"

"I will,"

"Be kind to others and all those amongst yourselves,"

"I will,"

"And please, please, please, never forget me, okay dear?"

I felt a bit of soothing emotion in me and my eyes began to blur.

"Oh grandma! I promise you with all my heart I'll never forget you, I won't!"

The weather suddenly began changing. Clouds stated to form over the blazing hot sun and my grandmother was disappearing before my eyes. Her body began to float above me and then even higher to the skies.

"Just remember dear, I love you..."

She disappeared within a blink of an eye, and I woke up. The next day, when I finally awoke, my mother announced that my grandmother had passed away not took long ago.

It was April 11th the day of her funeral and she had passed away at exactly 8 a.m. I was crying, especially my mother, the daughter of Alistina. She was truly gone and it was so difficult to believe. As I arrived closer to her coffin, I froze in a bit of terror. She was wearing the exact same dress in my dream... The same wavy hair... The very red lip-stick, and my grandfather's ring on her ring finger.

Ever since that night of my dream, I believed that my grandmother was trying to contact me, and wishing me the best before she died. Sill, I miss her today, aiming for the stars to finally see her again.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2007-12-21)
Nope, April, your Grandmother was not TRYING to contact you, she DID. Sometimes our loved ones have to find a way to come to us as some of us are not open to them showing themselves as ghosts or spirits (I happen to believe those are two different kinds of entities). I believe that she wanted you to hear this message, and to not be scared of it, so in the dream state she gave you your message. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-31)
Touching story April, thank you for sharing it with us.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-31)
I had a dream about my great aunt the night she died. Objects from the dream ended-up being given to me in her Will which we read two days after her death.

There is some sort of connection between family members.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-31)
Hi April. That was a very touching story. Your grandma came to say goodbye and that you have to take care of your family. She must have loved you all. Your story was great. It is going to my favourites
miiish (3 stories) (40 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-31)
Isint it wonderful how people we love so much, sometimes make sure that we are ok even after they have passed on. Your grandma chose to come to comfort you and I'm sure that takes away all doubts, of you not being her " all-time favourite ". I loved how she left the most important of all messages, the " I love you " for the end so that you would never forget. I'm so sorry for you loss, but be assured that she is happy now.

Cheers ! 😁

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