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Sounds That Bothered


This story happened on my Grandmother's house in the town. The house was beautiful, but big enough for her to live alone there. It was a three storey house; no it was four including its roof top. There are big jars from china and other expensive furniture there. When you look at that you cannot say that it was built 20 years ago.

I was in 2nd year high school when I decided to stay with grandma. We sleep in the third floor because her room was in that floor and there is a vacant room which I occupied. But after 2 years grandma got sick and she cannot go upstairs and downstairs often, so she buy a small bed and place that in the ground floor for her convenience. So well, I decided to sleep in the ground floor too.

Since no one used to sleep in the second floor and third floor few strange things started to happen. The first experience happened after months that we are sleeping in the first floor. That was Christmas Eve. The television is on so to add some noise. Everyone is in the kitchen except me. They are all busy there. I am sitting in the sofa texting my friends and greeting them while waiting for 12:00 as Christmas...

Suddenly I heard a laughing voice, very small voice, different voice. I think they are 5, 6 or 7. I don't know exactly how many are laughing. That was 11:45pm on my phone. I lessen the volume of the TV. They are still laughing and that scared me when I follow the voices. It was coming from the 2nd floor, knowing that no one is there. I try to ignore it. I go to the kitchen and join them because 5 more minutes it was Christmas. We are laughing, sitting in the dining table, greet each other, kisses and hugs when suddenly we heard a bell rang.

I know that bell. I always see that on the 2nd floor, that small bell that is somehow look like the bell that was used by the Sacristans in the church. We were very scared that Christmas Eve. We can't even enough eating. We just wait for an hour to pass by and they decided to sleep, but not me.

I just lie down, cover my body with a blanket and listen to some noise around. After couple of minutes, I think that is almost 30 minutes, I heard footsteps in the stairs. I think it was walking downstairs. Yes I typed it correctly, it was walking downstairs because the sounds become louder and louder. But a blessing in disguise, the telephone rang and the footstep sounds gone. I didn't attempt to answer the telephone call. Hours passed and the sun rise. No one talk about what happen that night.

(Another experience happen in the same place but after a year, I alone experienced that.) I was sleeping deep when I got awaken; I heard that someone is throwing something in the upper floor. I don't know if that was in the second floor or in the third floor. Maybe it was a book, a notebook or a photo album that was being thrown and somebody was walking in there upstairs. I was so afraid because only I was awake, and we are just two sleeping; grandma and I. I didn't attempt to go upstairs and I just turned my one phone on record mode and played a music in the other one with earphone so that I will no longer hear those sounds.

That morning, I played the recorded sounds and that scared me most. There is someone whispering on it. The footsteps sound; laughing voices. That's very scary. I decided to go to our house in the farm because I won't be able to sleep in there. My cousin just delete the record after hearing it.

After few months, I decided to go back to grandma's house for my convenience of schooling. Another experienced happen when I was going out.

I lock the main door. I pulled that to make sure it was locked. But when I turned my back it opened wide as if someone opened it and want to pass on it. I ran on the gate that was 5 meter away from the door. And an angel came who save me from fear, my cousin just drop by to pick me up. I asked him to lock the door and then we left.

These are my scary experiences on grandma's house. If you have experience the same and related and any comments please feel free to comment here. Thanks.

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Roma_Hanna (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-23)
Hi, i'm actually curious about the house. May I ask where it is located and when these experience of yours happened?
lilmorenah (2 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-01)
Hi lady-glow:
Thanks for reading.

Yeah... That's a very big house.
Yes. There is someone cleaning the upper floor but that's every two weeks. Critters? I am not sure of that.
That wouldn't be possible, because the house is bungalow. I can't even hear sounds coming from outside if I am in. Even a car horned long, you can't hear inside.
I told them once, but they don't believe me. Even our Nannie don't believe on that. They always say I am making my self frighten.
After asking once I never attempt to ask her again...
lady-glow (13 stories) (2914 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-29)
lilmorenah: That sure is a very big house for just one person.

I have few questions about your story.
Since your grandmother got sick, -does anyone go to the upper floors of the house to clean and check on them? Would it be possible that any critters have made their home in the unused rooms?
Would it be possible that the voices and laughing you heard in Christmas Eve were those of the neighbors having a good time nearby while waiting for midnight and the sound came through an open window?
Do you know if your grandmother has experienced anything paranormal or out of the ordinary?

I'm not denying that some of your experiences are difficult to explain but some others might have a very mundane explanation.

If it is not inconvenient to her health, you should talk to your grandma and ask her permission to perform a cleansing according to her/your religious beliefs or try Rookdying cleansing method.

Thanks for sharing.
Mimi81 (203 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-28)
I'm going to guess, that for whatever reason, something wanted you to stop sleeping on the ground floor.

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