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Ouiija... Not A Toy!


I believe I was around the age of 12 - 13 when my group of friends decided to give a Ouija board a try. I'm not definite of my age, as I tend to be pretty bad at timelines of my past, but that doesn't hinder my memory of the event itself, as it has had a long and lasting impact on my life and indeed, changed my beliefs entirely. I would mention at this point that my mother was in the early stages of understanding her own spirituality and would later become a spiritual healer.

We were in my friend's dining room. It was dark outside, so would have been late evening. She had a circular dining table, so it was easy to make our own board out of scraps of paper for the alphabet and Yes, No answers. We used a small whiskey glass as a planchette. We were all naive and mischievous children, who knew no better. Although, my friends parents knew what we were up to and didn't prevent it. But I guess that was out of lack of knowledge more than anything, they must simply have thought it was an innocent game. After all, you can buy the damned things from toy shops!

The friend whose house we were in asked "is there anyone there". She did this a few times and after a minute or so, the glass started to move. We all burst out laughing (nervously!) as we were all convinced someone was moving the glass. We tried a childish experiment and each took turns to take our fingers off the glass to try to eliminate the trickster, but to no avail. We continued to ask fairly innocuous questions about ourselves, nothing of which was unknown to anyone in the room. Then we asked, "what's your name" to which the response was "Hoi", spelt out for us. We then started to take the whole thing more seriously and started asking questions about our futures. "Will I marry", "Will I have children", "Will I have a happy life", "What will I be when I grow up". We each asked many different questions, also some about relatives that had passed. All stuff that, as a child, seemed so real and the thought that this could be the work of one of the group really left us.

Although, looking back now as an adult, most of which was asked could very likely have been one of us playing around, but... The time came for me to ask my questions and I tried to ask the same sort of questions my friends did. My first question was "will I have a happy life". To which the answer was "NO". At this point I lost my sense of humour and a sense of foreboding came over me and all my friends went rather quiet. "What will I be when I grow up" was my next question, to which I had no reply. The glass just spun randomly around the table, not spelling anything. Now all my friends had asked how long they will live and all got nice well into old age answers. Me, 19 was the end for me and that was the end of our session. My friend swept all the letters onto the floor and that was that. Of course, we had no idea of the implications of what we had done and certainly had no idea that you should close down the session properly, so as to ensure the "door was closed" so to speak.

I was terrified and fairly convinced I was going to meet an unfortunate end in the not too distant future. I went home, having pretended I wasn't bothered, typical kiddie bravado, but I was totally petrified. My parents weren't home, but my older brother was. He had a room with two beds, as my other brother had moved out into his own home. I had a room to myself, being the only daughter. My room was a box room above the stairs, so there was a big space that was taken up by the headroom to our staircase. If you can imagine a square room, with a big cube in one corner that was half the height of the room, leaving the actual floor space an L shape. My bed was tucked between the outer wall of the house and the side of the cube.

I lay down to try to sleep. I have my eyes closed tight, but sleep is evading me. I suppose I am too scared. I had a night light on, as I wasn't too fond of sleeping in the dark. We lived in the country, so dark is dark, not like living in the suburbs where there is always street lighting. I hear a noise, like someone came in my room. I think it's my brother, so I open my eyes and look up. On the far wall (opposite the other exposed side of the cube) was a shadow of a person, it looked very tall, it started to move towards me. As my stomach did a flip I ran into my brother's room. Now he must have realised that I was truly very, very scared, as he let me sleep in his room. Normally, that would have been unheard of. I was the pain in the butt sister who he avoided if possible.

When my parents came home, they checked my room, as they always did, to come in and kiss me goodnight. I would sometimes hear them and pretend to be asleep. They came straight into my brother's room on finding mine empty and were shocked to see me asleep in there.

I told my mum the next morning what had happened and she was less than pleased and rang the mother of my friend and told her off. The next night, I could not sleep in my room. It felt different. There was something there. I couldn't see it, but it was tangible. I remained in my brother's room for about a fortnight, until my mum said she would sit with me in my room, until I fell asleep. After several nights, I finally felt brave enough to go it alone. After all, mum and dad were only in the next room. Our house wasn't massive.

That first night alone, I fell asleep fairly quickly, but the next thing I remember is being stood in my parents' doorway, looking into my room through the open door. My door was on a 90 degree angle, next to my parents' door. I wasn't seeing my room though, what I saw I can only describe as a medieval market scene, lots of people walking around old wooden stalls, in medieval dress, carrying baskets and the sound of the distant chatter of a crowd. It wasn't scary, but I was transfixed. I wasn't aware of my mum by the side of me at first, although she tells me she was trying to get my attention for quite some time. I was pointing at my bedroom and making a low mewling sound. I cannot remember that. Maybe I was still asleep and it was a dream? Nothing more happened in my room after that, although my life has been full of experiences I cannot explain.

I am now 48, so clearly Hoi was a bit of a naughty spirit, who was having some "fun" with some mischievous kids. My mum told me years later that the only thing she could think of doing was to recite the Lord's prayer, over and over again. She would handle it rather differently these days, but it seemed to work back then.

I know I have some of my mum's abilities and as I said, I've experienced many things that cannot be easily explained away. I am sensitive to spiritual presence and am made aware of them as soon as I enter the space they occupy, but I don't fear it anymore.

The only thing to happen in my 19th year, was that I moved out of my childhood home, into a flat with my then fiancΓ©. I've had a somewhat turbulent life, so maybe Hoi was actually referring to a big change in my life, I will never know. But, what I do know is this, NEVER, NEVER participate in a Ouija board session if you do not know what you are doing, better still, just NEVER. Spirit do not understand may earth bound traits, such as time, so our questions can be misinterpreted. That's our problem, not theirs. They may not be inherently evil, just mischievous kids like we were, but how we chose to deal with what we are told, can have a huge impact on your life. Almost a self fulfilling prophecy I suppose. Steer clear people and stay safe!

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Darkangel73 (4 stories) (123 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-15)
Earthangel67- I messed around with a ouija board when I was a teen, being young and dumb... Fortunately nothing happened that I can recall, but as I have learn throughout my life, I was pretty fortunate. Very good story...
earthangel67 (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-15)
Wow! I must say I am delighted with how well received this has been. I'm a great believer in simply stating the facts/experiences as they happened, without additional drama added for effect. I have another story pending, which I hope will be published and I hope it is as well received. I have read many stories here, regarding the use of ouiija's and some of them have left me somewhat dismayed. I simply fail to understand why anyone would want to risk their wellbeing, but sadly, many still view such things as a joke.

Although my experience was very upsetting at the time, it fuelled my interest in the spirit world. So I did draw something positive from a particularly negative episode. I am a strong believer in the saying "you reap what you sow", this having as much relevance in the spirit realm, as it does on terra firma! Expect the worse, that's just what you will get and I think this resonates in many of the stories I've read here. People fear the unknown, therefore your experience will be frightening. Whilst there is evil out there, you will also find as much, if not more, good. I have not had a frightening experience for many years, since adopting and having faith in this philosophy.

Sadly, as long as our world grows ever more material, everyday people will lack the natural ability to connect with the universal energy that allows the minority to really see. It is a pleasure to have the privilege to converse with people who are like minded and don't ridicule what they don't understand out of fear.

SDS, Chria29, Tweed, Thank you for your comments. Very much appreciated & Tweed, It would be great for my story to act as a deterrent to anyone thinking it may be a fun game to play at Halloween; sort of like a public service announcement!

Regards and peace to you all ❀ 😁 x
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-15)
Hi earthangel67, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing this experience of yours. Miracles said it quite right. This is one of the best informational experiences with a message not to "play"
With Ouija as it is not a toy.

I agree with others and not all paranormal experiences are dramatic even though they are evil.

Once again I say that this is one of the fine encounters regarding Ouija.

Regards and respects to you.

chria29 (3 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-14)
Very interesting story! You are right though. I use to play around with Ouija boards when I was younger and we were always told to remember to tell the spirits "good bye" to make sure they don't follow you home.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-14)
Brilliant, just brilliant.😊
Earthangel, thank you for sharing and telling it like it is. Like Dreamer I too hope you continue to share your experiences with us.

Lately I have this perhaps annoying quirk of linking people to stories on here which I feel may resonate with them. I can tell this experience of yours is going to become one such link. Especially with Halloween upon us!πŸ˜†
earthangel67 (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-14)
Miracles, Firstly, thank you for publishing my account. I have been reading storeys here for a while now and find this to be the best paranormal site I've found.

Miracles/Dreamer, thank you for your comments. I believe in keeping things factual, drama doesn't enhance an experience, it merely clouds it. I certainly know that the negativity I took from the experience affected me for some time. It was only with help from my Mum in realising my own potential and finding my inner calm, that I was able to put it behind me and I think that it the problem in many cases. We must live in the now, or we block our flow. We must learn from a negative experience and find something positive (no matter how small) to take forward.

Razz, in answer to your question, A minor omission from my storey was the use of blu-tac to keep all our letters, etc, in place. I hope that sufficiently appeases you and welcome to the site, we are both newbies! 😊
Razz (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-13)
I'm new here so maybe my opinion don't matter but I have an issue with this story... My problem is with the second paragraph... You have a round table, used "scraps" of paper for the letters and a whiskey glass for a planchette...ok, fair enough but did you glue the paper scraps to the table? I mean, what kept the glass from knocking the scraps around versus forming words?
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-13)
really enjoyed your story and like miracles said " drama free ".

Yes, we need to be careful what we put into our minds or let into our sphere of awareness. I see it as my responsibility to nurture my mind and soul with peaceful vibes for my own sake as well as others.

Thanks for sharing and please keep writing. 😊
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-10-13)
earthangel67 - this is one of the best, drama-free, informational stories I've read about Ouija boards. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

I agree that some of what people experience is self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately, convincing people of that is not always possible. People like to believe in the bad and blame something/someone else for their misfortune rather than taking responsibility.

Again thanks for sharing this with us 😊

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