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To all readers not familiar with my stories, here is the basic background.

I live in a house inhabited by eight soul\'s altogether. Four of which are flesh and blood, i.e. Myself, my twin boys and my mother. The other four are spirits. Both my grandmothers, my best friend, Charlie (all of whom passed on and elected to come back to watch over us) and then there is Adam. He is around 4 years old and burned to death in the room he now sees as his sanctuary. He has also taken to seeing me as his mother figure.

Since learning about Adam I had come to see him as one of my boys. His room was used for storage and I decided to put toys in the room for him. Every kid loves toys, why not him? At one point a piece of exercise equipment (health walker) was placed in his room as well. And seeing as how the pedals of this machine swing, Adam has grown fascinated with it. However, I have started exercising on it again and moved it out of his room. My friend Tim, who is a full-fledged medium, told me Adam is not happy with his favourite toy not being in his room. Poor little guy.

This past weekend, Tim had come to help me with some DIY work around the house. His wife, Elaine was working a Saturday shift and we were biding a bit of time before we went to pick her up, as we decided the visit would be the whole weekend. As we were sitting in the lounge, just chatting, the kids (my two and their three) were all in the twins' room, watching a DVD. And then we started hearing a faint tapping sound coming from the Jacuzzi area. I looked at Tim and he looked at me and said "I hear it too" before getting up from the couch and walking toward the sound. When he got to the step leading to the Jacuzzi he gave a giggle, then turned around and headed back to the couch. He told me, ever so casually "Your 'other son' is playing with the walker." It was standing up against a table and Adam had started making the pedals swing, so it kept tapping against the table. It went on for a few seconds then stopped. And I spoke up and said "Play a little more my boy!" and it started moving again. He is steadily growing more confident and is moving around the house more.

One night I was standing in the kitchen, a little upset, and I heard little feet come running up behind me on the tiles. I just smiled and told him "I'm ok". Little boy sensing "mommy" is unhappy and just checking up on her. I have come to really care about him. And now we have decided to sell the house. I said to Tim that I know it sounds strange, but I can't imagine moving away and leaving one of my boys there. Tim told me that, if Adam decides he wants to go with us, he might be able to leave the house. But he's not sure if he will yet.

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Revajane (1 stories) (71 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-11)
Please start talking to Adam now before you list the house. I has taken him this long to really warm up to you and if you sell the house and he for whatever reason does not go with you he may again feel abandoned.

The way I see it is that Adam has three choices.

1. Stay where he is and hope for similar reaction to him from the next tenants.
2. Go with you and your family as your "Other Son" and enjoy your family for a while longer. I'm sure you will make sure that he knows that he is more than welcome to join you and your family when you do make the transition. I would also have everyone in the house let him know at least once.
3. To move on to the next phase of his destiny, to go into the light. He will also need to be reassured that if he chooses this that you and your family will be ok with the decision and you will miss him and think of him often but only want what is best for him.

Who knows he could be your next physical child or even Grandchild in the future. Please talk to him constantly reassuring him that no matter what he chooses it is his choice and you will be fine with it.

Please keep us informed I do look forward to your stories.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)
Have you told adam about the move yet? And, when you sell, will you be telling prospective buyers about him, just in case he decides to stay behind?

I hope, if that happens and he stays, the people who will live there will be as accepting and kind as you and your family have been. <3
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)

We have started with refurbishing works, fixing things here and there to make it appealing in the market. But yes, it is being listed in the next few weeks. So time is a big issue. It took Adam 18 months to trust me enough to tell me his name, and though he has lately become more bold, I don't know if he will be brave enough for this new adventure. I just know, if he doesn't go, i'm going to wonder and worry about him.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)

It's quite a predicament, isn't it? It will be a huge decision for Adam to make. I know you would feel lost without Adam if he decides to stay behind. But then, he will be lost without the comfort and acceptance of you and your family. He has come such a long way since you first 'discovered' him. I feel so sorry for the little guy.

Of course, you will keep us updated with events? Is the sale of the house imminent?
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)
Hey Fergie

From what Tim said, it is up to Adam to decide. Seeing as how he is still so small, he might be too afraid to move, or, he could very well be too afraid to stay behind without us. I know its strange but I really hope he does come with.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)
Gosh triden, Adam is becoming bold. To think what a timid little soul he used to be. Do you really think he would be brave enough to venture to another home? It would be so sad to leave him behind.
rhejhen (2 stories) (28 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-06)
Your stories really amazed! I love reading it and supppeeer excited for your next stories. 😁
I hope Adam/Kiddo will move with you. It will be very sad if he won't. 😢
bluemer04 (1 stories) (58 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-06)
I love reading your stories, I feel like you always put your heart on your stories. I am hoping that Adam will leave the house and go with you. You are family and no one should be left behind. Maybe he can build another sanctuary in your new house. What do you think?
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-05)
Ahhh, and somehow I skipped the part where you're selling the house?! I sure hope the little nugget decides to go with you guys.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-05)
Your stories get me EVERY TIME. I have been wondering when your next one would be written up!
I always have such conflicting emotions of happy (that adam has you) and sad (because he has not yet moved on). He seems like such a sweet little guy!
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-05)
triden07- Always a pleasure to read your stories. It is so comforting to feel your relationship with each individual.

I yet to develop any type with ours. Wish I had someone like Tim that was able to explain/describe our visitors.

I wonder which will follow and which will choose not to move with you.

Can't wait to find out in the next story!

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