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A few of my cousins told me this story: In the 1980s, when they were children living in a Kaneohe apartment, they had a Ouija board that they played with. One day, they were hanging out at home together and one of their Barbies got up and started walking across the floor! My cousins threw the Ouija board in the garbage outside and soon after, they found it back in the closet!

Soon after my mother died, my dad was awoken by the sounds of her moaning and crying right behind his head. He was so creeped out. He pulled the covers over his head and refused to look!

My grandmother once saw a demon and he told her that her daughter and her husband would break up. Not only are they still together after quite a few decades but they had 12 kids!

When my father was a child in his Kailua house, he heard and saw a banshee flying outside of his bedroom window!

When my cousin was a kid, her grandmother died. Soon after, she saw her grandma under a table at the end of the hallway in her Kailua house, beckoning my cousin to come to her! My cousin got frightened and refused.

My sister and her husband stayed in a rental cottage in Waimanalo during their honeymoon. At night, they were spooked by a loud, swirling wind around and inside the bedroom but all of the doors and windows were closed!

I will be back with more stories if I hear or experience more as I still have a lot of family in the islands and I plan to move back someday.

Mahalo for reading, Everyone! I look forward to discussing my stories with you in the comments.:)

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valkricry (45 stories) (3044 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-10-30)
No worries, HawaiiFemme. My whole nick will permanently knot the fingers - just call me Val. 😊
HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-30)
My phone messes up my comments here sometimes... 😢
HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-30)
Thanks, valkicry. If I could have elaborated, I would have. I'll post my Virginia and California stories soon and try to write those differently. 😊
valkricry (45 stories) (3044 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-10-28)
I understand dreamer's comment on 'skipping stones' and SDS' about reading headlines. For me, it was like reading blurbs. Which isn't a bad thing, I just wished there was more to them. Especially the first one about the barbie doll going for a stroll by itself. CREEEPYYYY!
If you could coax more details about that time (ouija board too) from your cousins and if anything else happened, I do hope you consider writing a whole narrative concentrated on it. (I think that's what SDS meant too. If it's possible we'd like more, please.)
HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-28)

It could have been better? Just so you know, everything can always be better. It is,however, too late to edit my stories, not that I would. I appreciate your actual compliments though.
sds (14 stories) (1370 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-27)
Hello HawaiiFemme, welcome to YGS. It is almost like reading the headlines of a story as you narrated every single incident in a sentence. No offence meant. I mean it as a compliment. I enjoyed every one of them and liked your way of writing.

You could have made individual experiences in a little more elaborate way and made it into 3 or 4 narratives. It could have been better. Just my suggestion.

Thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-24)
Thanks for your story, otteer. Peace & blessings to you too, dreamer01. 😊
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-24)
Thanks for sharing your stories! I have heard some beauts about the islands. While I was a travel agent I got to go to the islands often for what was called "familiarization trips".Would hear lots of stories on those trips!

At one resort in Kaui that was being renovated, the building escalated some playful spirit activity, the public bathrooms off the lobby had a spirit that liked to unroll the toilet paper rolls, after renovation began not only were they unrolled they traveled... Staff would find them streamed all over the place, paper still attached to the roll, door closed. Just like someone would take the end of the paper and walk out into the lobby hall and continue wherever its destination was that night. This was back in the 70's when the mega resorts where starting to go up. Looking forward to more, Ill have to ask my parents, who live on the island of Hawaii if they know of any.
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-23)
one of my missions in life is to get people to think outside the square, to challenge themselves and to unlock mysteries about life and themselves.

My comment to you is cryptic but genuine in the fact that I got something out of your story and enjoyed it.

Think about skipping a stone on water and the way it relates to your story.

Does anyone have a take down on this, I would be interested to know your thoughts.

Peace and blessings 😊
HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-23)
At dreamer01:

Thanks? That sounds nice anyway. The stories are not in chronological order.
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
4 years ago (2015-10-23)
I think that this will be one of the weirdest comments I have made so far, but, reading your story made me feel like I was skipping stones at the beach... Go figure!

Thanks for sharing 😊

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