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I have been inspired to write about my experiences due to some recent things that have happened when my fiance and I recently purchased a home here in Cheektowaga, NY.

It's really hard to choose where to begin so I think I will start with the happenings here at our new home that we have lived in for just a little bit over a month. I do want to first state that I have believed in ghosts since I was a young child and have had a few interesting experiences with the whole paranormal phenomenon.

Now, one of the features we really love about this place is the finished basement. It has nice tile flooring, a bar, ceiling tiles, nice laundry area and a laundry shoot conveniently placed. We have a few cats so I have to take them into consideration when trying to debunk certain things.

One of the first things I noticed that kept happening was when I would go downstairs into the basement, ceiling tiles would be knocked down in various places. I first thought that maybe the cats could have jumped to knock them down, one spot was next to the bar so a cat could have jumped off the bar and hit the ceiling tile... Though it seemed unlikely. They are not very expensive material, just kind of a cheap foam like material but they look very nice. They are light weight sure but the way they are placed, it's not exactly easy to knock them down. So whenever I seen these knocked down I would just get a little but irritated and carefully push them back into place (not incredibly easy because I have to bend them into place trying not to break the ceiling tiles).

It got to the point where I would almost always expect to see tiles knocked down in places that the cats could not possibly reach which made me a little bit paranoid of the paranormal activity possibly going on in this household. I honestly thought at the early weeks of living here with the tiles alone that maybe some spirit has been knocking down those tiles out of some kind of frustration from us moving in.

I found out from the neighbor that the lady who used to live here and her husband have long since passed away and their children just kept the house up but did not live in it. It seems quite possible that their spirits stayed here in their home and when we moved in, it's like we maybe intruded on their home. Can't say this is true for sure but it does seem this way.

So after awhile I have started seeing less ceiling tiles getting knocked down and different things happening. My fiance at first thought someone tried breaking in the house because upstairs there is one room that our 2 boys share (6 and 3) and another unfinished room that we mean to finish into a room but currently it's just attic space. This happens to be directly above our room.

She will always hear strange noises in that room in the middle of the night and I also when I am here will hear strange noises coming from there. It started with the loud bang like someone jumped really high and landed heavy boots on the floor. We thought maybe someone somehow climbed up to the window up there, snuck in and landed on the floor heavy. We have a Pit Bull so we brought him up there to see what the commotion was and checked everywhere to make sure no one had in fact broke in. No one was there and the windows were closed.

I've heard this loud bang several times and she has heard this much more than I have. She says she has heard what sounds like furniture being moved around up there fairly often (there is nothing up there to be moved) and recently she has heard what she said sounded like the cats chasing each other around but none of them were up there because she checked (they were actually in the room with her sleeping). Nothing and no one was up there as usual. She has basically just accepted that this is some kind of paranormal thing going on. We don't feel like there's any evil type of presence but just some sort of presence.

One common thing that I have felt on countless occasions is that cold chill coming from the back of you like someone is standing there especially if I am at the computer. I kind of feel that right now actually. You just feel like someone is there watching from behind you.

Now I have had some weird occurrences when I'll be up late night watching some TV or whatever, I had my TV turn on and off and on and off and on and off... I was thinking I bumped the power button on the remote maybe and it delayed... But then having the remote far from me and untouched it happened quite a few more times like something was trying to get my attention. Sometimes my computer will turn off by itself and I don't have it set to shut off. I thought maybe it was over heating as it is 5 years old but I checked the temps and everything and cleaned it out and it seems sort of unlikely that it should be doing that.

My son has also told his mother that his PlayStation 3 turns on and off a lot by itself. One strange occurrence, my fiance said her father called concerned saying she called him 3 times within a minute and she never called him, that was strange.

Now if there are spirits living here, perhaps the former owners of the house, it would seem that we are maybe coming to some sort of understanding that hey we are the new owners but it's OK if you all stay here. I don't know much more than that but it just seems common that spirits linger around here and there as it would seem this sort of thing has happened to me for a long time and also to my mother who shared some bizarre experiences about spirits she could SEE.

She said for a very long time there were these spirits that would haunt her and she could see them just fine. She said they tried to kill her when driving on the road (they would try to get her to run off the run). She told me that it wasn't until she met my father that they left and never returned. I always kind of wondered about that, like did they actually leave or did they just choose not to be seen anymore?

When I was very young, I would see some kind of crazy looking ghostly figures just floating around and they would freak me out. I was scared so I would knock on my parents' door until they would let me in so I could sleep in their bed with them. My mother always mentioned how I was brave to get up like that in the dark by myself. I would lay there even in that comfort and stare up and see these floating apparitions and sometimes they would look towards me. It scared me then.

I stopped seeing these as I grew older but I would feel some sort of presences time to time that I would be scared of so I would run really fast past certain places where I felt they were.

These experiences when I was younger happened in San Diego CA where we lived in Navy housing. My father was in the Navy so he would be gone for long periods out to sea. We have moved quite a bit. I felt that I always sensed spirits but I guess I mostly just ignored them.

When we moved to Virginia in this house that my parents finally bought, there were some strange happenings here. My sister, myself, my mother would always hear footsteps in the house when no one else was home. Like if we were downstairs in the finished basement, I would go down there to do laundry, exercise or watch movies and would hear those footsteps, would go up to see who was there and it would be no one. We all knew there was something there but my father denied that as a possibility. I don't know if he ever heard anything like that himself and if he did, maybe he denied it or ignored it, who knows.

I remember I brought a friend of mine over there once and we were just hanging out but he told me he thought he saw some weird looking guy with a dark hat staring out the window when we pulled up. No one else was there and we checked out the house and no one was there. We were hanging out on the back deck just talking and the door handle turned and the the door opened. Now this door handle would squeak when it turned so it was pretty obvious that it turned but the first time it happened I just shrugged it off and made sure the door was shut. Then shortly after it happened again. My friend there was very freaked out.

I went in there with a bat searching the house thinking maybe someone broke in there but I could find no evidence or clue of anyone being in there. So I went back out there with my friend, door shut and it happened again, door handle squeaked as it turned and opened. He was like, I'm out of here and just drove off as fast as possible.

I actually was feeling very nervous being in there to myself probably more so than I ever have considering what had just happened but I stayed there. I feel like the man he said he saw sounded like one of the spirits that my mother described to me but I was not sure. I don't think I told her what happened probably not to alarm her.

Something that is interesting is that she told me she stopped hearing the footsteps and weird stuff happening when I moved out. That made me feel like whatever was there in that house maybe followed me. Who knows. Maybe it has been following me my whole life? I don't know. It's something that I usually try not to think about or interfere with my life but sometimes it's inevitable.

Now when I decided to move from Virginia to New York with my girlfriend. We moved into this big 4 bedroom place for rent. We, after some time living there, decided to have a kid. We always felt like there was some sort of presence in this place. When we had our son, it seemed he would be laughing at the air or engaged with something that was not visible. I swear this has happened with all our kids. It seems that when kids are of a young age, they can see spirits, or maybe just some kids. Maybe it's inherited, not sure really.

Before we moved away to another place, I had this very realistic dream that this spirit tried to talk to me and was telling me there was gold in the house. The dream made me wonder if that was possible, did this spirit really try to tell me this? There were plenty of places it could of been hid, it was a old house. I never pursued looking for any gold though as I thought that would just be ridiculous.

Moving on... My fiance's brother died a long while ago in 2001 and we moved to the same place she used to live with her family. This was very strange as I had no idea but she asked her aunt if she knew of any places available for rent and her landlord had this same place available. I didn't know she used to live there until after we moved in she told me this. I found it hard to believe until she showed me old pictures of her and her brother and family when they were younger. This was very weird. I mean what are the chances of this happening? Coincidence? I don't really believe in that because I have always had strange experiences over the years whether spiritual, paranormal or hint of psychic.

So anyway, my two daughters now (2 and 5), my kids are all very close in age, they out of nowhere would start saying eddddd diiiie, Eddie is my fiance's brother's name who passed away and it was this house they started saying this where he used to live. My fiance (Amanda) would have dreams of him coming to visit her or talk to her time to time and she would tell me about this. I always felt like he was there. It didn't bother me I just kind of accepted that he was there and I feel that he probably is here as well but that I can't be fully sure of, maybe he just visits, don't know. They don't say his name as much living here now but on some occasions.

It's especially strange since my older daughter (5) has autism and doesn't really speak but will say that name on occasion but also my other daughter would say that and she is quite a bit younger. My younger son also has autism (3). So I remember one night my fiance and I had some fight about something and then I just wanted to be left alone, she followed me into the pitch dark living room in the middle of the night and we were just sitting there not saying anything and my phone turned on and pretty much illuminated the whole room, like the difference from us not being able to see each other from the darkness to being able to see and I looked up at the phone and was just thinking... Um... OK... I didn't expect that.

With the ceiling tiles being knocked down on occasion, the weird noises that go on upstairs, the TV having freaked out turning on and off a bunch of times without touching the remote, just all these strange occurrences... I still want to be in denial about what happens yet I feel that I can't really deny it. I guess I try to debunk most of it for my own sanity. I guess it spooks me to some degree, like I'll feel like I see someone to the corner of my eye but no one is there. I don't like that but it's not the worst thing in the world at the same time.

It's like I say though, it doesn't feel evil or disturbing. It's just like some kind of stranger that I can't see or really talk to, that on occasion likes to make crazy noises upstairs or knock down ceiling tiles downstairs... That actually irritates me though. I think the spirit/spirits know it does because they have mostly stopped doing that.

So as far as the paranormal goes, that is pretty much it up to date. Whatever it is, we'll deal with it just fine. There is no real conflict here. I wonder if I should try setting a recorder upstairs and study it. Might be scared of what I might catch though or video setup or something, don't know.

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Kest (10 stories) (52 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-28)
Wada - this is something I have had success with before. I have talked to the "empty" room. I have asked whatever is there to please leave me alone. Once I had to ask a ghost I could not see to leave. According to my 4 year old (who the ghost was bothering) she told me he left (story I still have to write about on here). So just an idea that maybe you could talk to it. You could tell it that it's welcome to stay, but you'd prefer not to see or hear from it. It also needs to leave your children alone. It is possible maybe this spirit is from your brother in law, Eddie who passed. From what you say, though it sounds like maybe multiple spirits to me.

Since you still have to live there, I'd be a little hesitant to try to investigate it.
CreepyBattenberg (1 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
Miracles, that's cool. No hard feelings I can understand why you would rather I didn't:-)
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
CreepyBattenberg - it wasn't meant to be personal, even though it is LOL, but we also discourage people who aren't members from doing this.
CreepyBattenberg (1 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
Miracles, no problem! Sorry for the intrusion and any offence caused:-)
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
CreepyBattenberg - please don't solicit stories from our members for your youtube channel. If you would like to put that info on your profile, please do.
CreepyBattenberg (1 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
Hi Wada!

Can I just say that I very much enjoyed your account, you have had some rather spooky stuff going on!

I have a you tube channel in which I narrate two seperate shows. One is called Scary True Tales and I would love, with your permission to narrate your story on that show. If you would rather I didn't that's cool!

By the way, I wonder if the spirit may be doing you a favour by knocking off those foam tiles. My brother moved into a new house and was advised he had to remove foam tiles due to them being highly flammable, it might be worth having them checked to make sure they are safe.

Thank you
Spockie (8 stories) (202 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-28)
My personal opinion is this. Since there are kids involved, I would not try to record any apparitions or communicate with them in any way. Contact of this sort strengthens spirits and things could get a whole lot worse. You really don't want that. I would just try to ignore the little things that happen. Trust me, it's the best way.
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-27)
Wanted to add that I can't see any good that could come from videotaping a room. The best thing that could happen is you find a mundane explanation. If you don't however, you're just going to find something to capture your attention, at best... Which is just what these entities want... Likely so they can acquire more energy. Again, they're best ignored.
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-27)
Frankly, I don't believe it is a good idea to give these entities any attention whatsoever. It's obvious they are wanting attention. It's been my experience that if you ignore them then over time the activity will become less frequent. I definitely wouldn't try to talk to them or let them fill your thoughts all the time. Just brush them off and go about your business.
twelveam (74 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-26)
Hi Wada,

You said that you might try and set up a video camera and/or a recorder. This actually might be a good idea to do... Then at LEAST you might be able to find out what is going on with the ceiling tiles coming down. It sounds like all the people in your family that live with you have had paranormal experiences at one time or another. Maybe setting up several cameras throughout the house to be able to record everyone in the family and what is happening in what rooms would be beneficial (if you have the means to obtain many cameras at once). If that would be hard to do, then you could try recording one area at a time, but catching something at a certain time in a certain area would be best acquired by having many cameras at the same time, therefore tracking any anomalies or apparitions moving from one area to the next instead of just catching something in the area where the camera is set up, and not being able to see where it goes or does when it leaves that area. I hope either way you are able to get the answers you are searching for regarding all these different experiences that everybody in your family are having. Good luck!
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-24)
Thanks for sharing Wada, there's certainly a lot to digest there!
To me it appears that you are experiencing a lot of 'classic' spiritual phenomenon; sounds of furniture being dragged around, loud bangings in the night, electrical devices being turned on and off.
Whether it's the past owners, we can only speculate but as you haven't felt threatened, then if it was them, and they wanted you out then I imagine the experiences would be far more unpleasant?
I wonder; are the tiles being knocked out by the vibrations of people walking around upstairs? Have you tried jumping on the floor above them to see if the fall out, or are loosened by themselves? You could run some strong glue around them before you put them back?
It's hard to understand the reasoning / logic of these spirits that manifest these sounds, actions. What do they want? Attention? Are they trying to frighten you? In terms of human behavior, often these behaviors are similar to those of naughty, mischievous children.

It's a mystery!


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