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There Was Nothing There


This happened to me quite long ago, when I was around 5. I was living with my mum and dad at the time in a nice flat in Paisley, Scotland. We lived on the top floor and the house was fairly big.

The first thing that happened was when I was being put to bed by my parents. I was in the bed and they were standing at the door. As they were saying goodnight I noticed a small boy standing between them. He was pale and was wearing white, I can't remember exactly what but it was probably a shirt and some pyjama trousers. He was standing there and looking at me, not doing anything. For some reason I got the feeling like he was my friend, someone I had knew before even though I had never met him. I smiled at him and he just disappeared. I asked my parents "Where did the boy go?" But they explained there was no one in the house.

The second event happened a few months after the first. I usually played on the stairs outside our flat with some My Little Pony figures on my own, since the other children at that street were mean and it was a rather quiet street. But a man had started to appear. I would never hear or see him coming, he always just ended up standing at the top of the stairs, not far from me. He appeared so often I started to call him "The Man With The Bandage" because of a bandage wrapped around his head. All he ever did was stare at me for a few moments then turn and fall down the stairs. He would make a loud grunting noise when he fell, as if he had hit the bottom but when I looked down there was never anyone there.

Weeks after the Man With The Bandage appeared I was in bed, asleep. I woke up to hear my mum shouting me loudly, over and over again. When she stopped there was absolute silence for quite a while, which was weird considering there would be at least one car driving by every now and again. She then came into my room asking why I was shouting. I told her I wasn't shouting, she was shouting me. She told me she hadn't said a word. After she said that a feeling came over me, much like pins and needles, all over my whole body. For no reason I said "It must have been the Man With The Bandage". I wasn't thinking of him at all at that time so I don't know what made me say that but when I did there was an extremely loud screech, one that sounded deep like the man when he fell down the stairs, and a smash. My mum was obviously panicking and told me to lie down and not come out my room.

When I woke up the next morning I found out something had smashed the two windows in my parents' room, the ones that looked out onto the apartment's stairwell. My mum went to the janitor at the time and they looked at the camera tape for that floor (there was four floors and each floor had one camera).

A few years ago my mum finally showed me the tape. The tape had caught the loud noise and a large, thick shadow, about the same height as the Man With The Bandage. After the loud screech the shadow sprinted towards the window and the window exploded.

Not much happened in the house after that and I never saw The Man With The Bandage again. But it's still chilling to think of what happened.

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Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-10)
Thanks for sharing your experiences Spooky-Thistle (love that name)

Are you able to somehow upload that tape onto this site? I'd love to see it.


Paranoid_believer (1 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-08)
Hey Spooky-thistle,this is a creepy story to begin with. Personally,i've heard of ghosts taking different appearances but not different personalities. A ghost tends to exhibit a particular attitude even if it takes the shape of another but I can gather from your story that the little 'boy' differs from 'the man with the bandage'. The reason being the boy seemed gentle and calm, he just stared at you -not coldly- to get your attention like saying 'i'm here' and disappeased whereas the man with the bandage attempted to scare you and I could say he was malevolent, but since he didn't do anything I can't prove it. He appeared to you on numerous occassions and his appearance was spooky but it could have also been residual, that will explain him standing at your front stairs and falling the same way. But we can't rule out the possibility that the entity who smashed your window isn't the man with the bandage. As you said, the man with the bandage just appeared at your front stairs but this entity smashed your parents' room window as if to gain access to your home. I also think he mimmicked the man with the bandage in some way by making that screeching sound making you conclude it was the man with the bandage; and just because they had similar heights doesn't mean they are the same. But if by chance they were the same I would say he was a poltergeist to some degree since he smashed your parents' window. Another detail I can point out from your story is that the entity also mimmicked voices, as it clearly mimmicked both you and your mum's voice at the same time when you thought you heard your mum scream and she heard you scream likewise, it could also had been an entity with dual-personalities but mind you this claim isn't concrete. I suggest you research more on the house and its surroundings, maybe the entities were attached to the environment but not your home. Evidently only the little boy appeared inside your home. Besides, do you still live in that house? Another good guess is the man with the bandage was shot in the head and he fell at the bottom of your stairs where he died this could explain him falling everytime with a painful tone in his voice, try to remember if there was a gunshot wound on his head but this is purely a guess. However, conducting a research on your home and neighbourhood could bring more insight. But thank God nothing violent occured afterwards and please update us on your findings!

ladydarke (113 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
Hey spooky-thistle,

Thanks for the story. This was well-written and creepy-cool to read. I'd like to share what I got from the events, for what that's worth.

Let me begin by saying that children often do tend to more aware of the paranormal and able to see spirits and such. It's like they just haven't been told often enough that it's not real, so they haven't closed themselves off. Some people do just carry on being sensitive. If this kind of thing only happened to you as a young child and then stopped, it was probably an age-related sensitivity - though you never know, being in an active location or changing the way you think could open you up again.

I have to ask if you think the small boy in the white and The Man With the Bandage could have been the same entity? That was my strong impression on reading the story, and I'll tell you why in probably more detail than you wanted to slog through,lol.

A lot of times when people report seeing deceased loved ones, they don't see the person as old or sick as they were when they died, but vigorous or even much younger. This is often true of visitation dreams as well as sightings. Maybe a spirit takes on the age the deceased was at their happiest, or an idealized version of themselves: I don't know. Maybe it's for themselves, maybe it's for the benefit of the living loved one: idk. All I can say is that malleability in the age of a spirit is a frequently reported phenomenon.

The feeling I get here is that there is one spirit, and he feels an attachment or fondness to you, just as you sensed from his little boy self. Maybe he's been hanging around the house since before you ever lived there, and has been basically living with the family since you moved in, and has known you since you were a baby? Again, I don't know. You felt unthreatened by his child-self, and thus were more open and able to pick up on his intentions and emotions.

What I think, my call here, is that he ended up dying of the head injury under those bandages, whatever that was. Maybe his clothes could give you a clue as to time period: could have been a war injury, accident, surgery, who knows? Head injuries cause confusion and disorientation in the living patient, and this could well have carried over into his afterlife. It seems you saw the moment of his death, and it seems it was due to the fall. He made a grunt when he hit, so *probably* he was alive when falling, though maybe he died of some sudden aneurysm, then fell, and air whoofed from the body on impact. It seems it was a sudden death either way, and many theorize that sometimes sudden and unexpected deaths can also leave a spirit unaware that they've died.

So he's got two causes for confusion and doesn't know what happened to him or that he's dead. Life trauma seems to carry through to the afterlife as well, and maybe he was pretty traumatized about that head injury. Either way, this spirit has a lot of healing to do before he can move on. I'm thinking he ended up doing a lot of life review in the process of that healing, which is why you saw him presenting at different ages. The white clothing of his child-self seems symbolically significant, especially since that's what evidently stood out about him most to you, as the only description you give, his defining quality, is the whiteness.

Taken from the dream dictionary: "White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate. Or it may refer to a cover-up. In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning."

It feels to me as if The Man With the Bandages was clearest and best able to do his healing through his review of childhood experiences, or for whatever reason was representing his most-healed self or his good days as a child. Whether that was for his benefit or yours, I don't know.

It seems he kept showing you the moment of his death on the stairs because that was what he needed to work through and understand. I expect that he showed it to you - shared it with you, with that prolonged eye contact - because he found understanding, sympathy, some measure of comfort from you. Whether you knew it or not as a child, it seems you helped a great deal for him to work through his trauma.

Because of that help and that bond, I think that he wanted you to know when he had it all figured out and was ready to move on - hence your own personal night of broken glass.

The name calling - both you and your mom hearing your individual names called - he wanted both your attention at once, and desired it very much to put so much energy into manifesting. Quite likely, it was more telepathic than anything else and there was no actual audible sound, hence you both hearing different things. The hush that followed might have been sort of a null created as he drew all the available surrounding energy, including sound, to manifest.

Those pins-and-needles you felt - I know that sensation very well. I'm energy sensitive myself, and that's what it feels like. I don't really know that there's a vocabulary for this, so I'm going to be a total fangirl what with "The Force Awakens" just having released and say, in an appropriately melodramatic voice, that you "felt a disturbance in the Force." Those pins-and-needles: I feel that when guides are communicating, when there are presences around, when I'm doing energy work, when I'm picking up intuitions from other people. Generally, "the tingles" - what I call them - are what it feels like when energy is moving around you.

As I mentioned, it comes with communications or intuitions, and those are usually things that suddenly spring into my head and I "just know." So, when you describe the pins-and-needles and suddenly blurt,"It must have been the Man with the Bandage," that sounds like him communicating with you as best he could.

The windows break next, and combined with the footage on the tape, what I think you saw was his rather spectacular crossing over. He'd been sort of trapped on that stair, working through the moment his death, so of course that was where he exited from. It seems he used the windows as sort of a doorway through to the next world. I think the scream was sort of a karate kiai - you know, the shout that sort of charges up a move - because he had to psyche up and throw a lot of energy into this act to get it done.

Doubt he meant to break the glass, just that he was so psyched up and had gathered so much energy because he wanted you and your mom to see and know what he was doing. Why? For companionship, comfort, to say goodbye, because he felt bonded and wanted those he bonded with to know what became of him, because as humans (alive or dead) we want to reach out and matter. So he wanted to manifest on the stair, he wanted you to hear and see, and the glass broke as a side-effect of all that compiled energy.

That was very long, for which I apologize. Hope there was something in there that resonated with you. Thanks again for the riveting story.

Cheers and happy holidays.

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