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Childhood House Haunted?


This is the first story I've ever submitted so please forgive me if I'm not the best story teller. These events took place when I was a young kid (not sure how old but I was going into the 6th grade when we moved from the house where the events took place).

So my family and I lived in this house ever since I was born. It was my mom, my dad, my younger sister and brother and myself who lived there. It was a two story house with my parents' room being on the top floor along with another bedroom, the kitchen and living rooms on the main floor and two bedrooms in the basement.

When my brother was a baby his crib was in my parents' room and my sister and I shared the bedroom beside theirs. When my brother got old enough to have his own room, he moved into the bedroom beside my parents and my sister and I shared one of the bedrooms in the basement. Eventually my sister moved into the bedroom beside the one we had shared and we each had our own rooms.

While my sister and I were sharing a room I never noticed anything strange. However, I always felt like there was someone (or something) following me up the basement stairs and it would scare the crap out of me, so I always ran as fast as I could up the stairs, and it would always feel like something was chasing me.

After my sister moved into her own room freaky things started happening to me. I could not sleep with my back facing the outside of my bed. My back HAD to face the wall when I was sleeping. If I rolled over in the night and my back was facing the outside, first I would feel like someone was behind me and then something would jump on my bed and scream in my ear. It wasn't even so much of a scream but more like someone yelling BOO right in my ear. This happened every single time my back faced the outside of my bed. And everytime I would quickly roll back over and there would be nothing there. It scared the living crap out of me.

When I was younger I always slept with my bedroom door open and we always had a nightlight on. The nightlight was plugged in right outside my sister's bedroom. From my room I couldn't see the nightlight itself but the light shone directly into my room. One night I was laying in bed and in the light from the nightlight I could see the shadow of a man. Although I couldn't see the nightlight while I was laying in bed, because of where it was (on a little wall that sloped towards my room, hard to explain) if someone had actually been standing in front of the nightlight I would have been able to see someone standing there. Even now, thinking back, if someone had been standing in front of the nightlight they would have probably blocked out the light, not cast a shadow in it. I remember being creeped out by this, but more confused than anything. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me or I was seeing things but the shadow of a man never went away while I stared at it. I eventually fell asleep.

Finally, one night I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. Everytime I left my room at night I would look in my sister's room to see if she was still in there (if we had nightmares during the night we would usually go sleep with our parents). So, on this night I walked past her room towards the stairs and looked to see if she was still in bed. I seen my sister laying in her bed sleeping but beside her bed was the dark figure of a man. I couldn't see any features but I do remember that the man was wearing a hat. It was like an Amish or old time farmer's hat. The kind with the wider flat brim all the way around. Anyways this figure scared the crap out of me and I ran as fast as I could upstairs. I can't remember if my parents were still up watching TV when I got upstairs and I can't remember what happened after I ran upstairs but I doubt I slept in my bed that night.

Those were the only two times I ever saw anything in that house but the basement always scared me and it always felt like someone was chasing me up the stairs.

Like I said at the beginning, we lived in that house until the summer before I went into the 6th grade and then we moved to another city a half hour away. In our new house I still had something jump on my bed at night if I turned my back to the outside of my bed but it eventually stopped about a week or so (maybe longer) after we moved in. And one day while I was sitting in the living room watching TV I could have sworn I saw the dark figure of a man standing a few feet behind the couch. However, I only saw it out of the corner of my eye. After I saw that figure though, I never had any other experiences again.

A few years ago I was finally able to talk to my sister about what had happened when we were little. I told her about the figure I saw standing beside her bed and how much the basement scared me. She told me that the basement always scared her too and she always felt like someone was chasing her up the stairs. Then she told me about how one night she saw the figure of a man standing beside my dad's work bench. I asked her if he had a hat on and she said yes. But the man she saw had a baseball cap on.

What do you think I saw and experienced in that house? Was it something paranormal or just a child's imagination playing tricks on them?

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OksanasPole (3 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-19)
Seems the soul of a man who once lived on or near the property obviously wanted you to be annoyed by his presence... But who knows, the hat wearing man may have been a different spirit than the ones who lived in the basement or one who said "boo" in your ear. Interesting though
bilbo8933 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-24)
Hey SDS,

So my sister and I have both told my parents about seeing figures in the basement and they insist that we were imagining it. We insist the house was haunted and our parents pretty much laugh it off. As for the history of the house I have no idea. I've tried doing a quick search of the address and nothing comes up.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-14)
Hello bilbo8933, welcome to YGS. You did discuss your experiences with your sister and she did have the same kind of feeling as far as the basement was concerned. But, why haven't you disclosed it to your parents or if you did, what was their reaction or response. Did you happen to know about the history of the house or did you discuss the experiences with any of your neighbours? If so, please do share with us. In our town, elderly people years ago, used to tell us about "resident spirits", who used to watch over the house or the family. They tend to play with the kids, sometimes become naughty and I am reminded of, I don't know why, when I read your account.

Regards and respects to you.


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